The Blob

3.7 9
Director: Irvin Shortess Yeaworth Jr.

Cast: Irvin Shortess Yeaworth Jr., Steve McQueen, Aneta Corsaut, Earl Rowe


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Though in no way a classic, The Blob is perhaps the archetypal 1950s cross-pollinating of the "misunderstood teen" and "outer-space monster" genres. In his first starring role, Steve McQueen plays a typical oversexed, car-lovin' highschooler who can't get anyone to believe his story about a huge meteor, which crashes to earth and begins exuding a pink, gooey


Though in no way a classic, The Blob is perhaps the archetypal 1950s cross-pollinating of the "misunderstood teen" and "outer-space monster" genres. In his first starring role, Steve McQueen plays a typical oversexed, car-lovin' highschooler who can't get anyone to believe his story about a huge meteor, which crashes to earth and begins exuding a pink, gooey substance. Affixing itself to the body of an old man, the "blob" begins parasitically sucking the life out of several unfortunate humans, growing to an enormous size. Problem is, the disappearances of the victims can all be explained (one is supposed to be out of town, another is attending a convention), so the cops still won't believe McQueen or his girlfriend Aneta Corsaut (the future Helen Crump of The Andy Griffith Show). Rallying his teen pals, McQueen finally manages to get the adults' attention-but by now, the Blob is consuming entire city blocks. It takes a blast of ice-cold CO2 to halt the Blob in its least until the 1972 sequel Beware the Blob. Filmed in Pennsylvania on a wafer-thin budget, The Blob might not have achieved legendary status had not its distributor, Paramount Pictures, given it a huge publicity build-up; it also helped that Steve McQueen was then starring in the popular TV western Wanted: Dead or Alive. The film also includes a sprightly theme song, written by no less than Burt Bacharach and Mack David. As for the Blob itself, the special-effects are admittedly tacky; the title "character" looks like an uncongealed plate of cherry pudding, so the actors and director have to work overtime making this pile of goo seem menacing. Still, The Blob has its own daffy charm; and it's also true that once seen, the film is never forgotten, if for no other reason than that backwards drag race in the early portions of the story.

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - R.J. Wafer
Cold War anxieties and a pervasive fear of youth culture fuel the 1958 cult gem The Blob. Starring a young and already ultra-cool Steve McQueen, this vintage sci-fi/horror movie starts out promisingly enough with a catchy theme song penned by Burt Bacharach and Hal David and a crashed meteor that releases the deadliest pile of jelly known to man. When he witnesses the goo ingesting the town's doctor, McQueen tries to warn locals of their impending doom. But no one listens to him -- he's a rabble-rousing youth, after all. Soon enough, it's up to McQueen and his girlfriend Jane (Aneta Corsaut) to save lot of running and screaming townsfolk from the hungry blob. McQueen makes the movie, his trademark strut and stoicism are already firmly in place, albeit pit against a truly absurd villain. Charming in its 1950s Americana morals, The Blob is an ideal drive-in throwback, the higher end version of what contemporary schlockster Ed Wood aspired to make, and a generally campy good time for genre fans.
All Movie Guide - Robert Firsching
One of the more memorable low-budget 1950s monster movies, The Blob deals with a gelatinous alien mass which gobbles up a small town, growing bigger as it feeds on human beings. Steve McQueen is the good-hearted juvenile delinquent (okay, so he was 28) who tries to warn the adults, but they don't listen. This Pennsylvania-shot chiller has a number of well-done scenes, including an attack on a movie theater showing Daughter of Horror, as well as the standard drag-racing and other teenage hijinks. Aneta Corsaut plays McQueen's girlfriend, and Olin Howland is the old man with the stick in the film's creepy opening sequence. Kitschy, but fun, the film was followed by Son of Blob in 1972 and remade in 1988.

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Original Release:
Beverly Wilshire
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[Dolby Digital]

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Steve McQueen Steve Andrews
Aneta Corsaut Jane Martin
Earl Rowe Dave
Olin Howland Old Man
Stephen Chase Dr. Hallen
John Benson Sergeant Jim Bert
George Karas Officer Ritchie
Lee Paton Kate, the nurse
Elbert Smith Henry Martin
Vincent Barbi George
Audrey Metcalf Elizabeth Martin
Jasper Deeter Civil Defense Volunteer
Elinor Hammer Hammer Mrs. Porter
Pamela Curran teenager
Ralph Roseman auto mechanic
Julie Cousins waitress
Kieth Almoney Danny Martin
Robert Fields Tony Gressette
James Bonnet Mooch Miller
Anthony Franke Al
Molly Ann Bourne teenager
Diane Tabban teenager
Charlie Overdorff Actor
David Metcalf Actor
Josh Randolph Actor
George Gerbereck Actor
Eugene Sabel Actor
Hugh Graham Actor
Tom Ogden Actor
Stephen Oates Actor
Vivian Ogden Actor
Olin Howlin Old Man
Tovert Fields Actor

Technical Credits
Irvin Shortess Yeaworth Director
Burt Bacharach Score Composer,Songwriter
Ralph Carmichael Score Composer
Mack David Songwriter
Hal David Songwriter
Russell S. Doughten Associate Producer
Jack H. Harris Producer
Alfred Hillman Editor
Bill Jersey Art Director
Karl Karlson Art Director
Vin Kehoe Makeup
Kay Linaker Screenwriter
Theodore Simonson Screenwriter
Barton Sloane Special Effects
Bert Smith Asst. Director
Thomas E. Spalding Cinematographer
Jean Yeaworth Score Composer

Scene Index

Side #1
1. Chapter 1 [10:08]
2. Chapter 2 [9:52]
3. Chapter 3 [10:00]
4. Chapter 4 [10:04]
5. Chapter 5 [9:58]
6. Chapter 6 [10:04]
7. Chapter 7 [9:56]
8. Chapter 8 [12:18]


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The Blob 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
AlchemystAZ More than 1 year ago
This blu-ray restoration is excellent. Gee whiz, I miss the 1950's innocence and, and, girls in full skirts and petticoats. Gone forever, except maybe in Japan. Anyway, I used to sing the theme song to my kids, and they still sing it to me decades later. The movie is absolutely gooey, alright, but just plausible enough to fully enjoy. I am so old that I can remember the effects of the hypnotic opening on theater audiences. The title song come right out and admits this is a Fun House. Being a fan, I find all the remakes and sequels NOT FUN. People's bodies are not just snatched, but digested until they look like that Pink Slime stuff used in hamburger beef, except more transparent. Yummy delights.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This movie is great! When I first saw it, I was scared out of my mind. For weeks, I was afraid to walk in dark spaces and I avoided eating jelly. So, yeah, the special effects are cheezy; HELLO, the movie was made fifty years ago. The plot is great; think about it! If you found a scary, alien blob, would anyone believe you? And the theme song is fabulous! You won't be able to stop humming it!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Great movie but the DVD I received is the worst I've ever seen. It looks like the master was a worn out blockbuster VHS rental.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The movie is kitsch fun but go with the Criterion or other version. This one looks like it was pirated (and it IS pirated because it's a DVD-R with a cheap paper label) off TV with no good reception or a worn VHS copy. These people should be investigated for copyright violation.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This movie is hilarious! when I first saw it I lauhged like crazy! the blob looked so fake! it was probably just a bunch of jelly. but the movie itself was great. the actors were pretty good. but just one thing: if people say that the quality stinks, then you should buy it somewhere else. But just be sure to buy it! :)
Guest More than 1 year ago
&quot The Blob&quot is an excellent sci-fi horror movie. Admittedly, its special effects aren't in the league of today's horror movies. But it doesn't matter. This movie has a great story. It's not so much about the horrifying monster as it is about a group of teenagers trying to convince their hometown that a monster has invaded it. The movie is deliberately paced by today's standards but its suspense is nerve-tingling. Steve McQueen gives an outstanding performance. I saw &quot The Blob&quot as a kid but I didn't realize how good it is until I watched it the other day.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago