Chronicles of Narnia:  The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

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Director: Andrew Adamson

Cast: Andrew Adamson, Georgie Henley, Skandar Keynes, William Moseley


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This epic battle of good versus evil set in charming, once-peaceful Narnia faithfully adapts C.S. Lewis's timeless novel and shares its powerful story with remarkable performances and dazzling special effects. See more details below


This epic battle of good versus evil set in charming, once-peaceful Narnia faithfully adapts C.S. Lewis's timeless novel and shares its powerful story with remarkable performances and dazzling special effects.

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Donald Liebenson
There is a magical Oz-like moment near the beginning of The Chronicles of Narnia when Lucy Pevensie (Georgie Henley), the youngest of four siblings evacuated from war-torn London to a house in the country, enters a wardrobe during a game of hide-and-seek and exits out the back into a winter wonderland. According to "The Children's Magical Journey," just one of the items that comprise the ten hours of bonus features on this two-disc edition, this effect was delightfully achieved by blindfolding the actress until the cameras rolled, so that she got her first glimpse of the Narnia backwoods at the same time her character did. Actually, "wonderland" might be overstating things. There are enchanted fauns and accommodating talking beavers (wittily voiced by Ray Winstone and Dawn French), as well as the noble lion Aslan (regally voiced by Liam Neeson). But there are also menacing wolves, an army of hideous creatures, and the very evil White Witch (Tilda Swinton in a performance that is the stuff of nightmares). The White Witch dominates Narnia and intends to use Lucy's sullen brother Edmund (Skandar Keynes) in a plot against Aslan, who stands in the way of her absolute rule. The Pevensie children, including eldest brother Peter (William Moseley) and older sister Susan (Anna Popplewell), are a believable quartet, which is essential given the fantasy trappings that surround them. The four must learn to stop bickering long enough fulfill the heroic destiny put upon them by Narnia's talking critters. Winner of the Academy Award for Best Makeup, Narnia is more family friendly than the Lord of the Rings films, and the players in its good-vs.-evil battle are more clearly defined. Still, with intense battle scenes, menacing encounters with the witch and her minions, and the seemingly fatal injuries suffered by major characters, it seems that the film pushes its PG rating to the limits.
All Movie Guide
This noble adaptation of C.S. Lewis' classic novel is both graceful and fun, employing many of the epic themes of the Lord of the Rings trilogy with a simpler, more child-friendly story. The studio may have shot itself in the foot when it went on a PR trip, extolling the Christian symbolism of the film's script in order to avoid a fundamentalist backlash against all subject matter dealing with magic. Without being forced to bear this apparent intention of the author in mind, the audience is in no way obligated to interpret the events of the film this directly. There is obvious spiritual and perhaps even moral subtext, but this is not a heavy-handed movie and the ultimate meaning is left up to the viewer. What is undeniable about the film is the fantastic depth of its young characters, sometimes surpassing Lord of the Rings in this regard, as Narnia doesn't require the intense mythological and historical backstory of Middle-earth, thus freeing up screen time for character development. Each of the film's young actors give performances that are real and organic, never relying on cuteness or sappiness for audience approval. This goes doubly for eight-year-old Georgie Henley, whose charm, talent, and ease could K.O. Dakota Fanning in a single round. Tilda Swinton surpasses already high expectations, playing the part of the evil White Witch with fascist sensibilities, narcissistic greed, and glam-rock style, so that both children and adults alike are likely to feel a combination of fear and hatred every time she enters a scene. A film adaptation of The Chronicles of Narnia seemed like a natural step after the success of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, since Hollywood loves to capitalize on a successful trend -- not to mention the fact that both works of literature were written around the same period of time, and that C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien were known to have been friends. The overall tone of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, however, is more suitable to younger viewers than the Lord of the Rings trilogy, containing far less violence and less generally dark material. The plot itself is also less complex, and the timeline is far simpler, but these changes do less to make the film unsuitable to adults and more to simply invite children to join its viewership.

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Walt Disney Video
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Special Features

Disc 1:; Acclaimed motion picture; Bloopers; Discover Narnia fun facts; Kids & director commentary; Filmmakers' commentary; Disc 2:; Two Worlds of Narnia; Creating Narnia; Chronicles of a director; The children's magical journey; Evolution of an epic; From one man's mind; Cinematic storytellers; Creating creatures; Anatomy of a Scene: The Melting River; Creaturs, lands & Legends; Creatures of the world; Explore Narnia; Legends in time

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Georgie Henley Lucy Pevensie
Skandar Keynes Edmund Pevensie
William Moseley Peter Pevensie
Anna Popplewell Susan Pevensie
Tilda Swinton Jadis, the White Witch
James McAvoy Mr. Tumnus
Jim Broadbent Professor Kirke
Liam Neeson Aslan
Kiran Shah Ginarrbrik
James Cosmo Father Christmas
Judy McIntosh Mrs. Pevensie
Elizabeth Hawthorne Mrs. MacReady
Patrick Kake Oreius
Shane Rangi General Otmin
Shelley Edwards Distraught Mother
Ajay Ratilal Navi Red & Black Dwarf
Margaret Bremner Distraught Mother
Vanessa Cater Centaur
Prapraphorn Chansantor Red & Black Dwarf
Sophie Winkleman Susan (Older)
Ray Winstone Mr. Beaver
Charles Williams Centaur
Sim Evan-Jones Wolf
Rupert Everett Mr. Fox
Zakiuddin Mohd Farooque Red & Black Dwarf
Dawn French Mrs. Beaver
Douglas Gresham Radio Announcer
Susan Haldane Distraught Mother
Jaxin Hall Soldier
Felicity Hamill Hag
Rachael Henley Lucy (Older)
Sonya Hitchcock Hag
Noah Huntley Peter (Older)
Bhoja Kannada Red & Black Dwarf
Richard King Faun
Elizabeth Kirk Hag
Sam Lahood Satyr
Morris Lupton Train Conductor
Tiggy Mathias Hag
Jim May Vardan
Terry Murdoch German Pilot
Nikhom Nusungnern Red & Black Dwarf
Kate O'Rourke Hag
Alina Phelan Centaur Archer
Russell Pickering Faun
M. Ramaswami Red & Black Dwarf
Cameron Rhodes Gryphon
Allison Sarofim Centaur
Doungdieo Savangvong Red & Black Dwarf
Philip Steuer Philip the Horse
Lucy Tanner Hag
Lee Tuson Rumblebuffin the Giant
Stephen Ure Satyr
Mark Wells Edmund (Older)
Harry Gregson-Williams Conductor
Lisbeth Scott Singer

Technical Credits
Andrew Adamson Director,Executive Producer,Screenwriter
Kimberly Adams-Galligan Costumes/Costume Designer
George Aleco-Sima Animator
Charles Alleneck Animator
Timothy E. Angulo Cinematographer
Steve Aplin Animator
Andrew Arnett Animator
Hunter Athey Animator
Adrian Atwood Makeup
Michael Backauskas Editor
Cheryl Bainum Executive Producer
Sala Baker Stunts
Trevor Bau Stunts
David Baxa Art Director
Howard Berger Makeup Special Effects
Lee Berger Executive Producer
Tanya Bermingham Makeup
Bill Campbell Animator
David M. Breaux Animator
Katherine Brown Makeup
Sue Brunell-Edwards Production Manager
Sean Button Stunts
Pavel Cajzl Stunts
Tom Del Campo Animator
Derrick Carlin Animator
Andrea Chadimova Production Manager
Milan Chadmin Camera Operator
Vanessa Cole Set Decoration/Design
Mary Connolly Production Manager
Annamarie Connors Makeup
Jules Cook Art Director
Robert Cooper Stunts
Jonathan Costelloe Stunts
Tyron Costelloe Stunts
Andrew Cottle Stunts
Linda Hal Couper Makeup
Sean Curran Animator
Joshua Cushner Camera Operator
Janusz Czech Production Manager
Scott Dace Animator
Amanda Dague Animator
Ruth Daly Animator
Peter Daulton Animator
Augie Davis Stunts
Rebeccah Delchambre Makeup
Weta Digital Special Effects
Peter Dillon Stunts
Ryan Donoghue Animator
Donald Duncan Camera Operator
Jason Durey Special Effects Supervisor
Michael Easton Animator
Sim Evan-Jones Editor
Lindsay Fellows Musical Direction/Supervision
Siaosi Fonua Stunts
Sean Foot Makeup
Amanda Forbister Stunts
Roger Ford Production Designer
Elisabeth Franklin Animator
Kirstelle Gardiner Makeup
Dave Ghan Stunts
Nikki Gooley Makeup
Sarah Graham Makeup
Harry Gregson-Williams Score Composer
Douglas Gresham Co-producer
Jean-Denis Haas Animator
Pipia Hall Casting
Gael Harlow Animator
Timothy Harrington Animator
Rey Hernandez Stunts
K.C. Hodenfield Associate Producer,Asst. Director
Steve Hoogendyk Animator
James Water House-Brown Stunts
Sony Pictures Imageworks Animator
Industrial Light & Magic Animator
Jason Ivimey Animator
Kerrin Jackson Makeup
Mark Johnson Producer
Tony Johnson Sound Mixer
Paul Katte Makeup
Maia Kayser Animator
James Kinnings Animator
Thomas Kiwi Stunts
Tami Lane Makeup
Christopher Lentz Animator
Shahar Levavi Animator
Gregory Mark Lewis Animator
Dale MacCready Camera Operator
Kimberly Mann Animator
Christopher Markus Screenwriter
Rob Marsh Camera Operator
Kevin Martel Animator
Raymond Massa Makeup
Jim May Editor
Donald M. McAlpine Cinematographer
Peter McCaffrey Camera Operator
Stephen McFeely Screenwriter
Shannon McKean Makeup
Nick McKinless Stunts
Duncan McNaughton Stunts
Cyrus McWilliams Animator
Mike Meaker Art Director
David Minkowski Producer
Christopher Mitchell Animator
Miguel Monterroso Production Manager
Perry Moore Executive Producer
Gayle Munro Production Manager
Karen Murphy Art Director
Isis Mussenden Costumes/Costume Designer
Jessica Needham Makeup
Steve Nichols Animator
Gregory Nicotero Makeup Special Effects
Rick O'Connor Animator
Hayley Oliver Makeup
Jiri Ostry Asst. Director
Ann Peacock Screenwriter
Jakub Pistecky Animator
Noroa Poa Stunts
Dayna Porter Stunts
Mark Powers Animator
Kevin Quaid Animator
Pedro Ramos Animator
Joshua Randell Stunts
Tracey Lee Reeby Makeup
Jess Reedy Makeup
Rhythm & Hues Studios Special Effects
Mark Rounthwaite Stunts
Vincent Roxburgh Stunts
Sarah Rubano Makeup
Rebecca Ruether Animator
Maryanne Rushton Makeup
Paul Samuels Camera Operator
David Sanger Producer
Chad Shattuck Animator
David Shirk Animator
Matt Shumway Animator
Allan Smith Stunts
Danny Speck Animator
Martin Stepanek Camera Operator
Philip Steuer Executive Producer
Gail Stevens Casting
Matthew Stillman Producer
Zokir Sultanov Stunts
Jeff Thorp Art Director
Mark Trotter Stunts
Chi Chung Tse Animator
Abby Vickery Makeup
Elizabeth Walker Stunts
Elka Wardega Makeup
Brian Wells Animator
Hanus Wiesl Stunts
Andy Wong Animator
Kent S. Yoshida Animator
Robert Young Stunts
Laurelle Ziento Makeup
C. Lewis Source Author

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Scene Index

Disc #1 -- The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe
1. Introduction [:00]
2. Mrs. MacReady [:00]
3. The Wardrobe [:00]
4. Mr. Tumnus' House [:00]
5. Just Your Imagination [7:07]
6. Hail the Queen! [4:07]
7. Peter, Wake Up! [7:07]
8. The World of Narnia [6:10]
9. Beavers' Home [5:06]
10. Behold the Queen's Castle [5:14]
11. They're After Us! [4:33]
12. The Queen's Lair [7:20]
13. Across the Melting River [3:32]
14. Aslan's Camp [6:19]
15. Sir Peter [:54]
16. The Lion and the Witch [3:37]
17. Aslan's Sacrifice [10:30]
18. You Have to Lead Us [:30]
19. Battle for Narnia [6:40]
20. Aslan's Resurrection [5:38]
21. Phoenix [7:13]
22. Peter Vs. The Witch [5:51]
23. The Royal Coronation [8:31]
24. Credits [:07]

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