Dead Zone - The Complete Fourth Season

The Dead Zone - The Complete Fourth Season

Cast: Anthony Michael Hall, Sean Patrick Flanery


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Spinning the fondly recalled 1983 movie, itself based on a Stephen King novel from 1979, The Dead Zone features Anthony Michael Hall as Johnny Smith, a former teacher who wakes from a coma with enhanced mental abilities. The show, with its smart mix of supernatural elements and political drama, premiered on USA Network in the summer of 2002 and never looked back. Its success may have seemed less than certain at the outset, but had the producers been able to enlist Johnny's gift -- he can read a person's past or future by touching them -- they would have slept well indeed. The 11 episodes of Season 4 aired between June and August 2005, with a lighthearted holiday special, "A Very Dead Zone Christmas," airing in December of that year. This season finds Johnny still trying to thwart his enemy, Congressman Greg Stillson (Sean Patrick Flanery), in Stillson's bid for the presidency. The underlying mythology of the series -- that Johnny knows Stillson will bring about Armageddon -- is touched on only briefly this season. Johnny's doomsday vision comes up in "Broken Circle," in which he prevents a woman from taking revenge on Stillson; "Babble On," wherein his deceased father warns him of impending disaster; and in "Saved," the episode that finds Stillson manipulating Johnny into helping him find his missing girlfriend. Highlights of Season 4 also include "Double Vision," in which Johnny meets up with a fellow psychic (Jennifer Finnigan) who is herself burdened with a painful past; and "Heroes & Demons," which features child actor Cole Heppell in an impressive turn as an autistic boy in need of Johnny's help.

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Closed Caption; "The production design of The Dead Zone" featurette taking the fans behind the scenes into The Dead Zone's award-winning production design department to showcase the unique look of the series; Audio commentaries; 16x9 widescreen; 5,1 Dolby Digital Audio; Deleted scenes; Closed captioning

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