Education of Charlie Banks

Education of Charlie Banks

Director: Fred Durst

Cast: Fred Durst, Jesse Eisenberg, Jason Ritter, Eva Amurri


A young man is faced with a dilemma when a threatening figure from his past returns in this drama, the directorial debut from Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst. Charlie Banks (Jesse Eisenberg) and his best friend, Danny (Chris Marquette), grew up inSee more details below


A young man is faced with a dilemma when a threatening figure from his past returns in this drama, the directorial debut from Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst. Charlie Banks (Jesse Eisenberg) and his best friend, Danny (Chris Marquette), grew up in a rough section of New York, where they both knew Mick (Jason Ritter), a kid whose was much admired for his cool and equally feared for his talent for violence. When Mick got into a fight that left two teens nearly dead, Charlie was a witness, and when he was approached by the police, Charlie told them what he saw, though he later refused to testify against Mick in court for fear of his own safety. Several years later, Charlie and Danny have left the old neighborhood behind and are students at a prestigious private university when Mick pays them an unexpected visit. Charlie has no idea if Mick knows that he informed on him to the police, and is afraid to find out, but in the meantime, Mick aggressively reintroduces himself into Charlie and Danny's lives. As Mick starts dressing like a wealthy college boy, reading F. Scott Fitzgerald, and dating a girl Charlie has a crush on, he seems to be transforming himself into someone who can be all Charlie is and more, but in time Mick learns he can't completely turn his back on his past. The Education of Charlie Banks had its world premiere at the 2007 Tribeca Film Festival.

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Editorial Reviews

All Movie Guide
Anyone who knows Fred Durst only as the posturing egotist who rapped lead vocals for Limp Bizkit -- and, let's face it, that's most of us -- will be floored by The Education of Charlie Banks. Not an ounce of that bad boy is present in this sensitive, delicate film about the complex relationship between an intellectual kid and the tempestuous neighborhood bully he fears. It's clear Durst feels a kinship toward Mick Leary (Jason Ritter), the underprivileged rebel whose inability to show mercy has nearly killed several people. But Durst the bombastic performer has never even met Durst the unassuming director, who shows no interest in glamorizing the exploits of his antihero. The Education of Charlie Banks is consistently understated, its production design fondly muted to evoke an easy nostalgia, its soundtrack (supervised by Chris Douridas) a wondrous pastiche of music from the late '70s, its score (by John Swihart) alternating between playful, contemplative, and foreboding. Not only does Durst eschew flashiness, he seems to disdain the very idea of using technique to manipulate us. Peter Elkoff's story draws us in easily, soon shifting to the college years of Charlie Banks (Jesse Eisenberg), where the search continues for a compromise between his moral compass and his loyalty to the psychopath who re-enters his world through a mutual friend. Eisenberg is strong, but not substantially different from his previous work. It's Ritter who really commands our attention. Ritter's performance leaves us consumed with nervous fears of impending disaster, but it's the furthest thing from cartoonish, allowing us to eventually sympathize with Mick, as does Charlie. But neither does Durst's film let us off the hook, harboring plenty of surprises about how these relationships will play out. The Education of Charlie Banks truly functions as our education on the potential of its director.

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Starz / Anchor Bay
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Special Features

Audio commentary with director Fred Durst and actor Jason Ritter; Conversations behind The Education of Charlie Banks

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Jesse Eisenberg Charlie Banks
Jason Ritter Mick
Eva Amurri Mary
Christopher Marquette Actor
Sebastian Stan Actor
Gloria Votsis Actor
Miles Chandler Young Mick

Technical Credits
Fred Durst Director
Declan Baldwin Co-producer
Eric L. Beason Editor
Michael Corrente Producer
Chris Douridas Musical Direction/Supervision
Peter Elkoff Executive Producer,Screenwriter
Christopher Gebert Sound/Sound Designer
John Glaser Costumes/Costume Designer
Jordan Jacobs Art Director
Sam Maydew Executive Producer
Michael Moffa Asst. Director
Alex Nepomniaschy Cinematographer
Marisa Polvino Producer
Elizabeth Shelton Costumes/Costume Designer
Curtis Smith Asst. Director
John Swihart Score Composer

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Scene Index

Disc #1 -- The Education of Charlie Banks
1. Legendary Ass Kicking/Main Titles [5:16]
2. Boogie Boy [5:19]
3. Recanted Testimony [6:08]
4. Campus Life [7:35]
5. Surprise Visit [4:44]
6. Culture Shock [5:15]
7. Truest Forms of Evil [7:30]
8. That Old Paranoia [6:25]
9. Rich People [5:49]
10. A Rock and a Hard Place [6:23]
11. The Spring Formal [7:41]
12. Truth Revealed [6:54]
13. Claim of Self Defense [:00]
14. Unforgiveable [8:03]
15. Graduation Ceremony [6:38]
16. End Credits [6:52]

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