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Facts of Life - The Complete Third Season

The Facts of Life - The Complete Third Season


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Barnes & Noble - Donald Liebenson
The third Facts of Life season -- 1981-82 B.C. (Before Clooney) -- made some serious demands on its now solidified young cast. In the season opening "Growing Pains," Tootie (Kim Fields), tired of being treated like a child, gets drunk on a bottle of wine. In "Fear Strikes Back," Natalie (Mindy Cohn) succumbs to fear after she is attacked while coming home from a party. In "A Friend in Deed," Blair (Lisa Whelchel) learns her mother has breast cancer. Other episodes deal with such relevant and hot-button issues as censorship and book banning (the admirable "Read No Evil") and young motherhood ("A Baby in the House"). Leave it to The Facts of Life to reassuringly wrap things up by the 30-minute mark. "Getting drunk is not a grown-up thing to do," Mrs. Garrett (Charlotte Rae) scolds Tootie. "I'm sorry, Mrs. Garrett," she responds. "And I promise I'll never do it again." Several episodes deal with more typical schoolgirl shenanigans and the consequences of going Mean Girls on each other. In "Kids Can Be Cruel," an acne-scarred boy is collateral damage when Natalie seeks payback against Blair for an indiscretion. But even when a feud threatens to break up "The Four Musketeers," a slapstick paint fight restores the status quo. And there is character growth: In "New York, New York," antagonists Blair and Jo (Nancy McKeon) visit their old neighborhoods and discover how close they've become, also realizing that they've outgrown old friends. Season 3 marks the return of Geri Jewell, a comedian with cerebral palsy, as Blair's cousin, and the introduction of Lauren Tom (Julie on Friends) as new Japanese student Miko. An attempt to spin off the series at a nearby military academy begins and ends with the episodes "The Academy" and "The Big Fight." Although it never received critical props, this fondly remembered series was one of NBC's lone hits during the ratings-starved early '80s. Its pop-culture cachet has grown with such affectionate references as Jim Carrey's immortal lament in The Cable Guy: "I learned the facts of life from The Facts of Life." But this three-disc set is just the Facts, with no commentary or any of the series' subsequent retrospectives or reunion specials. Oh well, that's Life.

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