Five People You Meet in Heaven

The Five People You Meet in Heaven

4.4 24
Director: Lloyd Kramer, Jon Voight, Ellen Burstyn, Dagmara Dominczyk

Cast: Lloyd Kramer, Jon Voight, Ellen Burstyn, Dagmara Dominczyk

Mitch Albom's best-selling book The Five People You Meet in Heaven was adapted for the small screen by Lloyd Kramer. That production is presented on this disc, which offers a standard full-frame transfer that preserves the original broadcast aspect ratio of 1.33:1. English soundtracks are rendered in Dolby Digital 5.1 and Dolby Digital Stereo. Supplemental


Mitch Albom's best-selling book The Five People You Meet in Heaven was adapted for the small screen by Lloyd Kramer. That production is presented on this disc, which offers a standard full-frame transfer that preserves the original broadcast aspect ratio of 1.33:1. English soundtracks are rendered in Dolby Digital 5.1 and Dolby Digital Stereo. Supplemental materials include a commentary track recorded by Kramer, Albom, and lead actor Jon Voight. They are full of praise for each other and discuss their feelings about the material. Interviews with cast and crew, and a featurette on how makeup was used to age Jon Voight round out this solid release from Lion's Gate.

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Barnes & Noble
Author Mitch Albom wrote the teleplay for the Hallmark Hall of Fame production of his inspiring bestseller The Five People You meet in Heaven, which debuted on ABC in December 2004. John Voight stars as Eddie, the aging amusement park worker whose attempt to save a young girl imperiled by a runaway ride results in his death. Suddenly in the hereafter, the flummoxed Eddie is visited by a quintet of people from his life, all dead, who ease his transition from life. His heavenly hosts -- including Ellen Burstyn, Dagmara Dominczyk, Michael Imperioli, and Jeff Daniels -- help Eddie understand the significance of his life by showing him the little things he did along the way that made others' lives better.
New York Post - Lisa Stasi
Taking its cue from It's a Wonderful Life, Mitch Albom's The Five People You Meet in Heaven is about how everyone's life - no matter how unimportant that life seems to be - actually matters a great deal.

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Closed Caption; Commentary by director Lloyd Kramer, novelist Mitch Albom, and actor Jon Voight; Interviews with Mitch Albom, Jon Voight, Steven Grayhm, Michael Imperioli, and Tish Monaghan; "Makeup Magic": Jon Voight makeup session

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Scene Index

Side #1 --
1. Introduction [6:04]
2. Eddie Maintenance [3:55]
3. The Dance [7:05]
4. It's The Cable [5:06]
5. Blue Man [9:18]
6. Help To Understand [4:32]
7. Too Stubborn To Die [7:58]
8. Captured [6:23]
9. Can You Juggle? [5:00]
10. Burn It Down [4:53]
11. Road To Recovery [9:44]
12. No More! [2:49]
13. Third Heaven [1:16]
14. The Great Fire [7:24]
15. Forgiveness [7:47]
16. The Watch [7:23]
17. Until Death Do Us Part [4:08]
18. Love Never Dies [9:17]
19. Wash Away Your Sins [5:47]
20. Stories Are All One [11:02]
21. End Credits [3:32]

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The Five People You Meet in Heaven 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 24 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
After first reading The Five People You Meet in Heaven I was captured by it. Then I heard it was going to be a movie. When watching this marvelous movie, I cried, laughed, and was truly touched. The movie is parallel to the book, down to almost all details. The director did a fabulous job capturing the book as a whole, being able to involve the viewer and reach deep into their own personal experiences. Once again, this movie is a must see, you will view you life in a new perspective afterwards! I would give this movie 5+ stars.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The Movie “The Five People You Meet In Heaven.” Is a great movie it’s written by Mitch Albom who also wrote the book. It tells about a man named Eddie about his life and about how he died. In this story Eddies father never did just be like any other father. He always made Eddie fill like he wasn’t part of the family. In the movie it starts off when Eddie was an old man on his birthday and then latter that day he died not remembering how he died or if he saved that little girl. When Eddie gets to heaven he notices that it’s Ruby Pier and he starts to fly around like he’s a bird and he sees his first person The Blue Man who teaches him that everything happens for a reason. So he lives and then Eddie goes to his next place and sees his caption. Who teaches him to sacrifice for others and then he went to another person who happens to be ruby who teaches him to forgive and so he goes to the next is Marguerite who teaches him that love never goes away. And then the last one he sees is Tala who teaches him that his life isn’t wrothless This movie is really good you should go rent it
Guest More than 1 year ago
It was outstanding! Jon Voight was amazing as the part of Eddie. Since the movie was very much like the book, I loved it. It's like one of my favorite movies,next to "A Walk To Remember" Wheather you read the book or not, people should rent the movie!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Movie Review By: Anthony Thomas This movie was better then what I had expected. The reason for being is because no one really knows what the after life is like are even if there really is one, but for him to come up with this story was a brilliant idea. I also like how he made each character teach him a lesson before he went to heaven. Because he would have never been able to tell his father he forgives him. He also would have never been able to see why his action was wrong for burning down the house. He probably would have never been able to understand sacrifice either. I enjoyed this movie a lot but what threw me off was when they didn’t mention the car crash. I also was confused from when he was having flash backs about things are if he was actually living them scenes. I also thought that Mitch Albom was a very talented man because he wrote the book and the movie.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Like the book, this movie is both thought provoking and entertaining. I use the film to complement the reading of the book in my high school English class. They both exact stimulatiing discussion. I am never disappointed in the reaction of my students. Many of them say that this is one of the best movies they have ever seen.
Guest More than 1 year ago
My favorite book of all time is Tuesdays with Morrie, so I was psyched to buy The 5 People You Meet In Heaven. However, I had a tough time getting into the book, put it down and didn't pick it back up. That is, until after I saw the movie on t.v., and was so impressed with the movie the next day I sat down and read the book. I usually never watch movies after I've read the book, but in this case, the movie is almost better than the book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Watching this movie and I wonder if that is the way how it would happen when we die because it seems to make sense. The movie shows that the five people we meet in heaven have to teach us important lessons that we could understand on earth. It's wonderful how they reveal these lessons.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I thought this was an amazing story, that really changed my perspective on life. Mitch Albom is an incrediaible authour who should be prasied for his great writing. I have nothing else to say either than everyone needs to read this book to really understand life.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The book was so similar to the movie was a wonderful experience. It teaches lessons that i think we can all learn from. It shows us redemption, sacrafice, forgiveness, etc.. I think this is a great movie for people of all ages
Guest More than 1 year ago
The book Five People you meet in Heaven is a great book. In my opinion it describes what heaven is like through this mans eyes. It is about not regreting what you did in your life, its about realizes what you have acomplished.
Guest More than 1 year ago
They say books are better than the movies. This is not neccasairily true. I have seen this movie several times, and can honestly say, it is just as good as the book.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This movie is one of the best one that I have seen in a long time. I think that it talk about love life and forgiving this was about a man that went throw life thinking that after his family and his wife died that he had know reason to still be living. But he come to find out that he was for something he was to keep the kids safe so nothing bad could happen to them. When he died he stared to learn about what he was on earth to do. In heaven he met five people that hade a big part in his life and each person had to teach him something that was vary important. Like to forgive that even know that some one you love dies in dose not mean that love goes away but in goes on forever know matter what. I have read the book and watch the movie and they are kind of the same but the movie dose not go all in to it like I wanted it to but I think that the movie was still really good. So think you for making this movie and the book so this is what I think about this book.
Guest More than 1 year ago
What this movie did for me was reaffirm life. After watching it, I felt that anyone who is depressed over lost goals or dreams should see it. I felt that it made me feel that even a person with a menial job, or who has gotten lost in the main stream of life as portrayed by so many movies these days, should gain heart. God notices each and every one of us and the little things we do for others will, in the end, be noticed by HIM. This movie makes you feel good about yourself!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Movie review. Justin Waldridge The movie is about an old man named Eddie and he was an engineer. That work at a pier called Ruby Pier. He was a war Veteran who like kids but hated teens because they’re to loud or wild. One day he was resting and woke up to the sound of his walkie-talkie and turns out that a ride is breaking down. A cable broke that held the ride up. Fell down. The cart fell was going to hit this little girl so he tried to save her and ended up dying. Now that he is now in heaven. He has to learn five lesion before he can have peace with him self
Guest More than 1 year ago
By: Kristy Willibaum The movie The Five People you meet in Heaven is an awesome movie! The author of the movie was Mitchell Albom. He also wrote the book to the movie. They were both great but if you’re a visual learner then you will love the movie. The movie was about a boy named Eddie and he was maintenance worker at Ruby Pier. He also loved children and he would do anything for them. Then later on he went into the army. He tried to save a little girl one day and when he tried to save her he falls off and dies. Then he ends up going to heaven. Well he meets five people from his past life. The character that I enjoyed watching the most had to be Eddie he was an awesome actor and his emotions and everything really catch your attention. I really liked how the writer grabs your attention and likes to make you think about what’s going on. During the movie the actors were great they really new what they were doing. All of the actor’s emotions just looked so real and never once did it look fake. The camera work was awesome how like when Eddie has his flash backs the way they move the camera in certain ways was really good. The structure of the story was the best. How all the flash backs had occurred at the right time. The flash backs to Eddies birthdays and everything like him getting married was really great. If you are a visual learner you will really love the movie. It catch’s your attention. Especially the part was Eddie is trying to save the little girl in the fire and the one on the free fall ride.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This movie made me cry and feel joy. It is a great story of seeing someone go through what many people haven't thought much did these people affect your life and how did you affect theirs. I'll never forget the impact I felt watching this film.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Comforting, beautifully created movie. Almost like the notebook but in my mind it is much better!
Guest More than 1 year ago
They usually say the book is better than the movie, but in this case the movie is almost just as good. John Voight does a magnificent acting job, along with the rest of the cast. Obviously, it's very "heavy" material, and is not meant to be casual entertainment. If you're into thought-provoking profound (and inspirational) movies, this one's definitely for you.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I heard about Mitch Albom's 'Tuesdays With Morrie' was excellent and it garnered an Emmy Award. I love this movie,'Five People...Heaven'. It was beatifully written and well-acted. A strong all-star cast. I even pruchased the book for my sister for Christmas, and she was so pleased because she and I watched it together. This movie surley rocks. It poses the thematic questions of our existence on planet Earth such as 'Why are we here?',and 'What is our purpose here?'Outstanding. I hope this will win an Emmy.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This movie was very good. However, the book is much better. It explains things with much more detail. Also, the movie seems a little strange and slightly stupid when you first watch it. When you first read the book, it does not seem that way at all. If I had not read the book first, I don't think I would have liked the movie. I recommend reading The Five People You Meet In Heaven, and the seeing it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The Five People you will Meet in Heaven was a great movie. The author was Mitch Albom, he also wrote the book “The Five People you meet in Heaven.” Both were very good. In this movie the main character was a man named Eddie. This movie starts at the end and goes back though his whole life and what he had to endure. In this movie he learns many thing after it was to late to use them. He learns different points of views that change how he feels. He lives his whole life thinking that he never did any thing with his life, but with a little help he soon know that he did more then anyone could imagine. The way that this movie was laid out is in some place confusing. In the movie he has flash backs and you can’t tell weather he is learning one of the lessons or if he just remembering one his own or if he is remembering something from the past. In the book I get some what of a mental picture of Eddie and they find the right actor to play Eddie. One thing I did not like was the dad in the book he was a big part, but in the movie there was never a big part and you do not know that the thing that happen that made him hate his father. The camera work in this movie is very informational and is very easy to read. Ins some parts of the movie The story structure is very out of line in my eyes at some times. To me you should you should read the book and then watch the movie so you can see some of the more finer details of both. Both the book and movie make you think about what is going to happen to you. It also make you think about what you have done with your life.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago