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The Frighteners

4.5 4
Director: Peter Jackson, Michael J. Fox, Trini Alvarado, Peter Dobson

Cast: Peter Jackson, Michael J. Fox, Trini Alvarado, Peter Dobson


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Charlatan Frank Bannister (Michael J. Fox) has genuine psychic powers, but he doesn't use them to help people. Rather, he generates cases for his supernatural private-eye firm by harassing a group of hapless ghosts (including a dearly departed Wild West outlaw and an undead judge played by John Astin) into staging hauntings and poltergeists in the homes of likely


Charlatan Frank Bannister (Michael J. Fox) has genuine psychic powers, but he doesn't use them to help people. Rather, he generates cases for his supernatural private-eye firm by harassing a group of hapless ghosts (including a dearly departed Wild West outlaw and an undead judge played by John Astin) into staging hauntings and poltergeists in the homes of likely marks. Bannister's world turns on its head when he starts noticing real hauntings around town -- ghostly assassinations that seem to be tied to the execution 20 years earlier of a brutal serial killer. Lucy Lunskey (Trini Alvarado), the wife of one unlucky victim, teams up with Bannister to get to the bottom of the killings and find out what shut-in Patricia Bradley (Dee Wallace Stone) and her witchy mother (Julia McCarthy) have to do with the sinister spree.

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Universal Studios
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Special Features

A special introduction to the film by Academy Award-winning director Peter Jackson; Storyboarding of key scenes, including the Slimeface and Blobman sequence, with commentary by Peter Jackson; In-depth feature commentary by Peter Jackson, his first feature commentary ever!; The Making of teh Frighteners, a full-length documentary on the making of the film, directed by Peter Jackson and featuring interviews with Michael J. Fox, trini Alvarado, Dee Wallace Stone, Jake Busey and Chi McBride; Outrageous Bloopers; Lost Footage Found: The Gatekeeper, The Judge and other deleted scenes; Ghost Stories: Peter Jackson and actor Tom Fyfe share their actual, personal close encounters with ghosts; Script Development: Jackson describes taking an idea from the treatment stage to a full shooting script; Behind-the-scenes cast rehearsal; Extensive exploration of the spectacular special effects, motion control and the blue-screen techniques; Introduction to Jackson's visual-effects facility, WETA; Close-up llok at the use of miniatures; And more!

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Michael Fox Frank Bannister
Trini Alvarado Lucy Lunskey
Peter Dobson Ray Lynskey
John Astin Judge
Jeffrey Combs Milton Dammers
Dee Wallace Patricia Bradley
Chi McBride Cyrus
Jake Busey Johnny Bartlett
R. Lee Ermey Hiles
Angela Bloomfield Debra Bannister
Troy Evans Sheriff Walt Perry
Jim Fyfe Stuart
Elizabeth Hawthorne Magda Rhys-Jones
Peter Jackson Man with Piercings
Julianna McCarthy Old Lady Bradley
Melanie Lynskey Deputy
Desmond Kelly Harry Sinclair
Jonathan Blick Steve Bayliss, Reporter
Todd Rippon Deputy
John Sumner Deputy
Michael Robinson Deputy
Jim McLarty Deputy
Anthony Ray Parker Deputy
Paul Yates Deputy
John Leigh Bryce Campbell
Nicola Cliff Young Patricia
Ken Blackburn Dr. Kamins
Stuart Devenie Museum Curator
Genevieve Westcott TV Presenter
K.C. Kelly Doctor
Leslie Wing Mrs. Waterhouse
Leslie Klein Sylvia, the Maid
Frank Edwards Resuscitating Man
Alan O'Leary The Waiter
Danny Lineham Barry
Charlie McClellan Reporter
William Pomeroy Jacob Platz
George Port Orderly
Billy Jackson Baby in Bouncer
Sophie Watkins Nursery Baby
Taea Hartwell Nursery Baby
Max Grover Nursery Baby
George Grover Nursery Baby
Tony Hopkins Hospital Patient
Lewis Martin Hospital Patient
Clay Nelson Passerby
Robert Duncan McNeill Passerby
Matthew Chamberlain Passerby
Vivienne Kaplan Nun
Liz Mullane Nun
Dee Wallace Stone Actor
Artie Kane Conductor

Technical Credits
Peter Jackson Director,Producer,Screenwriter
Richard Baker Makeup
Brent Baker Makeup Special Effects
John Blick Cinematographer
Richard Bluck Camera Operator
Alun Bollinger Cinematographer
Roger Borelli Makeup Special Effects
Bridget Bourke Production Manager
Victoria Burrows Casting
Charlie Croughwell Stunts
Barbara Darragh Costumes/Costume Designer
Mitch Devane Makeup Special Effects
Steve Doherty Stunts
Danny Elfman Score Composer
Jenny Harris Stunts
Jurgen Heimann Makeup Special Effects
Todd Heindel Makeup Special Effects
Dan Hennah Art Director
Gabrielle Jones Makeup
Vivienne Kaplan Casting
Denise Leibee Makeup Special Effects
Aaron Lupton Stunts
Grant Major Production Designer
Jim McLoughlin Makeup Special Effects
Liz Mullane Casting
Gary Pawlowski Makeup Special Effects
Hammond Peek Sound/Sound Designer
Brian Penikas Makeup Special Effects
Mark Prowse Stunts
Bron Roylance Makeup
Tim Sanders Co-producer
Jamie Selkirk Editor,Producer
Mark Setrakian Makeup Special Effects
Chris Short Asst. Director
Joanne Strong Stunts
Bill Sturgeon Makeup Special Effects
Randy Thom Sound/Sound Designer
Fran Walsh Associate Producer,Screenwriter
Robert Zemeckis Executive Producer

Scene Index

Disc #1, Side A -- The Frighteners
1. Peter Jackson's Intro [:01]
2. Main Titles: The Curse of Fairwater [6:07]
3. You've Ruptured My Lawn [1:09]
4. Patricia Never Leaves the House [2:07]
5. Newsflash, 1964 [3:15]
6. Calling Mr. Bannister [4:30]
7. What's With the Number? [:52]
8. The Ectoplasmic Associates [1:58]
9. Stuck in the Door [1:07]
10. Two in the Shower [4:00]
11. Time to Get Seriously Scary [1:24]
12. Airborne Babies [1:59]
13. Too Many Funerals: Not Enough Trafic Lights [2:37]
14. You Appear to Be Dead, Ray! [2:43]
15. Drill Sergeant Hiles [1:25]
16. The Premature Burial [3:47]
17. Three for Dinner [3:48]
18. The Soul Collector [3:52]
19. Special Agent Dammers [2:51]
20. Debra's Death [2:42]
21. Dark Business in Fairwater [:49]
22. Museum Mayhem [4:05]
23. The Reaper Strikes [1:19]
24. Magda Passes Over [1:20]
25. The Prime Suspect [1:32]
26. Back Seat Passenger [:34]
27. The Interrogation [4:50]
28. He Doesn't Believe Anymore [1:42]
29. A Cry for Help [6:04]
30. Ray Loses Face [1:01]
31. What Are You Afraid Of? [2:20]
32. Cyrus and Stuart to the Rescue [2:14]
33. An Out-of-Body Experience [:28]
34. Pain Has Its Rewards [4:34]
35. The Face of Death [5:03]
36. He's Back [2:14]
37. The Killer Couple [2:10]
38. Fun With Knives [2:00]
39. The Potrait Strikes [:44]
40. Kitchen Chase [2:03]
41. Guess That Makes You Number One [1:15]
42. Blasts From the Past [1:26]
43. Dammers Loses His Head [4:33]
44. Fun in the Morgue [2:04]
45. In the Mood for Vivisection [:35]
46. The Express Bus to Hell [2:35]
47. Time to Go Home [2:01]
48. Life After Death [1:42]
49. End Titles ("Don't Fear the Reaper") [1:53]
Disc #1, Side B -- The Frighteners
1. Peter Jackson's Intro [:00]
2. Ghost Stories [:00]
3. Script Development [6:20]
4. Michael J. Fox & Trini Alvarado [6:06]
5. Jim Fyfe, Chi McBride, John Astin [6:43]
6. Rehearsing [8:01]
7. Lyttelton as Fairwater [6:36]
8. Introduction to WETA [3:17]
9. Scene 28 [4:35]
10. Ghost Effects [4:14]
11. Motion Control & Bluescreen [9:52]
12. The Jackson Boys, Peter's Cameo & Billy Jackson [7:57]
13. Stunts [5:01]
14. On the Set [4:52]
15. The Reaper [25:58]
16. Rustler [12:56]
17. The Gatekeeper [:01]
18. Jeffrey Combs [3:05]
19. Miniatures [1:49]
20. Dee Wallace Stone & Jake Busey [7:22]
21. Trini's Bruises [2:51]
22. Slimeface & Blobman [6:52]
23. Wallpaperman & Portraitman [2:04]
24. Acceleration [7:13]
25. The Worm [4:12]
26. The Gatekeeper, The Judge & Other Deleted Stories [3:30]
27. Music [3:37]
28. Bloopers [17:07]
29. Ratings & Final Thoughts [24:11]
30. Credits [16:14]


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The Frighteners 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This movie was awsome! The special effects were very good, even by today's standards! This movie kept your attention the whole time, I didn't get bored once! It was comical and kept you on the edge of your seat. This is one movie that I will definately add to my collection!
Guest More than 1 year ago
The Frighteners, Peter Jackson's first studio work, is often overlooked when discussing the director's films, which is a shame, as it is quite a good little slice of comedy-horror. The first half-hour focuses primarily on the funny stuff, and falters a bit, comedy always being something of a hit-and-miss affair with Jackson. However, once Jeffrey Combs' demented FBI agent Dammers is introduced and the film focuses more on its thriller aspects, the Frighteners takes off, spending the next hour and a half racing through its clever plot, and finishing with a great sequence in an abandoned hospital. This sequence, with its multiple protaganists and reality-bending flashbacks, is a fantastically well-done blend of action, comedy, and horror, and deserves to stand aside later Jackson highpoints, such as the Battle for Helm's Deep in Two Towers and Skull Island in King Kong.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This was such a great movie. It was so scary I almost messed myself. Peter Jackson did a great job as director. Michael J Fox really got to show off his acting chops. Probably his best chops since he devoured the role of Alex P Keaton. I love Mr. Fox so much. I even traveled to a Minnesota Twins game just to get a Michael J Fox bobble head doll.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago