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Director: Andrew Davis

Cast: Andrew Davis, Harrison Ford, Tommy Lee Jones, Sela Ward


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This 1993 box-office smash partly adheres to the 1960s TV series on which it is based and partly goes off on several tangents of its own. Harrison Ford stars as Dr. Richard Kimble, convicted of murdering his wife. While being transferred to prison by bus, Kimble is involved in a spectacular bus-train collision (one of the best of its kind ever filmed). Surviving the… See more details below


This 1993 box-office smash partly adheres to the 1960s TV series on which it is based and partly goes off on several tangents of its own. Harrison Ford stars as Dr. Richard Kimble, convicted of murdering his wife. While being transferred to prison by bus, Kimble is involved in a spectacular bus-train collision (one of the best of its kind ever filmed). Surviving the disaster, Kimble escapes, vowing to track down the elusive professional criminal whom he holds responsible for the murder. Dogging the fugitive every foot of the way is U.S. marshal Sam Gerard (an Oscar-winning turn by Tommy Lee Jones), who announces his intention to search "every whorehouse, doghouse, and outhouse" to bring Kimble to justice. Unlike his dour TV-series counterpart Barry Morse, Jones plays the role with a sardonic sense of humor: when a cornered Kimble screams, "I didn't kill my wife," Gerard shrugs and famously replies, "I don't care." Once the premise has been established, scripters Jeb Stuart and David Twohy and director Andrew Davis pull off several audacious plot twists, ranging from Kimble's rendezvous with a sympathetic lab technician to a jaw-dropping dive into a huge waterfall. The second half of the film offers one surprise after another (including the true identity of the murderer), brilliantly avoiding the letdown that plagues many movie adaptations of old TV series.

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Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Kryssa Schemmerling
This tense chase-thriller, based on the old TV series, wowed audiences and critics alike with its beautifully choreographed action sequences, dazzling stunts, and superb acting. Harrison Ford stars as the fugitive, a surgeon wrongly convicted of killing his wife. After he escapes during a spectacular train wreck, an indefatigable U.S. marshal (Tommy Lee Jones in an Oscar-winning role) makes it a personal mission to bring the fugitive to justice. While director Andrew Davis (UNDER SEIGE) shows an almost Hitchcockian flair for inventive action and suspenseful plotting, it is the strength of the characterizations that earned THE FUGITIVE its Best Picture nomination. Jones's bemused and disdainful lawman and Ford's stoic hero play out their battle of wit and wills to perfection. Edgy and nuanced, Jones's performance generates almost as much excitement as the fugitive's spectacular, death-defying escapes.
All Movie Guide
Riddled with fast-paced action, taut suspense, and a blessedly wry, intelligent sense of humor, The Fugitive is one of the most thoroughly entertaining films ever to careen through the action genre. Directed with a sure, steady hand by Andrew Davis, the film's tight construction allows its lower-key moments to resound with the same compelling undertones as its action sequences; even the sight of Kimble's searching through medical files rings with nail-biting tension. Buoyed as much by its performances as by Davis' assured direction, The Fugitive benefits from the solid presence of Harrison Ford, here at his dependable, everyman best as the innocent Kimble, and a wily, Oscar-winning turn from Tommy Lee Jones as the relentless Gerard. The chemistry between the two adversaries is one of the film's most satisfying aspects, made so by believable, multi-dimensional characterizations that are all too rare in action films. Gerard is no idiot, and Kimble's eventual triumph is hard-won. Never possessing a clear, self-assured edge over his pursuers, his cleverness is well matched by that of the people determined to bring him to justice. The Fugitive contains enough tricks up its sleeve to satisfy even the most jaded action fans, and Ford fans will derive satisfaction from watching him prove that, though older and undeniably well-worn, he was still worthy of his status as one of the genre's most dependable heroes.

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Warner Home Video
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Special Features

The Fugitive: Thrill Of The Chase; Pilot episode of the 2000 TV series The Fugitive; Introduction by Andrew Davis and Harrison Ford; Commentary by Andrew Davis and Tommy Lee Jones; 2 exciting documentaries: Derailed: Anatomy Of a Train Wreck and On The Run With The Fugitive; Theatrical Trailer

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Harrison Ford Dr. Richard Kimble
Tommy Lee Jones Deputy US Marshal Samuel Gerard
Sela Ward Helen Kimble
Joe Pantoliano Cosmo Renfro
Jeroen Krabbé Dr. Charles Nichols
Julianne Moore Dr. Anne Eastman
Andreas Katsulas Sykes "One Armed Man"
Daniel Roebuck Biggs
L. Scott Caldwell Poole
Tom Wood Newman
David Darlow Dr. Alec Lentz
Amanda Mackey-Johnson Actor
Cathy Sandrich Actor
Ron Dean Detective Kelly
Joseph Kosala Detective Rosetti
Miguel Nino 1st Chicago Cop
John Drummond Newscaster
Gene Barge 11th District Court
Thomas Charles Simmons 11 District Cop
Dick Cusack Walter Gutherie
Nick Kusenko Assistant Defense Attorney
Joe D. Lauck Forensic Technician
Joe Guastaferro Coroner
Andy Romano Judge Bennett
Richard Riehle Old Guard
Eddie Bo Smith Copeland
Frank Ray Perilli Jail Officer
Pancho Demmings Young Guard
Jim Wilkey Bus Driver
Danny Goldring Head Illinois State Trooper
Nick Searcy Sheriff Rawlins
Kevin Crowley State Trooper
Michael James Head Welder
Michael Skewes Highway Patrolman
Cody Glenn Paramedic
Cynthia Baker Woman in Car
Johnny Lee Davenport Marshal Henry
Mike Bacarella Marshal Stevens
Oksana Fedunyszyn Myoelectric Receptionist
Orlando Garcia Desmondo
Afram Bill Williams Salesman
Jane Lynch Doctor Kathy Wahlund
Alex P. Hernandez Trauma Doctor
Joel Robinson Boy Patient
Cheryl Lynn Bruce O.R. Doctor
Ann Whitney Myoelectric Director
David Pasquesi Newscaster
Brent Shaphren Doctor at Bar
B.J. Jones Doctor at Bar
Drucilla A. Carlson Gerard's Secretary
Margaret Moore Nichols' Assistant
Juan Ramirez Man on "El"
Allen Hamilton Host
Joe Guzaldo Prosecutor
John M. Watson Bones Roosevelt
Thom Vernon Carlson
Bill Cusack Tracing Technician

Technical Credits
Andrew Davis Director
Maher Ahmad Art Director
Roy Arbogast Special Effects
Keith Barish Executive Producer
Don Brochu Editor
Michael Chapman Cinematographer
David Finfer Editor
Rick T. Gentz Set Decoration/Design
David Giler Screenwriter
Dean Goodhill Editor
Ann Harris Set Decoration/Design
Walter Hill Screenwriter
Dov Hoenig Editor
James Newton Howard Score Composer
Roy Huggins Executive Producer
Robert Mark Kamen Screenwriter
Arnold Kopelson Producer
Peter Macgregor-Scott Co-producer
Nancy Mickelberry Set Decoration/Design
Donald O. Mitchell Sound/Sound Designer
Frank A. Montaño Sound/Sound Designer
David Newman Screenwriter
Richard Nord Editor
Aggie Guerard Rodgers Costumes/Costume Designer,Set Decoration/Design
Jeb Stuart Screenwriter
David N. Twohy Original Story,Screenwriter
Dennis Virkler Editor
Dennis Washington Production Designer
Charles J.H. Wood Art Director

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