Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard

The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard

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Director: Neal Brennan

Cast: Jeremy Piven, Ving Rhames, Ed Helms

A smooth-talking jack-of-all-trades attempts to save a struggling car dealership from certain bankruptcy in this comedy starring Jeremy Piven, directed by Chappelle's Show creator Neal Brennan, and produced by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay's Gary Sanchez Productions. Don Ready


A smooth-talking jack-of-all-trades attempts to save a struggling car dealership from certain bankruptcy in this comedy starring Jeremy Piven, directed by Chappelle's Show creator Neal Brennan, and produced by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay's Gary Sanchez Productions. Don Ready (Piven) takes sales seriously; he's always up for a challenge, and he parties as hard as he works. Approached to help an ailing car dealership from falling into the red, Ready recruits a crew of his best men and descends upon the quiet town of Temecula determined to succeed. Before long the dealership is flourishing and Ready's crew are kings of the roost, but what happens when the man who made his mint by hustling cars meets the one woman who isn't charmed by his formidable skills as a salesman. Realizing this may be his one shot at true love, Ready starts working overtime to convince the woman of his dreams that he's the best bargain on the lot. Has the hustler finally found his soul, or is he so locked into his anything-goes lifestyle that there's no looking back? Ving Rhames, Ed Helms, James Brolin, and David Koechner co-star.

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All Movie Guide - Jason Buchanan
The first time we meet Don Ready (Jeremy Piven), he embodies everything that we've come to expect from the actor who portrays him. Munching bacon in a strip joint with Jibby Newsome (Ving Rhames), Brent Gage (David Koechner), and Babs Merrick (Kathryn Hahn), his hard-bitten cadre of used car mercenaries, Ready is sleazeball confidence personified -- but he gets the job done. When struggling dealerships need to move cars, no one else can clear a lot faster. Ben Sellick's (James Brolin) dealership in Temecula is about to go bust, and Ready is his last hope for staying in business. Of course, Ready and his crew are up to the task, but when the fast-talking salesman finds himself falling for Sellick's daughter, Ivy (Jordana Spiro), he starts to lose focus and risks blowing the whole deal. Perhaps with a little help from his oddball crew and the eager salesmen at Sellick Motors, Ready will find his soul and a reason to settle down. The Goods is the kind of raunchy, swaggering, character-based comedy that Will Ferrell built his career on. So while it's no surprise to note that Ferrell produced the comedy (alongside longtime collaborator Adam McKay), it's arguable whether Piven has the comic chops of the SNL alum who gave us such belligerent big-screen dolts as Ron Burgundy and Ricky Bobby. Regardless of his suspect ability to carry a film, Piven is just about perfect in the role (while everyone else seems to be playing it to the hilt, he appears uncannily comfortable in the skin of a sleazy used car dealer), and his supporting cast helps to elevate The Goods even above such tired and obvious Ferrell vehicles as Blades of Glory and Step Brothers. Ed Helms gets a few laughs as the overgrown boy-band singer who cites the Backstreet Boys as changing the face of modern music, Craig Robinson delivers a few hilariously awkward moments as the control-freak DJ who sonically spites anyone who dares make a request, and Ferrell himself even drops in for a late-film cameo that nearly steals the whole show. Even screen vets James Brolin and Charles Napier get in on the fun as the closeted dealership owner and his xenophobic salesman, respectively, ramping up the levels of absurdity just enough to push The Goods past simply passable and into the realm of genuinely entertaining. The real surprise of the bunch, however, is Hahn, whose eclectic filmography hints at a diverse talent that's yet to be fully tapped. Her psychotically horny Babs may be the standout member of the core crew (with the exception of Piven, of course), and with a outlandish performance like this following a memorable turn in last year's Academy Award-winning Revolutionary Road, it would seem that she's destined for bigger and better things. If it feels like supporting cast members Tony Hale and Ken Jeong don't get the opportunity to truly shine in their small roles, this minor oversight can ultimately be forgiven thanks to the fact that the filmmakers wisely went for an anti-Apatow, less-is-more approach in terms of running time, ensuring that The Goods seems to breeze by rather than overstaying its welcome. It's not often that you walk into a movie expecting to loathe every second of it and walk out with a smile on your face. Even if the movie in question wasn't necessarily deserving of your scorn in the first place, the process of pulling out of that mindset and surrendering to the reality of the situation can be so mentally taxing that you stubbornly choose to stick with your curmudgeonly predisposition rather than admit defeat. Then again, diminished expectations can sometimes be a blessing in disguise. Damn you, Jeremy Piven, and your douchebag charms.

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Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Jeremy Piven Don Ready
Ving Rhames Jibby Newsome
Ed Helms Paxton Harding
James Brolin Ben Selleck
David Koechner Brent Gage
Kathryn Hahn Babs Merrick
Jordana Spiro Ivy Selleck
Ken Jeong Teddy Dang
Bryan Callen Jason
Tony Hale Wade Zooha
Alan Thicke Stu Harding
Jonathan Sadowski Blake
Wendie Malick Tammy Selleck
Craig Robinson DeeJay
Joey Kern Ricky
Charles Napier Dick Lewiston
Rob Riggle Peter Selleck
Kristen Schaal Stacey

Technical Credits
Neal Brennan Director
Stefania Cella Production Designer
Jennifer Euston Casting
Will Ferrell Producer
Mary Jane Fort Costumes/Costume Designer
Chris Henchy Producer
Michael Jablow Editor
Allison Jones Casting
Dave Jordan Musical Direction/Supervision
Adam McKay Producer
Kevin J. Messick Producer
Daryn Okada Cinematographer
Louise Rosner Executive Producer
Rick Stempson Screenwriter
Andy Stock Screenwriter
Kevin Tent Editor
Lyle Workman Score Composer

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The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Heavy_Metal_Sushi More than 1 year ago
A friend recommended I see this, that it was pretty funny, and I found it on Netflix & gave it a watch. I had just gotten out of Bridesmaids at the theatre before I watched it, which was hilarious itself, and was still in the mood for some good comedy when I got home. This movie was hysterical! I loved it! I wasn't sure what I could find on Netflix that would be as funny as Bridesmaids was, but this movie was pretty ample. There are so many cool people in this movie too. I'm really surprised this movie wasn't a little bigger than it was...I think it was maybe a bit too under the radar for it's caliber of hilarity. If you're into comedy, do yourself a this movie! It's a tad crude in bits, but it's so funny! Check it out!