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Great Fox War Movies
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The Great Fox War Movies


Product Details

Release Date:
20th Century Fox
Region Code:

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
George C. Scott George S. Patton, Jr.
Karl Malden Gen. Omar N. Bradley
John Wayne Lt. Col. Benjamin Vandervoort
Martin Balsam Adm. Husband E. Kimmel
Michael Bates Field Marshal Sir Bernard Law Montgomery
Karl Michael Vogler Field Marshal Erwin Rommel
Robert Mitchum Brig. Gen. Norman Cota
So Yamamura Adm. Isoroku Yamamoto
Edward Binns Major Gen. Walter Bedell Smith
Henry Fonda Brig. Gen. Theodore Roosevelt
Joseph Cotten Henry L. Stimson
Robert Ryan Brig. Gen. James M. Gavin
Tatsuya Mihashi Cmdr. Minoru Genda
E.G. Marshall Lt. Col. Rufus S. Bratton
Rod Steiger Destroyer Commander
Richard Todd Maj. John Howard

Technical Credits
Franklin J. Schaffner Director
Ken Annakin Director
Richard Fleischer Director
Andrew Marton Director
Kinji Fukasaku Director
Bernhard Wicki Director
Toshio Masuda Director

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Great Fox War Movies: The Longest Day - Disc One
1. In the Fifth Year
2. Poems of Love and Deception
3. It's On!
4. It's All a Gamble
5. Where Johnny Lies
6. Why You Have the Job
7. Key to the Invasion
8. War Games and a Birthday Party
9. I Don't Like It!
10. Meet Rupert and Cricket
11. John's Long Mustache
12. The Eve of the Day
13. The Orne River Bridge
14. Perfect Conditions
15. Just Enough Diversion
16. Derailing the Germans
17. Guests From the Sky
18. Sainte-Mere-Eglise
19. Lost in a War
20. What We Expected, What We've Earned
21. What the Sea Will Bring
22. A Two-Plane Counter Attack
23. Omaha Beach
24. Utah Beach
25. The Buddy System
26. Pipes and Kilts
27. The French Have Arrived!
28. Looking for Reinforcements
29. Mrs. Rommel's Birthday
30. The One We Want
31. The Führer Is Furious!
32. Held and Relived
33. North by East!
34. Ouistreham
35. Two Kinds of People
36. News From the Front
37. Hard Losses
38. Removing the Middleman
39. The Dead, the Crippled, the Lost
40. The End of The Longest Day
Disc #3 -- Great Fox War Movies: Patton - Disc One
1. Stars and Stripes
2. Main Titles
3. Kasserine Pass, Tunisia, 1943
4. The Bible and Hollywood
5. In Like a Lion
6. The General Takes Charge
7. 2,000 Years Ago
8. Field Marshal Erwin Rommel
9. Complete Air Supremacy
10. An Engraved Invitation
11. A Desperate Battle
12. A Sixteenth-Century Man
13. An Interesting Plan
14. The Algerian Lavatory
15. A Simple Old Soldier
16. Patton Takes Palermo
17. Doing the Impossible
18. Old Blood and Guts
19. To Shame a Coward
20. Taking Messina
21. An Iron Boot
22. Intermission
23. Vive La France
24. On Probation
25. "Our War Is Over"
26. Man Without an Army
27. Back in the Saddle
28. A Pain in the Neck
29. Out of Gas
30. The Heart of Germany
31. Bound for Bastogne
32. A Weather Prayer
33. The Pure Warrior
34. Victory
35. Q&A
36. All Glory Is Fleeting
37. End Titles
Disc #4 -- Great Fox War Movies: Patton - Disc Two
1. Main Titles
2. Labor of Love
3. A Different America
4. George C. Scott
5. Filming in Spain and Morocco
6. A Rich Military Tradition
7. Visible Personality
8. Family
9. A Cavalry Man
10. World War II
11. Defeat at Kasserine
12. The Battle of El'Gitar
13. Depiction of Complexity
14. Generals of World War II
15. Creative License
16. A Great, But Flawed Man
17. French Invasion/Willy
18. The Third Army
19. Gathering of Allied Leaders
20. Waiting for Snow
21. The Omission of Hammelburg
22. Post-War
23. Enduring Images
24. An American Classic/End Titles
Disc #5 -- Great Fox War Movies: Tora! Tora! Tora! - Disc One
1. Main Titles
2. The Axis Alliance
3. Washington, D.C.
4. Operation: Magic
5. Torpedo Planes
6. Pearl Harbor
7. A Foolproof Plan
8. Full Alert
9. Carrying Out the Plan
10. A New Training Program
11. An October Deadline
12. "Climb Mt. Niitaka"
13. The Pieces Fit Together
14. A War Warning
15. Making the Rounds
16. Oblivious to Danger
17. The 14th Part
18. Intermission
19. Mission Underway
20. Convinced of an Attack
21. A Submarine in the Security Zone
22. Spotted on Radar
23. Bad Atmospherics
24. Flying School
25. The Attack
26. Unarmed and Outta Gas
27. Striking the Airfields
28. A Run for the Sea
29. Dogfight
30. Mission Accomplished
31. End Credits

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