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Director: Takashi Shimizu

Cast: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jason Behr, William Mapother


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J-horror fans will certainly have something to scream about as horror craftsman Takashi Shimizu's American remake The Grudge arrives on DVD in a special expanded edition that packs quite a punch and features some great bonus materials as well. Presented in 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen, the transfer looks great, sporting evenly balanced colors and showing littleSee more details below


J-horror fans will certainly have something to scream about as horror craftsman Takashi Shimizu's American remake The Grudge arrives on DVD in a special expanded edition that packs quite a punch and features some great bonus materials as well. Presented in 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen, the transfer looks great, sporting evenly balanced colors and showing little evidence of edge-enhancement or digital artifacting. Of course, anyone who has felt the terror of The Grudge knows that the horrific death croak of the vengeful female ghost is as effectively bone-rattling as any image in the film, and the English Dolby Digital 5.1 audio mix creates the perfect atmosphere for the film by keeping the viewer on edge and sending the audio reverberating under the viewer's skin at all the right moments. A solid presentation of the feature is only the beginning, though, as Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has seen fit to fill this disc with an impressive array of bonus materials. In addition to hearing Shimizu himself discuss his experiences bringing this hit Japanese film series to American shores in an audio commentary track that also features producer Taka Ichise and actress Takako Fuji, fans can also take a look at the origins of Shimizu's career thanks to the inclusion of his early films 4444444444 and In a Corner. Fifteen deleted scenes with optional filmmaker commentary offer a look at scenes that eventually hit the cutting room floor, with video diaries by Sarah Michelle Gellar and KaDee Strickland taking the viewer for a peek behind-the-scenes. Take a tour of the cursed abode if you dare in "The Grudge House: An Insider's Look," before peeking into a production designer's notebook and director Shimizu's original storyboards.

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Editorial Reviews

All Movie Guide - Jason Buchanan
Having previously directed four variations on his patented vengeful ghost storyline in his native Japan, director Takashi Shimizu brings his lucrative horror franchise stateside with this remake of 2003's Ju-on: The Grudge. Though likely to be more frightening to American audiences unfamiliar with the conventions of Japanese horror than those who have basked in the dread of the slow-moving, dark-haired female ghosts that have seemingly come to define the genre, Shimizu's fifth entry into the popular series does manage to sustain the dread that so endeared the original Japanese Ju-on films to audiences in search of a good scare, while constantly keeping viewers on their toes with a series of well-timed shocks. Of course, when one has revisited the same themes and characters so many times, it's only a matter of time before the story begins to cannibalize itself. In addition to retelling the story from the first theatrical feature, The Grudge also reaches back to the original two shot-on-video features to provide a few good scares -- a fact that, despite its general effectiveness, does hint that the well may be running a bit dry and Shimizu may be wise to consider expanding his oeuvre as his international reputation continues to grow. If audiences find fault in any aspect of this surprisingly faithful remake, it may be in composer Christopher Young's suitably creepy, but somewhat clichéd score -- which tends to serve as a somewhat obvious primer to the film's most frightening moments. If this revelation comes as something of a disappointment to viewers who like their scares to come when least expected, it should be noted that the film makes fantastic -- and extremely unsettling -- use of sound to heighten the audience's sense of fear. When combined with Shimizu's penchant for nonlinear storytelling, these genuinely unsettling auditory assaults serve well to keep the viewer disoriented and ill-at-ease throughout. Additionally, Shimizu succeeds in the end by taking horror conventions one step further. Viewers are certainly well-aware that characters who investigate strange noises or peer into darkened corners are likely to meet a predictable fate, but by bending the unspoken rule that if you escape the haunted house you elude the ghost, Shimizu offers some truly unexpected and satisfying moments of terror that will no doubt serve to influence future cinematic hauntings.

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Product Details

Release Date:
Original Release:
Sony Pictures
Region Code:
[Wide Screen]

Special Features

Closed Caption; All new unrated, extended cut of the film; Feature commentary by director Takashi Shimizu, producer Taka Ichise, and actress Takako Fuji; 15 deleted scenes with optional filmmaker commentary; Director Takashi Shimizu's original Ju-On short films "4444444444" and "In a Corner"; Video diaries from Sarah Michelle Gellar and KaDee Strickland; The Grudge House: An Insider's Tour; Production Designer's Notebook: The Sketches of Iwao Saito; Sights and Sounds: The Storyboard Art of Takashi Shimizu

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Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Sarah Michelle Gellar Karen
Jason Behr Doug
William Mapother Matthew
Clea Duvall Jennifer
KaDee Strickland Susan
Bill Pullman Peter
Grace Zabriskie Emma
Rosa Blasi Maria
Ted Raimi Alex
Ryo Ishibashi Nakagawa
Yoko Maki Yoko
Yuya Ozeki Toshio
Takako Fuji Kayako
Takashi Matsuyama Takeo
Hiroshi Matsunaga Igarashi
Hajime Okayama Suzuki
Yoshiyuki Morishita Guard
Kazuyuki Tsumura Peter's Co-Worker
Jotaro Kitamura Policeman
Taigi Kobayashi Policeman
Junko Koizumi Mother
Nana Koizumi Daughter
Yoichi Okamura Restaurant Manager

Technical Credits
Takashi Shimizu Director
Masanori Adachi Asst. Director
Chiho Asada Translator
Nancy Nayor Battino Casting
Jeff Betancourt Editor
Hiroshi Chono Asst. Director
Shawn-Holly Cookson Costumes/Costume Designer
Doug Davison Executive Producer
Kayoko K. Dietsche Translator
Joe Drake Executive Producer
Shunsuke Gondo Stunts
Andrew Heinbold Animator
Steven Heinbold Animator
Aubrey Henderson Co-producer
Miho Hohjoh Translator
Kaori Ichijyo Stunts
Takashige Ichise Producer
Nathan Kahane Executive Producer
Kiyoshi Kakizawa Sound Mixer
Sayuri Kanamori Translator
Katsumi Kaneda Set Decoration/Design
Reiko Kato Translator
Michael Kirk Co-producer
Carsten H.W. Lorenz Executive Producer
Kelly Martin-Wagner Casting
Yuichi Matsui Makeup Special Effects
Noriyuki Mizuguichi Cinematographer
Sachie Munemura Makeup
Jane O'Kane Makeup
Katsuhiro Ogawa Production Manager
Sam Raimi Producer
Roy Lee Executive Producer
Iwao Saito Production Designer
Shintaro Shimosawa Co-producer
Stephen Susco Screenwriter
Robert Tapert Producer
Masashi Yamaguchi Casting
Hideo Yamamoto Cinematographer
Kyoko Yauchi Art Director
Kazuhiko Yokono Sound Mixer
Christopher Young Score Composer

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Scene Index

Side #1 --
1. Start [3:50]
2. Yoko [4:03]
3. Karen [2:11]
4. Care Center [2:21]
5. The Closet [6:07]
6. Toshio [4:33]
7. "We'll Take It." [4:38]
8. So Lost [2:23]
9. "Where's Jennifer?" [5:42]
10. Detectives [3:29]
11. The Attic [3:17]
12. Karen in Hospital [5:25]
13. Susan at Work [3:13]
14. Susan in Elevator [3:07]
15. "I'll Buzz You In" [2:29]
16. Karen Takes a Shower [3:02]
17. Yoko's Return [2:01]
18. The Saeki Family [:48]
19. Caught on Tape [2:19]
20. Karen Visits Maria [4:09]
21. Peter's Story [3:58]
22. Karen Confronts Nakagawa [2:17]
23. Nakagawa Takes Action [2:18]
24. Back to the House [2:31]
25. Time Slip [3:08]
26. Motive [3:19]
27. Kayako Crawls Down Stairs [5:49]
28. Body I.D. [5:26]

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