The Gunfighter

Director: Orson Ossman, Tyler Graham Pavey, Chris Voss, Martha Mae

Cast: Orson Ossman, Tyler Graham Pavey, Chris Voss, Martha Mae


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Barnes & Noble - Ed Hulse
A masterly western graced with keen scripting, incisive characterization, and taut direction, The Gunfighter is less horse opera than Shakespearian tragedy. Jimmy Ringo, the film's protagonist, is a weary, fatalistic figure tormented by the mistakes of his past and determined to change his future. Gregory Peck portrays Ringo, a famous and feared gunslinger who returns to his hometown in hopes of effecting a reconciliation with his estranged wife (Helen Westcott). Warned by the sheriff (Millard Mitchell) that his very presence unnerves the community, the gunfighter vows to leave immediately after the meeting -- but a mischievous fate intervenes. Peck’s performance is a tour de force; he conveys, quietly and subtly, the angst of a basically honorable man dogged by his unsavory reputation and denied the company of "decent" citizens wherever he goes. Veteran director Henry King (Twelve O’Clock High), a skillful journeyman whose association with westerns dates back to the silent era, paints this unflattering picture in dark shades. In this doom-laden atmosphere, one can sense that Peck’s past is in the process of catching up to him. Irony and fatalism reign supreme in King’s somber but compelling tale -- the first important film of the genre to adopt these noir trappings. Its placement in the pantheon of great movie westerns is amply deserved.

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