James Bond Collection, Vol. 3

The James Bond Collection, Vol. 3

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Director: Guy Hamilton, John Glen, Lee Tamahori, Peter Hunt

Cast: Guy Hamilton, John Glen, Lee Tamahori, Peter Hunt


James Bond fans will be both shaken and stirred with this massive and well-appointed box set, which gathers six adventures featuring the super-suave international agent. The James Bond Collection, Vol. 3 includes the films Thunderball, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Live and Let Die, Octopussy, A View to a Kill, and Die…  See more details below


James Bond fans will be both shaken and stirred with this massive and well-appointed box set, which gathers six adventures featuring the super-suave international agent. The James Bond Collection, Vol. 3 includes the films Thunderball, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Live and Let Die, Octopussy, A View to a Kill, and Die Another Day. All six films have been transferred to disc in letterboxed format at the widescreen aspect ratio of 2.35:1, except for Die Another Day, which is letterboxed at 1.85:1. All six pictures have also been enhanced for playback on 16 x 9 monitors. Thunderball's English-language audio has been remixed for playback in Dolby Digital 5.1, while the dubbed French track is in Dolby Digital Mono. On Her Majesty's Secret Service presents its original English-language audio in Dolby Digital. Live and Let Die includes both English and French tracks in Dolby Digital Mono. Octopussy features English and Spanish audio in Dolby Digital Surround, as does A View to a Kill. And Die Another Day boasts English soundtracks in Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS 5.1, as well as Dolby Surround audio in French and Spanish. All six films have optional subtitles in French, Spanish, and English, as well as optional commentary tracks featuring the films' directors; all but Live and Let Die and Octopussy also include commentaries from their casts and creative teams. All six films are also filled out with their original theatrical trailer, other advertising materials, and short documentaries on the making of the films. Thunderball's extras include two additional featurettes, "Inside Thunderball" and "The Thunderball Phenomenon," and a gallery of production photos. On Her Majesty's Secret Service offers a look at the work of gadget-master Q, and an additional featurette called "Above It All." Live and Let Die adds a short documentary on Roger Moore (making his first turn as Bond in this film), as well as an extensive photo gallery. Octopussy includes a visit with production designer Peter Lamont, and a gallery of storyboard artwork. A View to a Kill is enhanced with deleted scenes, a look at the music of the James Bond series, and a bonus music video featuring Duran Duran. And Die Another Day -- presented in a special two-disc set -- adds on an alternate subtitle track of facts on the production; short documentaries on the design of the film's title sequence, the use of digital technology, and effects animation; a music video by Madonna and a look at how it was made; storyboard-to-screen comparison sequences; and additional DVD-ROM material.

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Product Details

Release Date:
Mgm (Video & Dvd)
Region Code:
[Wide Screen]
[Dolby Digital Mono, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround]

Special Features

Thunderball: ; Audio commentary featuring director Terence Young; Audio commentary by the cast and crew; "The Making of Thunderball" documentary; "The Thunderball Phenomenon" documentary; Behind-the-scenes still gallery featuring over 150 images; "Inside Thunderball" featurette; Collectible making-of booklet; Original theatrical trailers, television, and radio spots; ; On Her Majesty's Secret Service: ; Audio commentary featuring director Peter Hunt, the cast and crew; "Inside On Her Majesty's Secret Service" documentary; "Inside Q's Laboratory" documentary; "Above It All" featurette; Still gallery; Original TV ads; Radio spots; Original theatrical trailer; Collectible making-of booklet; ; Live and Let Die: ; Audio commentary featuring director Guy Hamilton; Audio commentary by screenwriter Tom Mankiewicz; "Inside Live and Let Die" documentary; Behind-the-scenes still gallery featuring over 150 images; "On the Set With Roger Moore" -- Original behind-the-scenes footage; Live and Let Die Milk Board commercial rarely seen outside the U.K.; Collectible making-of booklet; Original theatrical trailers, television, and radio spots; ; Octopussy: ; Audio commentary; "Inside Octopussy" documentary; "Designing Bond -- Peter Lamont" documentary; Animated storyboard sequences; Music video; Original theatrical trailers; Collectible making-of booklet; ; A View to a Kill: ; Audio commentary featuring director John Glen and members of the cast and crew; "Inside A View to a Kill" documentary; "The Music of James Bond" documentary; Never-before-seen deleted scene; Music video; Original theatrical trailers; Television spots; Collectible making-of booklet; ; Die Another Day: ; Audio commentary with director Lee Tamahori and producer Michael G. Wilson; Audio commentary with Pierce Brosnan and Rosamund Pike; MI6 DataStream (trivia track with video streaming); Bond Special Edition catalog trailer; "Inside Die Another Day" documentary; Scene Evolutions (storyboard comparisons); Inter-Action Sequences (multi-angle explorations); Title Design (opening credits breakdown); Digital Grading (effects featurette); Equipment Briefing (gadgets featurettes); Image Database (photo gallery); Madonna's "Die Another Day" music video; Making of "007 Nightfire"; Trailers and TV spots; DVD-ROM features

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Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Sean Connery James Bond
George Lazenby James Bond
Pierce Brosnan James Bond, Agent 007
Roger Moore James Bond
Christopher Walken Max Zorin
Claudine Auger Domino Derval
Diana Rigg Tracy Di Vicenzo
Halle Berry Jinx
Maud Adams Octopussy
Yaphet Kotto Kananga/Mr. Big
Adolfo Celi Emilio Largo
Jane Seymour Solitaire
Louis Jourdan Kamal
Tanya Roberts Stacey Sutton
Telly Savalas Blofeld
Toby Stephens Gustav Graves
Clifton James Sheriff
Grace Jones May Day
Ilse Steppat Irma Bunt
Kristina Wayborn Magda
Luciana Paluzzi Fiona Volpe
Rosamund Pike Miranda Frost
Gabriele Ferzetti Draco
Julius Harris Tee
Kabir Bedi Gobinda
Patrick MacNee Tibbett
Rick van Nutter Felix Leiter
Rick Yune Zao
Judi Dench M

Technical Credits
Guy Hamilton Director
John Glen Director
Lee Tamahori Director
Peter Hunt Director
Terence Young Director

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Scene Index

Side #1 -- Thunderball
1. Logos/Black Widow
2. Main Title/Credits
3. Reporting to #1
4. Intriguing Tattoo
5. Sneak Peek
6. Rack & Sweat
7. Duty Called a Twin
8. Passing Inspection
9. Uncovering a Clue
10. Lack of Oxygen
11. Betrayal at Sea
12. Underwater Operation
13. "Phase 2, Completed"
14. "Anytime, Any Place"
15. Car Trouble
16. Code: "Thunderball"
17. Reassignment
18. Good Form!
19. Pooside Chat
20. Taking a Gamble
21. Dance Proposal
22. Room Search
23. Shark Bait
24. Special Spy Gear
25. Taped Blackmail
26. Water Fights
27. Better Buckle Up!
28. Photo/"Port of Call"
29. Showing Off
30. Double Date/Cross
31. Power Failure
32. Deathtrap
33. "Wild Things"
34. Battle of Egos
35. Colorful Escape
36. "Kiss Kiss Club"
37. Time to Pay Up
38. Sunken Plane
39. Domino Affection
40. "Where Is 007 Now?"
41. Bombs & Flares
42. Caught With Spy Toys
43. Helicopter Recovery
44. Air-to-See Assault
45. Bond to the Rescue
46. Underwater Warfare
47. Come and Get Me!
48. Separate Ship
49. Bond Aboard
50. Rocking the Boat
51. Soaring Survival
52. End Credits
Side #2 -- On Her Majesty's Secret Service
1. Logo/Introduction
2. Beach Rescue
3. Credits/Main Title
4. Queen of Hearts
5. Unexpected Guest
6. Full of Surprises
7. Draco's Proposal
8. Calling It Quits
9. Daddy's Girl
10. A Bond Exclusive
11. Break-In
12. Trading Places
13. To the Alps
14. A Cozy Place
15. The Alpine Room
16. Meeting With Blofeld
17. Playtime
18. Private Property
19. A Madman's Plan
20. High-Wire Act
21. Crashing the Party
22. Downhill Escape
23. Lost in the Crowd
24. Love to the Rescue
25. Wedding Plans
26. Avalanche
27. Help Wanted
28. Rescue Mission
29. Self-Preservation
30. Bond-Sledding
31. Mrs. James Bond
32. End Credits
Side #3 -- Live and Let Die
1. Logos/United Nations [1:53]
2. Funeral for Two [1:59]
3. Snake Dance [:53]
4. Live and Let Die/Credits [2:38]
5. Magnetic Closet Case [4:56]
6. Road Rage [3:22]
7. Recorded Speech [2:03]
8. "Oh Cult Voodoo" [2:56]
9. Tailing a "Cue Ball" [1:42]
10. "Filet of Soul" [:54]
11. It's in the Cards [3:00]
12. CIA Saves the Spy [2:18]
13. "Man Who Cannot Die" [1:43]
14. Bugged and Snaked [4:12]
15. "Mrs. Bond?" [3:33]
16. Morning Fishing [3:35]
17. Future Teller [1:19]
18. Double Agent [2:44]
19. "Where Is Bond Now?" [2:00]
20. Lookout Knockout [1:13]
21. Blasphemous Bond [1:54]
22. Out of Sight [3:44]
23. Following Scarecrows [2:27]
24. Copter/Cop Attack [4:24]
25. "Valuable Piece" [1:18]
26. Cab Capture [1:56]
27. "Let's Just Wing It" [2:07]
28. Soulful Funeral [2:01]
29. Live and Let Die [1:39]
30. Unmasked Man and Plan [4:05]
31. Solitaire/Death Card [4:35]
32. "Feeding Time" [3:48]
33. Skipping Crocodiles [2:59]
34. Motorboat Chase [1:17]
35. "Louisiana Welcome" [3:00]
36. Drop-In Visit [1:18]
37. Boat Block/Billy Bob [3:27]
38. Beached Wedding [:25]
39. Car Bash/Boat Blast [3:04]
40. "Doomsday Machine" [1:33]
41. Damsel in Distress [4:22]
42. Raising the Dead [2:50]
43. Underground Evil [1:46]
44. "Tied Up Somewhere" [2:17]
45. Inflated Corruption [3:48]
46. Romantic Train Ride [:56]
47. Disarming Guest [3:34]
48. End Credits [1:18]
Side #4 -- Octopussy
1. Logos
2. Military Maneuver
3. Adios Amigos
4. Main Title/Credits
5. No Clowning
6. Eggs Posed
7. Armament Argument
8. Fakes and Fanatics
9. Property of a Lady
10. A Deal in Delhi
11. Loaded Dice
12. Taxi Chase
13. Gadgets Galore
14. Dinner With Dame
15. Who's the Boss?
16. Palatial Prison
17. Checking Out
18. Soviet Psycho
19. Dangerous Game
20. The Octopalace
21. The Power of Money
22. Two of a Kind
23. Stuck on You
24. Checkpoint Charlie
25. Circus of Deceit
26. Russian Rubies
27. This Show's a Bomb
28. Orlov Sounds Off
29. You're Goin' My Way
30. High-Speed Hero
31. Date With Destiny
32. Defusing the Bomb
33. Girl Revenge
34. Hot-Air Help
35. Airborne Agent
36. Job Well Done
Side #5 -- A View to a Kill
1. Intro/Ski Daze
2. Main Title
3. Chip for Chip
4. Royal Ascot
5. Butterfly in the Soup
6. Follow That Parachute
7. Horse Trade
8. A Successful Cover
9. Sleuthing
10. Stablevator
11. All Wrapped Up
12. A Roll on the Mat
13. Back to Bed
14. "Stamina or Speed?"
15. To Inferno and Back
16. A Breath of Fresh Air
17. "No One Ever Leaves"
18. Market Analysis
19. Fisherman's Wharf
20. Propeller Jam
21. East/West Detente
22. Salt Shooter
23. Sutton's Resolve
24. Fact-Finding
25. Meeting at City Hall
26. Fire Engine Safety
27. Main Strike Mine
28. All Zorin's Faults
29. What's Mine Is His
30. May Day!
31. Golden Gate Blimp
32. End Credits
Side #6 -- Die Another Day, Disc 1
1. The Surfer Has Landed
2. Anger Management
3. The Diamond Trade
4. Like a Hovercraft on Fire
5. Main Title/Torture
6. A Bridge Between Worlds
7. Unwelcome Back
8. A Heartbreak From Luxery
9. Massaging a Deal
10. Slow-Burning Cuban
11. A Wonderful View
12. Wheelchair Accessible
13. The DNA Artist's Suffering
14. Radical Makeover
15. London Ceiling
16. Serious Swordplay
17. Best Kept Underground
18. Q's Cutting Edge
19. A Frosty Assessment
20. Ice Palace of Dreams
21. "He Knows Nothing"
22. "Like a Diamond in the Sky"
23. Intruder Alert!
24. In Bed/In Traction
25. Laser Surgery
26. Double-Cross
27. Fire on Ice
28. In Cold Pursuit
29. Chase Against Time
30. Headfirst Into North Korea
31. Like Father, Unlike Son
32. Face-Off Under Pressure
33. Going Down in Flames
34. Virtual Moneypenny
35. "Still the Good Guys"
36. End Credits

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The James Bond Collection, Vol. 3 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
MidnightTracks-net More than 1 year ago
Want to revisit the original 00s? This is the gift set for you or your loved ones if you are seeking a collector's item and are a movie buff. If you are waiting to catch the newest adventure 007 SPECTRE at the movies, there is a brand new music editorial excerpt from a larger presentation currently in production. These are original and exclusive music video editorials. The entire set is seven pieces plus a movie (film) review for the newest 007 SPECTRE chapter from MGM and Sony starring our most popular international spy and hero James Bond, M, Q, MoneyPenny, Felix and MI6 agents. http://citadelcg.midnighttracks.net/spectre You can enjoy the entire presentation in large format HQ/IMAX/HD at http://midnighttracks.net/2015/spectre Make sure you use an audio headset when viewing because this is a MUSIC editorial presentation using press clips/footage for the montage. You can post comments at http://citadelcg.midnighttracks.net/blog Just be sure you follow the instructions in the account activation message when you register for the Citadel/West Coast Midnight Run blog. Follow the fun stuff at Twitter (@WestCoastMdnitR). http://twitter.com/westcoastmdnitr Happy Holidays!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Grreat dvds!!! A little mis-leading about the 7 disks. But die another day is 2disk. I wonder why it does not come in a special package? Over all great buy for the money!!! :)