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Jewel of the Nile

The Jewel of the Nile

4.0 1
Director: Lewis Teague

Cast: Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner, Danny DeVito


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Fans of Romancing the Stone will be happy to know that its sequel has gotten an upgrade with this special edition disc of The Jewel of the Nile. It has received a new, anamorphically enhanced video transfer that improves a bit on the previous DVD edition of the title. The audio portion of the disc retains the same


Fans of Romancing the Stone will be happy to know that its sequel has gotten an upgrade with this special edition disc of The Jewel of the Nile. It has received a new, anamorphically enhanced video transfer that improves a bit on the previous DVD edition of the title. The audio portion of the disc retains the same Dolby 4.0 Stereo track that its predecessor has, and the mix is a solid one. There's also an array of extras for the film's fans. First up is a commentary with director Lewis Teague; despite periodic gaps of silence, it's an amiable, chatty track that offers plenty of interesting behind-the-scenes details. There are also six deleted scenes. None of these bits are revelatory, but fans will find them interesting enough to watch once. The package also includes two featurettes, one about the choices the filmmakers made in mapping out the sequel's plotline and another that is a more comprehensive making-of piece. The latter featurette is particularly interesting, as all the participants are candid about the problems involved in making the film. The package is rounded out by a theatrical trailer and an eight-page booklet of notes included in the disc case. All in all, any fan who liked The Jewel of the Nile will enjoy this special edition disc.

Editorial Reviews

All Movie Guide
As a sequel, The Jewel of the Nile achieves the kind of moderate success level that makes a viewer glad for its existence, but equally glad there was no third installment. There was something so raw and wonderful about watching an exhausted Kathleen Turner traverse a South American jungle in high heels, alongside a Michael Douglas divided between grungy self-interest and heroism, that made Romancing the Stone such an unexpected delight. The Jewel of the Nile can't quite duplicate the charm, but the chemistry between Douglas, Turner, and perhaps most importantly, Danny DeVito, does keep the second one going through some gangbuster set pieces and miles of North African desert. A holy power struggle is not up to the juicy narrative level of a map-driven quest for a glimmering jewel, but there's enough native whimsy in this movie to keep it lively and fun, especially in the performance of Avner Eisenberg as the kindhearted holy man. It's also nice to see the Arabs portrayed with varying levels of sympathy, not the evil caricatures too often seen in big-budget releases. DeVito's opportunistic Ralph again steals his scenes, spraying gallons of spittle as he tries to talk his way through the most foreign of lands. Undoubtedly confusing some folks who thought it was a third in the series, DeVito paired himself with Douglas and Turner again in The War of the Roses, the wicked black comedy he directed four years later.

Product Details

Release Date:
Original Release:
20th Century Fox
[Wide Screen]
[Dolby AC-3 Surround Sound]
Sales rank:

Special Features

Commentary by director Lewis Teague; "Romancing the Nile: A Winning Sequel" featurette; "Adventures of a Romance Novelist" featurette; Deleted scenes

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Michael Douglas Jack Colton
Kathleen Turner Joan Wilder
Danny DeVito Ralph
Spiros Focas Omar
Avner Eisenberg Jewel
Paul David Magid Tarak
Howard Jay Patterson Barak
Randall Edwin Nelson Karak
Samuel Ross Williams Arak
Timothy Daniel Furst Sarak
Hamid Fillali Rachid
Holland Taylor Gloria
Sakeke Colobanane Nubian Chief
Peter de Palma Missionary
Ben Abadi Mohammed Fillali Omar's Elite Guard
Flying Karamazov Brothers Actor
Rose Tobias Shaw Actor
Guy Cuevas Le Vasseur
Mark Daly Richards Pirate
Hyacinthe N'Iaye Nubian Wrestler
Daniel Peacock Rock Promoter
Benyahim Ahed Omar Officer
Alaoui Hassen Station Master
Makoula Ahmed Ticket Seller
Akasby Mohamed Old Man in Suq
Zaouia Abdelmajid F-16 Pilot
Ted Buffington Firewalker
Flora Alberti Society Matron
Patricia Poullair Society Matron
Ziraoui Mustapha Omar's Elite Guard
Baji Abdelmajid Omar's Elite Guard
Kachela Mohammed Omar's Elite Guard

Technical Credits
Lewis Teague Director
Peter Boita Editor
Wayne Brathwaite Songwriter
Terry Britten Songwriter
Jack Brodsky Co-producer
Jonathan Butler Songwriter
Richard Dawking Production Designer
Jan de Bont Cinematographer
Joel A. Douglas Co-producer
Michael Douglas Producer
Barry J. Eastmond Songwriter
Michael Ellis Editor
Terry Knight Production Designer
Lawrence Konner Screenwriter
Damien Lanfranchi Art Director
Robert John Lange Songwriter
Graham Lyle Songwriter
Simon May Songwriter
Jack Nitzsche Score Composer
Emma Porteous Costumes/Costume Designer
Mark Rosenthal Screenwriter
Timothy R. Sexton Consultant/advisor
Leslie Tomkins Art Director
Simon Wakefield Set Decoration/Design

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- The Jewel of the Nile
1. One True Love [3:45]
2. Tough Day (Main Titles) [4:28]
3. Gifted Storyteller [3:15]
4. A Uniter [4:02]
5. Make My Year [:32]
6. Red Carpet Treatment [3:44]
7. Welcoming Committee [3:59]
8. Arabic Graffiti [1:01]
9. Heart of the People [2:09]
10. The Jewel [3:28]
11. Just Joan [:50]
12. Space Invaders [5:52]
13. Sworn Oath [6:57]
14. Showing Some Hustle [1:56]
15. Rival Suitors [6:40]
16. One of Us [4:23]
17. Marriage Dance [5:05]
18. Not Just Joe [:19]
19. Pilgrims on a Train [6:06]
20. The Holy City [2:06]
21. It's a Miracle! [3:02]
22. Well, Well, Well [2:24]
23. Very Special Effects [7:40]
24. At Last/End Titles [2:24]

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The Jewel of the Nile 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Firannion More than 1 year ago
Definitely worth seeing to catch the greatest 'New Vaudeville' performers at their peak: Avner 'the Eccentric' Eisenberg in the title role and the Flying Karamazov Brothers (Magid, Patterson, Nelson, Williams & Furst) as the Sufis.