Little Mermaid

Little Mermaid

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Director: Ron Clements, John Musker

Cast: Ron Clements, John Musker, Jodi Benson, Pat Carroll


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Disney's The Little Mermaid was the first in a series of blockbusters that restored the venerable firm's reputation as the world's premiere animated-feature factory. The title character is a precocious teenager named Ariel, the daughter of Triton, king of the Sea. Against her dad's wishes, Ariel journeys beyond her own world to the surface, where she falls inSee more details below


Disney's The Little Mermaid was the first in a series of blockbusters that restored the venerable firm's reputation as the world's premiere animated-feature factory. The title character is a precocious teenager named Ariel, the daughter of Triton, king of the Sea. Against her dad's wishes, Ariel journeys beyond her own world to the surface, where she falls in love with Prince Eric, a handsome human. Foolishly, the little mermaid enters into an agreement with evil sea witch Ursula in order to become human herself. The wistfully melancholy ending of the original Hans Christian Andersen story is dispensed with in favor of a joyously happy ending-but not before a spectacular climactic confrontation between Ursula and Triton. The obligatory Disney comic relief is handled by such freshly minted characters as Sebastian the Crab, who, courtesy of voiceover artist Samuel E. Wright, sings the film's Oscar-winning "Under the Sea." Other voices are provided by Broadway star Jodi Benson (as Ariel) and such Hollywood reliables as Buddy Hackett, Pat Carroll, Kenneth Mars, and Rene Auberjonois. The enormous box-office take of The Little Mermaid made possible such future Disney cartoon ventures as Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Pocahontas, and The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

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Welcome back, Disney. After numerous colossal missteps by its animation department during the 20 years since The Jungle Book, arguably its last unqualified hit (though some would support The Rescuers from 1977), the studio realized the key to regaining relevance would be an old-fashioned romantic fantasy that would seize the hearts of young girls. And did it ever -- the target audience looked up to Ariel so completely that numerous dolls, pets, and babies coming into being circa 1990 were given her name. Of course, having been mired in dark and expensive misfires like The Black Cauldron for much of the previous decades, Disney didn't have all the details right just yet. For one, a number of critics carped that Ariel was little more than a weakly developed pretty face who relied too heavily on men. The characterization of Ursula, the imaginative but utterly grotesque sea monster villain, added some fuel to the fire. But gender bias has been a knock on Disney for years, and The Little Mermaid boasts enough other strengths for this complaint to fade into the background. Chief among them is the odyssey of aquatic colors that brings bursting life to Ariel's underwater family of happy fish and crustaceans. The two Oscar-nominated songs, "Under the Sea" (which won) and "Kiss the Girl," became the standard bearers for the grand-scale production numbers in numerous Disney films to come. In fact, the delightfully accented lead vocals by Sam Wright (as Sebastian the crab) are so intoxicating, and the corresponding visuals so rich, that these evolve beyond classic soundtrack songs to the level of classic songs, period. They alone justify a viewing of the film that revived one of the 20th century's most powerful enterprises.

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Walt Disney Video
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Special Features

Closed Caption; Picture & sound:; All-new digital restoration; All-new 5.1 Disney enhanced home theater surround sound; All-new music video: "Kiss the Girl" by Ashley Tisdale; Games & activities:; Under the Sea Adventure: A virtual ride inspired by Walt Disney Imagineering: Experience the theme park ride that was almost built-Ride it and go behind the scenes; DisneyPedia: Life Under the Sea: Learn about the real-life animals that inspired the movie characters; Backstage Disney:; Never-before-seen deleted scenes; Exclusive animated short, The Little Match Girl; Treasures untold: The making of Disney's The Little Mermaid; The Little Mermaid III musical sneak peek; And much, much more

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Jodi Benson Ariel
Pat Carroll Ursula
Samuel E. Wright Sebastian
Kenneth Mars Triton
Buddy Hackett Scuttle
Jason Marin Flounder
Christopher Daniel Barnes Eric
René Auberjonois Louis
Charlie Adler Voice Only
Jack Angel Voice Only
Susan Boyd Voice Only
Steve Bulen Voice Only
Philip L. Clarke Voice Only
Jennifer Darling Voice Only
Allan Davies Voice Only
Gail Farrell Voice Only
Donny Gerrard Voice Only
Ed Gilbert Voice Only
Willie Greene Voice Only
Linda Harmon Voice Only
Walter S. Harrah Voice Only
Phillip Ingram Voice Only
Luana Jackman Voice Only
William Kanady Voice Only
Edie Lehmann Voice Only
Sherry Lynn Voice Only
Melissa MacKay Voice Only
Guy Maeda Voice Only
Lynn Dolin Mann Voice Only
Arne B. Markussen Voice Only
Mickie T. McGowan Voice Only
Gene J. Merlino Voice Only
Lewis Morford Voice Only
Kathleen O'Connor Voice Only
Patrick Pinney Voice Only
Marilyn Powell Voice Only
Gloria Grace Prosper Voice Only
Michael Redman Voice Only
Debbie Shapiro Voice Only
Sally Stevens Voice Only
Robert Tebow Voice Only
Joe Turano Voice Only
Jackie Ward Voice Only
Bobbi White Voice Only
Robert S. Zwirn Voice Only
Hamilton Camp Voice Only
Nancy Cartwright Voice Only
Paddi Edwards Flotsam & Jetsam
Gerritt Graham Additional Dialogue
Anne Lockhart Voice Only
Edie McClurg Carlotta
Will Ryan Seahorse
Robert Weil Voice Only
Ben Wright Grimsby

Technical Credits
Ron Clements Director,Screenwriter
John Musker Director,Co-producer,Screenwriter
Ruben A. Aquino Animator
Howard Ashman Score Composer,Songwriter,Co-producer,Musical Direction/Supervision
John Carnochan Editor
Andreas Deja Animator
Mark Dindal Special Effects
Maureen Donley Associate Producer,Production Designer
Mark Henn Animator
Mark Hester Editor
Jay Jackson Animator
Glen Keane Animator
Duncan Marjoribanks Animator
Alan Menken Score Composer,Songwriter
Robby Merkin Score Composer
Rob Minkoff Animator
Matthew O'Callaghan Animator
Michael A. Peraza Art Director
Donald A. Towns Art Director

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Scene Index

Disc #1 -- The Little Mermaid
1. "Fathoms Below" [2:00]
2. Main Titles [1:29]
3. Sebastian's Concert [2:04]
4. The Sunken Ship [3:04]
5. Scuttle [1:52]
6. Ursula Watches Ariel [4:12]
7. "Part of the World" [4:18]
8. To the Surface [2:52]
9. Storm at Sea [2:43]
10. Eric is Saved [3:13]
11. "Under the Sea" [2:57]
12. Sebastian and King Triton [3:50]
13. Ariel's Hidden Treasure [3:11]
14. Ursula's Lair [2:43]
15. "Poor Unfortunate Souls" [1:25]
16. Ursula's Deal [4:27]
17. In Eric's Kingdom [1:11]
18. Dinner in the Castle [1:37]
19. "Les Poissons" [4:02]
20. A Tour of the Kingdom [2:31]
21. "Kiss the Girl" [2:43]
22. Ursula Takes Charge [1:25]
23. The Wedding Ship [1:33]
24. Sunset on the Third Day [3:24]
25. Ursula's Wrath [2:14]
26. Happy Ending [2:44]
27. End Credits [4:36]
Disc #2 -- The Little Mermaid - Bonus Features
1. Prologue: Flower Street [2:48]
1. Act I: Renaissance Men [6:06]
1. Act II: A Symphony of Talent [7:31]
1. Act III: Broadway Comes to Burbank (Adjacent) [10:06]
1. Act V: A Mermaid Sings [5:45]

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