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Marx Brothers Collection

The Marx Brothers Collection

4.2 5
Director: Archie Mayo, Charles "Chuck" Riesner, Edward N. Buzzell

Cast: Groucho Marx

The Marx Brothers revolutionized the face of comedy forever, and now contemporary audiences can enjoy some of their greatest film achievements on DVD thanks to this Warner Bros. release. Each feature is presented in its original 1.33:1 full-frame aspect ratio and accompanied by an English Dolby Digital Mono audio mix. Features include: A Night at the Opera,


The Marx Brothers revolutionized the face of comedy forever, and now contemporary audiences can enjoy some of their greatest film achievements on DVD thanks to this Warner Bros. release. Each feature is presented in its original 1.33:1 full-frame aspect ratio and accompanied by an English Dolby Digital Mono audio mix. Features include: A Night at the Opera, A Day at the Races, A Night in Casablanca, At the Circus, and Go West/The Big Store. If fans have come to expect little in terms of bonus features from DVD releases of such older films, they will no doubt be pleasantly surprised with the wealth of bonus material offered on this release. Commentary is provided by film critic Leonard Maltin on A Night at the Opera, and by The Marx Brothers Encyclopedia author Glenn Mitchel on A Day at the Races. A pair of documentaries entitled "Remarks on Marx" and "On Your Marx, Get Set, Go!" offer a detailed look at the career of the Marx Brothers. After viewing an excerpt from The Hy Gardner Show featuring Groucho Marx himself, viewers can settle in for a handful of vintage shorts, MGM and Looney Tunes cartoons, Our Gang shorts, audio features, and theatrical trailers.

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble
This long-awaited debut DVD box set from the Marx Brothers collects 7 of their 13 films together, essaying their six years (1935-41) at Irving Thalberg's MGM, as well as their independently produced postwar comeback film. At this stage, the Marxes were a trio onscreen -- mustachioed wisecracker Groucho, dimwitted schemer Chico, and mute clown Harpo -- following straight man Zeppo's decision to stop performing in favor of managing the group's career. Splendid transfers and nifty extras make the set a must-have for fans, but there's also plenty here for comedy lovers who know the Marx Brothers only by reputation as the grandfathers of anti-establishment screen anarchy. Leading off the set is their 1935 MGM debut, A Night at the Opera, featuring Groucho as Otis P. Driftwood, frequent foil Margaret Dumont as the wealthy dowager Mrs. Claypool, and such celebrated sequences as the crammed-stateroom scene. Graced here with a suitably enthusiastic commentary by historian Leonard Maltin and fleshed out with some clever period shorts, it's the gem of the set. A Day at the Races (1937) features Chico selling "tutsi-fruitsi" ice cream and hot tips at the race track, and Groucho as Dr. Hugo Z. Hackenbush, a veterinarian unwisely summoned by Dumont to help rescue Maureen O'Sullivan's sanitarium from nasty creditors. Room Service and At the Circus come next in the Marx chronology, having premiered in 1938 and 1939, respectively, and the films are paired together on a single disc here. Room Service finds the brothers for the first time working from a script not originally conceived with them in mind, with Lucille Ball and Ann Miller as costars, while At the Circus features one of Groucho's golden musical moments, his rendition of "Lydia the Tatooed Lady." Go West (1940) and The Big Store (1941) also share a single DVD here: The former is best remembered for its climax, a wild, Keaton-esque chase that finds Harpo and Chico splintering apart a speeding train to fuel its boiler; while the latter closes out the MGM years in disappointing fashion, with Harpo's musical number serving as the film's strongest moment. Five years after The Big Store, Groucho, Chico, and Harpo reunited for A Night in Casablanca, an ostensible a spoof of wartime melodramas that degenerates rapidly into Marxian anarchy, as the boys beat a Nazi war criminal to his secret stash of heisted jewels and paintings.

Product Details

Release Date:
Original Release:
Warner Home Video
Region Code:
[Dolby Digital Mono]

Special Features

Closed Caption; A Night at the Opera:; New documentary "Remarks on Marx"; Commentary by Leonard Maltin; Rare Groucho Marx interview; Vintage short subjects including Robert Benchley's Oscar-winning "How to Sleep"; ; A Day at the Races:; New documentary "On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!"; Commentary by Marx Bros. authority Glenn Mitchell; Rare audio outtakes; Classic cartoons; Robert Benchley's Oscar-nominated "A Night at the Movies"; ; A Night in Casablanca:; Cartoons; Comedy shorts; Audio rarities and travelogues from the studio vault

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Groucho Marx Actor,Dr. Hugo Z. Hackenbush,Gordon Miller,J. Cheever Loophole,Otis B. Driftwood,Ronald Kornblow,S. Quentin Quade,Wolf J. Flywheel
Chico Marx Actor,Antonio Pirelli,Harry Binelli,Ravelli,Corbaccio,Fiorello,Joseph Panello,Tony
Harpo Marx Actor,Rusty,Rusty Panello,Tomasso,Faker Englund,Punchy,Wacky,Stuffy
Marx Brothers themselves (Groucho,Chico, Harpo)
Margaret Dumont Actress,Mrs. Dukesbury,Mrs. Emily Upjohn
John Carroll Terry Turner
Kitty Carlisle Rosa Castaldi
Lisette Verea Beatrice Rheiner
Lucille Ball Christine Marlowe
Tony Martin Tommy Rogers
Allan Jones Gil Stewart,Ricardo Baroni
Ann Miller Hilda Manney
Charles Drake Lt. Pierre Delmar
Diana Lewis Eve Wilson
Florence Rice Julie Randall
Virginia Grey Joan Sutton
Walter Woolf King Rodolpho Lassparri
Edward Keane The Captain
Kenny Baker Jeff Wilson
Leonard Ceeley Whitmore
Maureen O'Sullivan Judy Standish
Sig Rumann Herman Gottlieb

Technical Credits
Archie Mayo Director
Charles "Chuck" Riesner Director
Edward N. Buzzell Director
Sam Wood Director
William Seiter Director

Scene Index

Side #1 -- A Night at the Opera
1. Credits [1:26]
2. Romancing Mrs. Claypool [4:35]
3. Backstage Hates and Dates [2:46]
4. Managing Salami and Singers [2:07]
5. Pieces of Lassparri [5:22]
6. Party of the First Part [5:30]
7. Alone [6:06]
8. Dallier Driftwood [3:08]
9. Trunk Contents [3:22]
10. And Hard-Boiled Eggs [1:30]
11. A Roomful [2:41]
12. Fortune and Food Hunting [3:47]
13. Cosi-Cosa [3:29]
14. Piano Playfulness [3:12]
15. Harp Specially [3:27]
16. Hanging Himself [3:03]
17. Three Aviators [4:52]
18. Bedlam and Breakfast [5:40]
19. Three's a Crowd [2:17]
20. Kicked Out [4:13]
21. On With the Opera [3:34]
22. Pit Pandemonium [2:24]
23. Trampling Trovatore [3:40]
24. Scenery Stealing [3:08]
25. Triumphant Duet [3:08]
26. Party of the 10th Part [2:27]
Side #2 -- A Day at the Races
1. Credits [1:23]
2. Sanitarium Blues [4:25]
3. Calling Dr. Hackenbush [4:05]
4. Peculiar Talents [4:21]
5. Pocketing Cash [3:28]
6. Tootsie-Frootsie Sucker [7:48]
7. Phone Phony [5:11]
8. The Doctor Is In [2:26]
9. Caught in in the Act [5:47]
10. Horsenappers [1:44]
11. Blue Venetian Waters [6:49]
12. Dancing Spree [4:12]
13. Piano Specialty [4:03]
14. Harp Specialty [2:55]
15. Frame Job [2:07]
16. Troubled Tryst [5:40]
17. Coverup [2:42]
18. Man or Mouse? [3:25]
19. Examining Mrs. Upjohn [6:10]
20. Tomorrow Is Another Day [4:46]
21. Gabriel Blow That Horn [3:04]
22. All God's Chillun' Got Rhythm [4:32]
23. Barnstormers [1:57]
24. Racehorsing Around [6:04]
25. Off and Running [5:07]
26. Mudslung Winner [3:16]
27. Finale and Cast List [1:33]
Side #3 -- A Night in Casablanca
1. Murderous Credits [2:35]
2. Rusty and Other Suspects [3:45]
3. Hair Loss [4:03]
4. New Manager [4:39]
5. Duel Among Fools [5:12]
6. Femme Fatale [3:31]
7. Room for One More [3:51]
8. Floor Show [2:52]
9. Corbaccio at the Keys [3:10]
10. Bump-Off Plot [4:58]
11. New Bodyguard [1:55]
12. Lunch and Lobby Lunacy [4:26]
13. Hidden Loot [3:07]
14. Harp Interlude [4:03]
15. Missed Connections [6:01]
16. High Roller [3:19]
17. Jailbreak [1:59]
18. Getting Unpacked [10:28]
19. Surprise Passengers [3:51]
20. Flying the Plane...Not [3:53]
21. Crashing Into Jail [2:06]
22. Cast List [:48]
Side #4 -- Room Service
1. Credits [1:10]
2. The Jig Is Up [4:10]
3. Hail and Farewell, Author [4:51]
4. Dispossessions [2:26]
5. Loose Screw and Moose [5:16]
6. We Got a Backer [3:17]
7. Instant Measles [5:19]
8. Meal Ticket [5:10]
9. Out of His Mind [2:35]
10. Feathered and Fast Food [4:25]
11. Say Ahhh! [5:28]
12. The Backer's Back [2:54]
13. Jenkins' Way Out [4:24]
14. Backer Blues [3:31]
15. Bad News [4:26]
16. House Arrest [3:24]
17. Driven to Suicide [4:18]
18. Dying Too Soon [4:13]
19. Last Rites [2:28]
20. Body Disposal [1:53]
21. Too Much for Wagner [2:03]
22. Cast List [:41]
Side #5 -- At the Circus
1. Credits [1:20]
2. Step Up and Take a Bow [2:28]
3. Strongarms [4:03]
4. Two Blind Loves [4:23]
5. Badge Badgering [3:36]
6. Piano Specialty [2:30]
7. Let's Not Split Hares [2:11]
8. Lydia the Tattooed Lady [3:28]
9. Jumping to Concussions [3:55]
10. Getting Goliath's Goat [3:12]
11. Cigar Scrounge [6:07]
12. Pursuing Peerless Pauline [4:41]
13. Stuck Up [3:39]
14. Goodbye, Mr. Chimps [3:15]
15. Swingali [3:42]
16. Harp Specialty: Blue Moon [3:15]
17. Mrs. Dukesbury [4:47]
18. Two Blind Loves Reprise [2:08]
19. Unsound Sleep [7:09]
20. Rearrangements [1:57]
21. The Animal in Them [4:43]
22. Cutting Loose [3:04]
23. Step Up and Take a Bow Reprise [2:24]
24. All Part of the Show [3:58]
25. Cast List [:44]
Side #6 -- Go West
1. Credits and Foreword [1:48]
2. Money Ties [8:25]
3. Dead Man's Gulch [3:21]
4. Hate, Honor and Obey [2:30]
5. I.O.U. [4:06]
6. Jerks in the Coach [5:54]
7. Two-Gun Quale [2:10]
8. You Can't Argue With Love [3:38]
9. Piano Specialty [2:40]
10. Dustup [3:25]
11. Only Thing Wrong [3:49]
12. Dixie in Their Cups [4:13]
13. Stick 'em Up [4:19]
14. Ridin' the Range [2:59]
15. Indian Camp [5:11]
16. Harp Specialty [5:03]
17. Untrained Trainmen [3:55]
18. Stretch Express [4:23]
19. Woodwork [2:57]
20. Off and on Track [1:51]
21. Golden Spike [3:04]
22. Cast List [:24]
Side #7 -- The Big Store
1. Credits [1:25]
2. Tommy's Inheritance [3:25]
3. Elevator Hanky-Panky [2:24]
4. Flywheel's New Client [4:20]
5. Older-Model Transport [3:56]
6. If It's You [4:09]
7. Martha's New Suitor [4:31]
8. Carte Blanche [3:52]
9. Sing While You Sell (I) [3:30]
10. Rock-a-Bye Baby [1:50]
11. Sing While You Sell (II) [2:14]
12. The Critic and the Cutup [3:29]
13. Bed Department [4:12]
14. Kidding Around [4:24]
15. Killers Around [2:10]
16. Piano Specialty [3:21]
17. The Wrong Gray Coats [3:37]
18. Harp Specialty With Mirrors [5:19]
19. Photo Finish [2:08]
20. Tenement Symphony [6:10]
21. Getting the Picture [4:18]
22. Free-Wheeling Chase [5:39]
23. Free-Wheeling Exit [1:57]
24. Cast List [:38]

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4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
they are all good movies. a day at the races and a night at the opera being the best. this is a great collection for marx bros. fans. the collection has a whole bunch of other cool features that you can't get anywhere else.
Guest More than 1 year ago
A classic comedy trio in classic movies is worth the price. 'A Day At The Races and 'A Night At The Opera' alone is is worth the price. Throw in 5 other movies and documentaries, cartoons and outtakes is an added bonus! Who wouldn't like to behave like Groucho when talking to a pretentous pompous person? Or act without abandon like Harpo? Or be quick-witted with words as Chico? Get this set! You'll be happy to get it.
Bubba85 More than 1 year ago
The Marx Brothers collections includes every film that Groucho,Harpo,and Chico made for MGM. The 2 great films in the lot, A Night at the Opera and A Day At the Races were produced and "shaped" by the boy genius producer, Irving Thalberg. Note: In 2009 the overt racial stereotypes of blacks in A Day At the Races is difficult to watch. However, if you fast forward thru those parts, the rest of the movie is very funny. I would not change a frame of A Night At The Opera. The rest of the movies in the collection have some very funny moments and some scenes that do not work. The Collection features remastered soundtracks and images. I highly recommend this box set. Enjoy !!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago