Nervous & Skeletal Systems

The Nervous & Skeletal Systems

Cast: Professor Paul O. Briones


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Subjects covered include:; Identify bones of the skeleton; The axial skeleton; The appendicular skeleton; Nervous system terminology; Neurons structure & function; Neurons sending messages; ; Student benefits:; Teaches using Gardner's Multiple Intelligences Theory; Provides lab experiment and the homework exercises for each lesson; Beneficial for ESL, IEPs, re-testers/credit recovery, home and summer school; Helps students with learning challenges, improving scores for all learning levels

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Disc #1 -- Nervous & Skeletal Systems
1. Objectives [2:25]
2. Axial Skeleton [6:10]
3. Auditory Ossicles [1:46]
4. Brother Bones (Song) [1:14]
5. Axial Skeleton (Cont'd) [6:57]
6. Appendicular Skeleton [1:45]
7. Brother Bones (Song) [1:37]
8. Appendicular Skeleton (Cont'd) [6:08]
9. Brother Bones (Song) [1:40]
10. Nervous System [6:23]
11. Neurons [4:53]
12. The Spine & Nerves [4:13]

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