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The O.C. - Season 2

4.6 17
Director: Adam Brody, Peter Gallagher, Benjamin McKenzie, Rachel Bilson

Cast: Adam Brody, Peter Gallagher, Benjamin McKenzie, Rachel Bilson


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Barnes & Noble - Bill Pearis
When last we left the sunny shores of The O.C., things were in a state of disarray. Troubled, perennially scowling Ryan Atwood (Benjamin McKenzie) had moved back to Chino when his onetime girlfriend Theresa (Navi Rawat) informed him that she was pregnant with his baby. Marissa (Mischa Barton), his love interest of the first season, began drinking because of this -- and because of the fact that her mom, Julie Cooper (Melinda Clarke), has just married Caleb Nichol (Alan Dale), the most evil man in Newport Beach. And a despairing Seth Cohen (Adam Brody) had dumped his girlfriend Summer (Rachel Bilson) to sail to Tahiti. This is where it all stands at the start of the show's decidedly grimmer second season. Seth still pines for Summer, but she's found a new beau in Zach (Michael Cassidy), who seems to be a more athletic, albeit blander version of Seth. Their rivalry for Summer -- and partnership on a comic book -- is the season's longest story line. To distract himself from his romantic woes, Seth takes a job at local rock club, the Bait Shop, and becomes involved with the club's feisty manager, Alex (Olivia Wilde) -- but so does Marissa. Meanwhile, Ryan returns to Newport and manages to stay out of trouble, at least until his good-for-nothing brother, Trey (Bradley Stryker), is released from prison and comes to visit. It's by no means an easy year for the adults, either. Kirsten Cohen (Kelly Rowan), still in shock that her father has married Julie, is forced to work side-by-side with her new stepmother at a fledgling lifestyle magazine and then begins drinking heavily when one of Sandy's (Peter Gallagher) old flames threatens to break up their marriage. Despite these bad occurrences, the lighthearted vibe that helped make the show popular can still be seen. There's another great holiday episode ("The Christmukkah That Almost Wasn't"); a trip to visit to the Nana (Linda Lavin) at her Florida retirement community ("The Return of the Nana"); and clever homages to Spider-Man ("The Rainy Day Women") and a certain '80s Tom Cruise film (maybe the episode title, "Risky Business," is a giveaway). All this plus a major death, special guest star George Lucas, and a gun-toting season finale make Season 2 of The O.C. hugely entertaining.

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Special Features

Extended creator's cut of the Rainy Day Women; Commentary on the Chrismukkah That Almost Wasn't and the Rainy Day Women by creator and crew; Beachy couture: how O.C. fashion is made; The O.C. - obsess completely retrospective TV special; Gag and goofs from seasons 1 and 2; Subtitles: English, Français & Español (episodes only)

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Scene Index

Disc #1 -- O.C. Complete Second Season
1. Blame Game [3:52]
2. Never Coming Back [9:17]
3. Tonight's Entrée: Anger [9:13]
4. Visitor #2 [10:15]
5. Prodigal Sons [10:29]
6. End Credits [:39]
1. Go or no go? [3:12]
2. B-Word [9:21]
3. Zach [9:37]
4. Walls [9:30]
5. Carnival of Calamity [11:18]
6. End Credits [:39]
1. Selfless Seth [2:58]
2. Ouch! [9:54]
3. Losing It All? [7:32]
4. The Walkmen [12:46]
5. Benchwarmers [9:44]
6. End Credits [:39]
1. Girlquest [3:02]
2. Hang, Then Peel [10:46]
3. Awkward; the Killers 1 [10:06]
4. The Killers 2; Schmoozer [8:49]
5. Night Moves [10:12]
6. End Credits [:39]
Disc #2 -- O.C. Complete Second Season
1. Dance Daze [3:07]
2. Lab Partners Can't Dance [6:59]
3. Penguin Boy and Iceman [9:19]
4. Old Times Redux [12:36]
5. "What are You Doing Here?" [10:54]
6. End Credits [:38]
1. Supervisor Seth [4:51]
2. Invited Guests [11:07]
3. Wusses [7:55]
4. Chrismukkah Catastrophe [7:33]
5. Miracle of Lights [11:32]
6. End Credits [:37]
1. Reseblance [3:28]
2. Apartment A [11:18]
3. Bad-Boy Image; Modest Mouse [7:44]
4. Wicked Witches [10:22]
5. Car Thief; Cohen Password [10:16]
6. End Credits [:39]
1. Cover [4:08]
2. Bad Liars [8:43]
3. Authority Figure [8:48]
4. Man to Man, Woman to Woman [10:17]
5. Anniversary Singer [11:14]
6. End Credits [:39]
Disc #3 -- O.C. Complete Second Season
1. A Technicality [3:27]
2. Newport Living [9:23]
3. Night Out/Night In [9:10]
4. Designated Drinker; The Thrills [9:36]
5. Baby Steps [11:29]
6. End Credits [:39]
1. Three Amigos [2:46]
2. Office on the Beach [12:26]
3. Lookking for Rebecca [8:18]
4. Two Hearts [11:28]
5. Rebecca [8:09]
6. End Credits [:39]
1. Up Early [4:18]
2. Catching Up [9:41]
3. Draw, Don't Drool [12:17]
4. Starting Over [7:24]
5. Rachael Yamagata; the Unsecret [9:13]
6. End Credits [:38]
1. Overkill [3:42]
2. Complications [10:32]
3. Adjoining Rooms [9:14]
4. Blowing It [10:22]
5. Love Tides [9:08]
6. End Credits [:39]
Disc #4 -- O.C. Complete Second Season
1. Big Wallow [3:07]
2. Creepy Cohen; FBI [9:00]
3. Where's the Proof? [10:06]
4. Two Opinions [6:46]
5. Bad Party; Marissa's Revelation [13:56]
6. End Credits [:39]
1. Rained In [3:49]
2. Packed Up [8:18]
3. Eureka! [11:39]
4. DNA [7:32]
5. Amazing Spiderguy [11:49]
6. End Credits [:38]
1. Pancakes Won't Help [3:25]
2. Ringless; Chi-Town Delayed [8:28]
3. No Exit [8:34]
4. Mall Hockey [12:10]
5. Great Escape; Rings [8:53]
6. End Credits [:39]
1. The Way They Were [3:24]
2. Sandy's New Client [10:49]
3. Captain Oats [10:24]
4. Brooding Interrupted [8:02]
5. Pep and Passions [10:26]
6. End Credits [:39]
Disc #5 -- O.C. Complete Second Season
1. Family Dinner [3:21]
2. Zech's Back; Free [11:06]
3. Shopping Assist [7:39]
4. $500K Power Play [7:26]
5. Exposed; Three Flee [13:34]
6. End Credits [:39]
1. Action Heroes [3:04]
2. Heavy Lifting [7:57]
3. Apartment Hunters [10:15]
4. Missing Item [7:41]
5. Go Deep! [14:09]
6. End Credits [:38]
1. One Bag [3:13]
2. Genius Boys [8:29]
3. Dark Alley [8:58]
4. Birthday Boy [9:31]
5. Spoiled Party [12:54]
6. End Credits [:39]
1. Didn't Do It [3:21]
2. Go-to Guy [6:57]
3. Connections; Death Cab for Cutie [11:01]
4. No Deal [8:11]
5. The Sting [13:36]
6. End Credits [:38]
Disc #6 -- O.C. Complete Second Season
1. Long-Distance Nana [2:28]
2. Million-Dollar Summer [10:13]
3. Shuffleboard Seth; T.I. [9:09]
4. Scare Away the Fiancé [7:08]
5. Bad Boy Gone Worse [13:57]
6. End Credits [:37]
1. Juiced [2:59]
2. Declaration of War [8:29]
3. Three's a Crowd [7:48]
4. Kirsten's Blues; Double Atwoods [12:26]
5. Clash... Crash [11:23]
6. End Credits [:39]
1. Breaking News [3:04]
2. Prom Mandate [7:51]
3. Meeting Mandate [8:24]
4. Chino Boys [7:30]
5. George Regrets; Caleb [16:16]
6. End Credits [:37]
1. Brochure [2:25]
2. Last Respects [7:18]
3. Deal Gone Bad [9:02]
4. Intervention [10:51]
5. One Shot [13:28]
6. End Credits [:38]

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The O.C. - Season 2 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 17 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
The OC, Season 2 DVD is great. When you like the show, this is a must-have. The special features are amazing, especially the Bloopers from Seaso 1 and 2. Even though I think that Season 2 does not quite measure up to season 1, it still is really good.
Guest More than 1 year ago
There is no other show out there better than the OC right now! I luv the first season and the second season is just as good. The story lines are amazing and it is hard to stop watching! It is a must see show!
Guest More than 1 year ago
The show was great getting to see all of the shows back to back will be great starting with the first season and then going to the second season. i can't wait for the second season to start. i hope that all is well in the OC.
Guest More than 1 year ago
If I could, I would give this like a million stars!! IT'S SOO GOOD!!!!!! Some people are probably like "oh it's just another teen soap", but honestly, it's awesome!!! I got the first one too, and i watched it in like a week - all 27 episodes!! Everyone would watch this cuz its sooooooooo coool and goood.
Guest More than 1 year ago
simply the best show EVER MADE.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The O.C. is the greatest show i have evr watched and if you don't watch this show you don't know what your missing the o.c. is one of the biggest joys in my week when i saw the first episode i new right then it was great i love the o.c. thew suspense and the awesome and shocking twists are great i have loved that show form the begging and if the o.c. ever stops i think my heaart will too i say its worth every penny to buy the 1st and 2nd season of the o.c.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This show had an amazing first season unfortunately the same can not be said about the second. This season we see more of the kids in school and the show has an age regression in which the kids are now 16 (if you watched the first season it is clear they are 16/17 as they all drive and its stated a few times the actual ages). Season 2 is quite bland from its first season debut. This time around we deal more with the issues of crushes, school, and plots so predictable it wasn't worth watching. You have to be brain dead not to figure out that girl was Kirsten's sister better yet where was she in the end? The growth of the characters is slowed and even regressed in some instances. The character of Ryan Atwood for the rest of the season becomes so much of the brooding type that he has about a paragraph's worth of lines throughout an entire episode. This season however did bring forth the character of Seth which revealed him to be more sarcastically annoying than full of the shy impromptu wit that was so initially appealing about his character. The best part of the season was the last few episodes in which the series returned to its roots and had unpredictable drama mixed with shocking moving moments. Bottom line this season was okay but by no means great it was more of Dawson's Creek and Melrose Place (teenage version) meets CA. Very unfortunate. Instead I would stick with the first season and watch this one in reruns. Worse yet however was season 3.
Guest More than 1 year ago
the best show ever because summer and seth get back together and myrissa and ryan get back together. There is a climax at the end when myrissa shoots ryans brother.So there is a definite continouation to this season with a third season.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The beginning of the second season of the O.C. starts out kind of slow. It really starts to pick up though once the old characters start to date the new characters. My favorite part of the second season is when Trey, Ryan's brother, comes to stay with the Cohen's. The O.C. is a drama and a comedy at the same time.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The OC is really the best show ever@@ It has everything you want in a show. It relates to teens and the things they go through like sex drugs drinking and normal problems. Its better than anyones real life and if youve never watched the OC you need to watch it. Every season gets better and better and I cant wait for the third season to come on tv@@@
Guest More than 1 year ago
omg this season is amazing i give it 5 stars, two thumbs up! i loved the first one and i know the second one is going to be even better. because seth + summer are like the perfect couple and also marissa + ryan! but thats ok =]
Guest More than 1 year ago
The OC Season 2 is the best season yet every episode leaves you in suspense until the following thursday when you get to see it again especially the lsat episode of this season where marissa shoots trey i jsut cant wait until the third season comes out and we find out what happens. This is the best show ever
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago