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Partridge Family - Season 1

The Partridge Family - Season 1

4.2 4
This reviewer was never a particular fan of The Partridge Family, either when it was on the air new or in syndication. But the DVD set made the sale, and then some -- truth be told, while the series never had the surreal comedic (or musical) elements of The Monkees, which was the production antecedent to this program, or anyone in the cast remotely as


This reviewer was never a particular fan of The Partridge Family, either when it was on the air new or in syndication. But the DVD set made the sale, and then some -- truth be told, while the series never had the surreal comedic (or musical) elements of The Monkees, which was the production antecedent to this program, or anyone in the cast remotely as talented as Michael Nesmith in the ranks of the performers; but the music was first-rate pop-rock of the period, and it holds up in that department, sufficient to make this four-disc/25 episode set worthwhile. The full-screen (1.33-to-1) episode transfers are clean, bright, and sharp. The colors have a beautiful tone to them, and if the volume is a tiny bit low, it pumps up nicely, especially where the music shows up, which is what counts. The chapter-breaks match the commercial and credit breaks for the original episodes. And the shows hold up surprisingly well, even in terms of comedy -- some of it is hokey, but looking at the episodes today, one really appreciates the interactions between Danny Bonaduce and Dave Madden as Danny Partridge and Reuben Kincaid. And one doubly appreciates the contribution of Shirley Jones, as the anchor of the series. But it's the bonus features that make this box worth owning. The featurettes explaining the evolution of the casting and the characters, and the development of the music, are worth the price of admission -- the latter feature includes interview material with the members of the Love Generation, who were engaged to do most of the singing (especially the background voices). Jones and David Cassidy, along with Bonaduce and creator Bernard Slade, contribute to both featurettes, and are extremely generous in their comments and praise. There are also two episode commentaries, one by Danny Bonaduce and the other by Shirley Jones, for the pilot episode and episode five, "When Mother Gets Married". Bonaduce is sometimes a little too silent over places where he obviously can't think of anything to say (and simply quotes what he was saying 35-plus years ago in other spots), and a little unpleasant at moments in his remarks about a couple of fellow players. Jones is more pleasant to listen to, but neither is really capable -- at least the way these recordings were done -- of filling 26 minutes of audio. But the shortcomings of that bonus feature don't detract from the value of the featurettes, or the fun to be found in the series itself. The set comes with a bonus fourth disc, which is a four-track sampler CD showing off the remastered sound of the Ultimate Partridge Family collection, released concurrently with this set.

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Donald Liebenson
Unlike the more widely syndicated Brady Bunch, The Partridge Family seems to have fallen off the TV Land landscape, but the DVD release of the first season puts the Partridges back on the pop culture charts. The series is an oldie, but a goodie; and while the catchy bubblegum music and velour stage garb are pure '70s, the family dynamics elevate it from being a camp artifact. Headliner Shirley Jones (who, in fact, had originally been offered the role of Carol Brady) anchors the cast of budding child stars as Shirley, a widowed single mother who reluctantly joins the family garage band and takes the act on the road in the now-iconic psychedelic-painted bus to make beautiful, albeit lip-synced, music. Jones's stepson David Cassidy costars as frontman David, with former model Susan Dey as keyboardist Laurie. Freckled Danny Bonaduce provides the comic backbeat as bassist and get-rich-quick schemer Danny. The Partridge Family was hip enough to make references to Joan Baez, Billboard magazine, and such real-life groups as the Temptations. This first season, which mostly chronicles the family's road adventures and first brushes with stardom, features early glimpses of future stars, including a pre-Star Wars Mark Hamill as one of Laurie's suitors in "Old Scrapmouth." Memorable guest stars include Ray Bolger as Grandpa Fred in "Whatever Happened to the Old Songs?" and Richard Pryor and Louis Gossett Jr. as the owners of the Soul Club, a Detroit inner-city venue where the Partridges are mistakenly booked ("I've been working on an Afro-thing," David offers). For the record, the Partridges perform their chart-topping hit "I Think I Love You" in the episode "My Son, the Feminist." It's too bad the commentary by Bonaduce, on the pilot episode, wasn’t extended throughout the season. He’s by turns affectionate and caustic, observing during a scene wherein Laurie leans over Danny, "If she had had breasts, this would have been a pivotal moment for me." So come on, get happy. Get back on the bus and ride again with one of TV's grooviest families.

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Sony Pictures
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Special Features

Jump to the musical performances; "Boarding the Bus" and "The Sound of the Partridge" featurettes; Audio commentaries with stars Shirley Jones and Danny Bonaduce; Includes a four-song music sampler CD from the "Ultimate Partridge Family" CD

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Shirley Jones Shirley Partridge
Alan Oppenheimer Wink Burgess
Annette O'Toole Carol
Bernard Fox Marty Burnes
Bobby Sherman Bobby Conway
Charles Lampkin Heavy
David Cassidy Keith
Debra Pearce Gloria Steinman
Dick Clark Himself
Gino Conforti Logan Mays
Harry Morgan Willie Larkin
Harvey Lembeck Harry Marino
Howard Morton Jerome Donkin
Jane Actman Tina Newcomb
Janette Lane Bradbury Janet
John McMartin Larry Metcalf
Laurence Haddon Sgt. Sizemore
Laurie Prange Maggie Newton
Michael Ontkean Lester Braddock
Morey Amsterdam Ziggy Shnurr
Nancy Malone Cathleen D'Arcy
Pat Harrington Harry Harrington
Ray Bolger Grandpa Fred Renfrew
Richard Mulligan Dr. Jim Lucas
Stuart Margolin Hank
William Schallert Red Woodloe
Art Metrano Mike Young
Barbara Rhoades LaVon LaVern
Bob Gibbons Hotel Clerk
Carl Ballantine Pitchman
Claire Wilcox Cathy
Herbert Jefferson Black Leader
Jackie Coogan Max Pepper
Joe Warfield Emcee
Jonathan Daly Off. Moody,Tommy Phillips
Kelly J. Britt Doris
Leonard Stone Clauson
Michael Lembeck Marc Baldwin
Michael Rupert Bob
Mitzi Hoag Sheila Faber
Pitt Herbert Clerk
Reva Rose Mabel
Ron Feinberg Max
Rosemary de Camp Grandma Amanda Renfrew
Sandy Kenyon Father
Susan Dey Laurie
Wes Stern Lionel Poindexter
William Wintersole Club Manager,Dr. Kessley
Danny Bonaduce Danny
Denice Stadling Sandy
Dick Balduzzi Elevator Boy
Fran Ryan 1st Wife
Gerald Michenaud Norman Farrell
Hal Taggart Desk Clerk
Ian Wolfe Grandfather
Ivan Bonar Leroy Lowenfield
Jack Riley Cpl. Wrzesinski
Jeremy Burke Archie
Joseph Perry Mr. Jenkins,Sergeant
Ken Swofford Monty
Marsha Moode Secretary
Morris Buchanan Baker
Ned Glass Det. Harry Klein
Renee Tetro Young Girl
Richard Bakalyan Skee
Warren Miller Musician #1
C. Lindsay Workman Warden
Cindy Crosby Doris
Felton Perry Airport Clerk
Harry Hickox Sheriff
Jared Martin Recording Engineer
Jeremy Gelbwaks Chris
Jim Connell Orderly
Judy March Mother
Kip King Musician #2
Sari Price 2nd Wife
Sheri Cowart Debbie
Vic Tayback Rocco
Bill Lucking Sweeney
Ceil Cabot Woman
Dort Clark 1st Husband
Jack Collins Investor
Lisa Jill Suzy
Renie Riano Mrs. Reinbolt
Ron Pinkard Guard
Stuart Nisbet Patrolman
Suzanne Crough Tracy
Ted Scott Eye Doctor

Technical Credits
Alan Rafkin Director
Bob Claver Director
Claudio Guzman Director
E.W. Swackhamer Director
Earl Bellamy Director
Harry Falk Director
Herb Kenwith Director
Jerry Bernstein Director
Jerry Paris Director
Mel Swope Director
Paul Junger Witt Director
Peter Baldwin Director
Ralph Senensky Director

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The Partridge Family - Season 1 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
SheriO More than 1 year ago
Watching this DVD took me back to those golden years of being a young teenager once more. David Cassidy is still as wonderful as I always thought he was. The rest of the cast made the idea of them being a family very believable. I know what it was like to have younger sisters and brothers...this series reinforced the memory. Danny was a lot of fun, and so persistent. I think one of the things I enjoyed most was being able to watch several hours of viewing and only being subjected to "heck" as the strongest language. It was refreshing. The story actually did have a plot to it. Simplistic, yes! Fun, yes! I would definitely recommend it to people who have younger children. The lack of strong language was a plus in my mind. Plus, it was a story with real family values and lessons to be learned. I wish it'd still been around when my grown daughters were young teens.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago