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Philadelphia Experiment

The Philadelphia Experiment

3.7 7
Director: Stewart Raffill, Michael Paré, Nancy Allen, Eric Christmas

Cast: Stewart Raffill, Michael Paré, Nancy Allen, Eric Christmas


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This science fiction thriller was inspired by a mythical real-life event, the WWII era disappearance of an entire naval vessel during a radar-cloaking test. In 1943, David Herdeg Michael Pare and Jim Parker Bobby DiCicco are sailors stationed aboard a Virginia battleship. Their vessel is undergoing an experiment conducted by brilliant scientist Dr. Longstreeet (Eric


This science fiction thriller was inspired by a mythical real-life event, the WWII era disappearance of an entire naval vessel during a radar-cloaking test. In 1943, David Herdeg Michael Pare and Jim Parker Bobby DiCicco are sailors stationed aboard a Virginia battleship. Their vessel is undergoing an experiment conducted by brilliant scientist Dr. Longstreeet (Eric Christmas), who is attempting to render Allied craft invisible to radar. The ship becomes briefly invisible, but the test is a disaster and most of the crew are horribly killed. However, two crewmen are missing. In 1984, Herdeg and Parker emerge in the Nevada desert, having somehow traveled through time. Longstreet, still trying to perfect the device after 40 years, is running another experiment that pulls the missing sailors into the present. Realizing what's occurred, Herdeg and Parker flee, fearing for their lives. Fugitives, they befriend a skeptical modern woman, Alison Hayes (Nancy Allen). An effect of time pulls Parker back into 1943, leading to a bizarre reunion between Herdeg, still trapped in the future, and Parker, now a senior citizen. The film was followed by a sequel nine years later.

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Starz / Anchor Bay
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Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Michael Paré David
Nancy Allen Allison
Eric Christmas Longstreet
Bobby Di Cicco Jim
Kene Holliday Clark
Louise Latham Pamela
Linda Francis Actor
Gilbert Girion Policeman
Charles Hall Commander
Cate Praggastis Actor
Debra Troyer Young Pamela
James Edgcomb Officer Boyer
Clayton Wilcox Transvestite
Joe Dorsey Sheriff Bates
Michael Currie Magnusson
Stephen Tobolowsky Barney
Gary Brockette Adjutant/Andrews
Miles McNamara Young Longstreet
Ralph Manza Older Jim
Glenn Morshower Mechanic
Vivian Brown Ma Willis
Ed Bakey Pa Willis
Vaughn Armstrong Cowboy
Pamela Brull Doris
Patrick de Santis Jim, Jr.
Don Dolan Driver
Tony Farrell Bandleader
Rudy Daniels Policeman
Stephanie Faulkner Newscaster No.1
Bill Smille Evangelist
Richard Jewkes Technician
Michael Ruud Truck Driver
Charles H. Bisharat Commander
Joe Moore Commander's Buddy
Jay Bernard Engineer

Technical Credits
Stewart Raffill Director
Max W. Anderson Special Effects
Wallace C. Bennett Original Story,Screenwriter
Pegi Brotman Associate Producer
Dick Bush Cinematographer
Diane Campbell Set Decoration/Design
John Carpenter Executive Producer
Lawrence James Cavanaugh Special Effects
Fernando Celis Stunts
Monty Cox Stunts
Douglas Curtis Producer
Glory Fioramonti Stunts
Linda Francis Casting
Joe Garland Songwriter
Bob Gravenor Sound/Sound Designer
William Gray Screenwriter
William Hoy Editor
Don Jakoby Original Story,Screenwriter
Michael Janover Screenwriter
Manfred Mann Songwriter
Annie Maniscalco Makeup
Joel B. Michaels Producer
Ian Thomas Songwriter
Neil Travis Editor
Ken Wannberg Score Composer

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- The Philadelphia Experiment
1. Program Start/Main Titles [1:02]
2. 1943 [7:46]
3. USS Eldridge [2:41]
4. The Experiment Begins [2:10]
5. Unforeseen Complications [1:35]
6. Journey To Nowhere [2:14]
7. Clues And Confusion [5:40]
8. Shock Of The New [4:52]
9. Carjacked [2:34]
10. Base Of Operations [3:16]
11. Taken Into Custody [5:28]
12. Lost In The Storm [4:24]
13. On The Run [3:17]
14. The Vortex [1:29]
15. Making A Connection [6:35]
16. Into The Unknown [2:10]
17. Sunny California [2:42]
18. Identity Confirmed [1:48]
19. You Can't Go Home Again [8:01]
20. An Old Friend [2:49]
21. Hot Pursuit [2:37]
22. Soulmates [2:25]
23. The Storm Rages [5:14]
24. The One Man Who Can Help [2:58]
25. Final Farewell [2:09]
26. Desperate Mission [5:16]
27. Return Of The Eldridge [1:11]
28. Back To The Future [2:52]
29. End Credits [3:39]


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The Philadelphia Experiment 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This movie wasn't quite what I expected. It is based on a controversial and horrific incident involving radar-cloaking tests of the USS Eldridge in 1943. The real events and details surrounding this incident are shrouded in mystery and remain classified information to this day. I thought the movie would revolve more around the actual experiment than a sappy, half-baked love story between a sailor thrust into 1984 and a dispossesed woman who falls in love with this guy, the same guy who kidnaps her by gunpoint the very first time they met. It reminds me of a corny soap-opera. The acutal Philadelphia Experiment itself was the result of an attempt to make a ship invisible to radar by bending light around the ship. This was to be accomplished by rigging huge generators to produce a massive electromagnetic field. The result was not quite what was hoped for. Witnesses attest to the ship vanishing from the harbour at Philadelphia, and at the very same time, witnesses in Norfolk, Virginia reported a destroyer materializing in front of their eyes, then vanishing again. When the USS Eldridge re-appeared in Philadelphia, most of the crew were dead. Most had their bodies sticking out of the deck, arms and legs embedded in the bulkheads, and were badly burned. The ship was warped, deformed, and rendered unseaworthy. The hypothosis is that instead of bending light, they opened a hole in the space/time continuum, the result of which was teleportation to Virgina, then back again. There might have been time travel involved, that's up for debate. It has been proclaimed that the US govt began messing around with this stuff again in the 1980's, and have perfected the technique, but now we're getting too much into conspiracy-theory type stuff.
ChipChapman More than 1 year ago
Michael Pare follows up Eddie and the Cruisers and Streets of Fire with this action packed science fiction adventure. In 1943, the US government allegedly conducted experiments in invisibility in the Philadelphia ship yards to further our weapons capability in World War II. Using this premise, the movie opens as the experiments begin. During the event, two Navy seamen are accidentally transported 40 years into the future to 1984. One seaman, David Herding, played by Pare, remains. His best friend is teleported back to the scene of the accident where screaming seamen are shown imbedded in the ship's hull. Back to the future, Herding engages the help of reluctant Allison Hayes, played by Nancy Allen, to find his way back to 1943. During their misadventures, Herding meets his old friend in 1984, who is now elderly. If you are looking for science fiction in the vein of 2001 or Solaris, you might pass on this. However, it works as a sci-fi love story when the guy gets the girl even 40 years later.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I was disappointed, but watched with enough interest in the movie to sit through it. In reference to: "A reviewer a scientist and historian's review of the, "Philidelphia Experiment " I am looking for the original of this one also. I believe that it was considered to be too graphic for the,families involved,and the American public at large, and decided that this experiment should be kept confidential. I just wonder if anyone has a copy of the original. I saw the movie (I forget the year), and don't know if, at that time, you could buy copies.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Fun family safe movie everyone will enjoy, typical plots of bad science gone wrong, romance, reluctant hero, good buddy needing to be saved, and a strong female roll will appeal to everyone. A great stay at home date movie, plenty of action, period effects, and a good story to follow. No gross-out scenes so I feel comfortable letting my kids watch. Some may not like kids to see one realistic scene of injured sailors early in the movie, but I was okay with it for my kids because it was realistic, not like the horor film fake blood and gore often seen in movies of less calibur.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago