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The Point

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Director: Fred Wolf

Cast: Fred Wolf


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Ringo Starr narrates this animated story of Oblio, a round-headed boy ostracized by society because his head is not pointed.


Ringo Starr narrates this animated story of Oblio, a round-headed boy ostracized by society because his head is not pointed.

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Barnes & Noble - Donald Liebenson
Singer-songwriter Harry Nilsson conceived this beloved anti-discrimination parable for ABC as a 1971 TV movie and worked with animator Fred Wolf, who won an Oscar for the hit 1967 short “Box” and later hit it big animating The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The feature-length story concerned Oblio, a boy banished from his village by an evil Count for being the only person whose head is round, rather than pointy. Oblio and his faithful dog, Arrow, set out for the Pointless Forrest, where they meet a gallery of bizarre and eccentric characters. The moral is that you don't have to have a point on your head for your existence to have merit -- that is, a point. Wolf’s hallucinatory and stylistically diverse animation style recalls Yellow Submarine (1968), and the presence of Ringo Starr as the narrator adds to the Beatlesque air. (The original telecast featured Dustin Hoffman as narrator.) Nilsson’s score, which he also performs, includes several gems, such as "Me and My Arrow"; even if it was sullied in popular memory later in the ‘70s as the theme song for a short-lived Plymouth auto, the tune -- seen here in its original context -- is as irresistible as pop gets. Finally available on DVD, The Point is a captivating, thought-provoking treasure that parents will delightedly share with their kids.

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Special Features

Includes 4 never-before-seen bonus featurettes sure to entertain, surprise and amaze!; Who is Harry Nilsson?; Pitching The Point; Making The Point; Legacy of The Point

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Scene Index

Disc #1 -- The Point
2. Welcome to the Town
3. Everything's Got 'Em
4. Me and My Arrow
5. Triangle Toss and Trouble for Oblio
6. Poli High
7. Trial and Banishment to the Pointless Forest
8. Think About Your Troubles
9. The Pointed Man and the Rock Man
10. The Black Hole and the Balloon Ladies
11. Life Line
12. P.O.V. Waltz (w/ the Balloon Ladies)
13. The Leaf Man and the Bird
14. P.O.V. Waltz
15. On the Way Back Home
16. Are You Sleeping?
17. Welcome Home Oblio! Everyone has a POINT!
18. Credits
1. Chapter 1
2. Chapter 2
3. Chapter 3
4. Chapter 4
5. Chapter 5
6. Chapter 6
7. Chapter 7
8. Chapter 8
9. Chapter 9
10. Chapter 10
11. Chapter 11
12. Chapter 12
13. Chapter 13
14. Chapter 14
15. Chapter 15
16. Chapter 16
17. Chapter 17
18. Chapter 18

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