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Prisoner - The Complete Series

The Prisoner - The Complete Series

4.4 17

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Barnes & Noble - Tony Nigro
The Prisoner's star and creator Patrick McGoohan heatedly denies allegations that the show is a "sequel" to his other landmark secret-agent series, Danger Man (a.k.a. Secret Agent), and indeed, The Prisoner stands alone as a testament to paranoia, with conspiracy theories that put even The X-Files to shame. Number 6 knows not who runs the Orwellian Village where he's trapped nor why "they" won't let him live his life freely. And Number 6's lack of a name, in hand with the show's "Everyman, Ltd." production company, points to The Prisoner being an allegory for humanity: Are we imprisoned by modern society? No matter what your answer, The Prisoner masks its heady thoughts well in cleverly written and rarely formulaic mini-dramas that have captured imaginations worldwide -- not to mention an ultra-loyal fan base. This 10-DVD collection culls all 17 original episodes in the series, including the eternally puzzling series finale, "Fall Out," which after initial broadcast garnered confused, even angry responses from fans. They watched hoping to find out who Number 1 was and if Number 6 would finally escape the Village, but the episode is so abstract that it leaves most viewers wondering, What on Earth is going on? Different people have different interpretations -- to give any here might reveal the ending -- so the best one can do is weigh the entire series for oneself, enjoying The Prisoner's wit, intelligence, and psychedelic weirdness, not to mention its undeniable place as one of the most unique spy series of all time.

Product Details

Release Date:
A&E Home Video

Special Features

New, 60-page fully illustrated Limited Editon Collector's booklet with hdden mysteries surrounding The Prisioner, a complete series guide to all 17 Episodes, and a detailed color fold-out map of the Village.
Ultra-rare original footage of the 1966 location shooting, accompanied by commentary with Bernie Williams; "The Prisoner Video Companion" program; rare, alternate version of the episode "The Chimes of Big Ben"; rarely seen "Foreign File Cabinet" footage; rarely seen "Textless" intro and outro; original broadcast trailers; original series promotional trailer; gallery of original production and promo materials; production stills galleries; interactive map of the Village; Prisoner trivia.

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Patrick McGoohan Actor,The Prisoner, Number Six
Christopher Benjamin Potter,Number Two's Assistant
Derek Aylward New Supervisor
George Benson Labour Exchange Manager
George Coulouris Man with the Stick
Kathleen Breck Number 42
Leo McKern Former Number Two
Mark Eden Number 100
Mary Morris Number Two
Sheila Allen Number 14
Valerie French Kathy
Angela Brown Actor
Harold Berens Boxing MC,Reporter
John Cazabon Umbrella Man,Man in Cave
Kenneth Griffith The President,Schnipps
Nadia Gray Nadia
Norma West Girl Bo-Peep
Patrick Cargill Number Two
Peter Bowles "A"
Rosalie Crutchley Queen
Annette Carell Actor
Bee Duffell 2nd Psychiatrist
Hilary Dwyer Number 73
John Maxim Number 86
Michael Brennan Killer Karmiski
Thomas Heathcote Lobo Man
Basil Hoskins Number 14
Dene Cooper Photographer
Georgina Cookson Blonde Lady
Patricia Jessell 1st Psychiatrist
Angelo Muscat The Butler
Colin Gordon Number Two
Justine Lord Sonja
Rachel Herbert Number 58
Victor Maddern Bandmaster

Technical Credits
David Tomblin Director
Don Chaffey Director
Jamie Hartzell Director
Joseph Serf Director
Pat Jackson Director
Patrick McGoohan Director
Peter Graham Scott Director
Robert Asher Director

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- The Prisoner: The Complete Series, Vol. 1
1. The Village [15:33]
2. Helicopter Tour [5:30]
3. The Labour Exchange [6:26]
4. No Way Out [8:53]
5. A New #2 [6:50]
6. Escape Attempt [7:52]
1. Why Did You Resign? [11:06]
2. New Neighbor [7:36]
3. Dreadful Interrogation [3:57]
4. Developing Trust [11:05]
5. Toward the Open Sea [7:57]
6. The End of a Nightmare [8:53]
Disc #2 -- The Prisoner: The Complete Series, Vol. 2
1. Election Time [11:29]
2. Red Hot Stuff [6:55]
3. "Truth Test" [6:57]
4. Attempt to Escape [6:36]
5. Word Without Fear [8:54]
6. According to Plan [9:36]
1. Medical Attention [9:15]
2. Find a Girl [9:14]
3. Carnival [10:48]
4. Dutton [10:24]
5. The Trial [6:39]
6. The Chase [4:09]
Disc #3 -- The Prisoner: The Complete Series, Vol. 3
1. Fine Game [11:17]
2. Breaking Point [9:47]
3. New Experiment [9:41]
4. Disconnection [7:00]
5. Mayday Call [6:51]
6. Misunderstanding [5:44]
1. Why Did You Resign? [11:14]
2. New Neighbor [7:14]
3. Dreadful Interrogation [7:58]
4. Developing Trust [8:05]
5. Toward the Open Sea [6:33]
6. The End of a Nightmare [9:14]
Disc #4 -- The Prisoner: The Complete Series, Vol. 4
1. "A" [14:22]
2. Second Dosage [7:56]
3. Meet "B" [6:00]
4. #14 [9:21]
5. Who Is "C"? [5:29]
6. Mystery [7:20]
1. Speed Learning [14:55]
2. "Here's Your Passport" [6:00]
3. Investigation [9:55]
4. Approval Session [8:07]
5. Projection [3:59]
6. Introducing the General [7:26]
Disc #5 -- The Prisoner: The Complete Series, Vol. 5
1. A New Man [14:14]
2. Meeting Himself [7:18]
3. Testing [9:13]
4. Clues [6:34]
5. Schizoid Man [5:16]
6. Fooling Everyone [7:53]
1. Production [3:36]
2. Rebellion [4:02]
3. On Location [2:24]
4. Rover & Number 6 [5:33]
5. The Villagers [3:55]
6. Number 6 [6:21]
Disc #6 -- The Prisoner: The Complete Series, Vol. 6
1. Free at Last [9:54]
2. On the Boat [7:41]
3. Finally on Land [10:15]
4. Old Territory [9:41]
5. Looking for Answers [6:15]
6. Same Old Story [6:38]
1. Lady in Distress [11:09]
2. Monitoring Activities [6:15]
3. A Plot to Kill [7:06]
4. A Warning [6:25]
5. Preventing Death [10:21]
6. Caught in the Act [8:38]
Disc #7 -- The Prisoner: The Complete Series, Vol. 7
1. The Committee [9:07]
2. Unmutual [9:47]
3. The Frontal Lobe [7:40]
4. Rest Well [8:07]
5. The Trick's on You [8:55]
6. Social Conversation [6:42]
1. Hammer or Anvil? [8:52]
2. Strange Behavior [6:56]
3. In the Dark [8:33]
4. A Threat [8:18]
5. A Message [6:34]
6. The Anvil [11:15]
Disc #8 -- The Prisoner: The Complete Series, Vol. 8
1. Thought Transfer [8:02]
2. A Different Body [9:44]
3. Proving Himself [11:30]
4. Austria [8:15]
5. Professor Seltzman [5:34]
6. Reversing Identities [7:23]
1. Back in Town [10:26]
2. Jail & the Trial [9:52]
3. The New Sheriff [7:15]
4. Clean Up the Town [6:28]
5. Escaping [5:02]
6. Deception [11:56]
Disc #9 -- The Prisoner: The Complete Series, Vol. 9
1. Cricket [7:23]
2. Standard Disguise [7:10]
3. Tunnel of Love [9:40]
4. Battle of Wits [9:28]
5. Evil Plan [7:49]
6. Countdown [8:58]
1. A Returning #2 [6:47]
2. Degree Absolute [4:02]
3. Childhood [13:50]
4. Pop! [10:45]
5. Behind Bars [4:44]
6. The Embryo Room [10:16]
Disc #10 -- The Prisoner: The Complete Series, Vol. 10
1. Well Come [12:20]
2. #48 [8:12]
3. #2 Returns [7:23]
4. Free to Go [7:19]
5. Meet #1 [6:46]
6. Evacuate! [8:51]
1. Introduction [5:51]
2. Roots of the Prisoner [5:06]
3. Notes, Anecdotes, and Nonsense [6:22]
4. #6 [4:25]
5. Subversive? [7:37]
6. Does #6 Escape? [2:42]
7. What Does It All Mean? [2:48]
8. End of the World? [4:44]
9. Individualism? [5:13]
10. The Prophecy [3:11]

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The Prisoner - The Complete Series 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 17 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Intriguing and creative. When I first saw this series on PBS, I missed enough episodes to make it even more mysterious. Once I saw the whole series, it made sense, but was still intriguing and fun. It is full of symbolism. This series has the makings of a cult classic. This series is about a British man who quits the spy business only to be drugged, captured and placed on an unknown island, assigned a number instead of his name, and forced to live in a village with a bunch of strange characters. He doesn't know which "side" has captured him. He spends most of his time trying to devise an escape and get back to England. Filmed in Portmerian, Wales, a breathtaking backdrop to the series.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I first saw The Prisoner in Georgia at the age of 10. It was the best ever and I had to contend with the Virginian every week just to see this show. Needless to say, the Virginian won out but now over 40 years I have found it again, and I soon will own it as my most unique and favorite show of all times.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A series that has mystified me since I first saw it. The tendency is to read to much into what you see. My recommendation is sit back and enjoy. Ask your questions later.
Clipper More than 1 year ago
In an age of moronic sitcoms and bland uninspiring police shows, we have to go back in time to find something worthwhile. If you want an entertaining show with a lot of depth, you can do no better than The Prisoner. It's mix of allegorical storytelling and intriguing mysteries should give any viewer a bang for their buck. The extras are great too. It is a show that pushed the boundries of television to heights that hasn't really been reached again.
LDCAlbright More than 1 year ago
The Prisoner is one of the best "British Invasion" TV shows of the 60s ... the production values hold up nicely. Not, however, for those who expect no more than mundane conventionality in their entertainment.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This DVD series by Patrick McGoohan has to be the most talked about TV show ever produced. The reason is that it creates a suspenseful puzzle for a hungry and questioning mind to try and solve. A man that has resigned from being a secret agent and looks forward to being free and happy on his own has now been kidnapped and taken to a strange island setting called The Village. Here he must try to find a path to escape all the while being trapped by the supposed leader of the village called Number Two. It becomes clear that escape is about impossible as Number Two uses a high tech device called Rover to subdue The Prisoner, Number Six,and defeat him from becoming what he shouts he is, "I am not a number, I am a free man!" The main reason we are told that the Prisoner has been brought to the island is that he has very valuable information locked inside his brain that Number Two wishes to extract for his own purposes. The Prisoner finds out that the people of The Village also have information and are trapped and most have given up on the dream of freedom and a individual way of life. As the series unfolds we get more bits and pieces to try and solve the puzzle before us. The main question we can have is this show more about the rights of an individual or is about the right of society to enforce its laws and rules onto the individual? Is the individual a menance to society or is society a creation to enslave the indivdual and program them at will? This is the best in a television show that has been produced and it stands the test of time. As I view the episodes I find myself entertained as well as challenged to think, question and reason. How often has that happened in modern television? I highly recommend this DVD series it truely is excellent and provides inspiration to think about issues on freedom, the indivdual and society.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
The serieswas great! Will video off of BBC America andforgo buying the ovrpriced set. One episode per disk is insane.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I was so excited to see the complete series in one box set! My husband was a fan of this show in his late childhood and has always wished to see it again. What a Christmas present this is going to make! Thanks B and N for helping me locate this treasure!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Regardless of what PG says, it's a great sequel to 'Danger Man/Secret Agent'. ALL conspiracy shows are based on and measured against this one (and none come close). If you don't 'get it', just enjoy the ride. And it's not one episode per dics, it's 2. Be Seeing You...
Guest More than 1 year ago
The first noticable aspect of this series, is that while dramatic, it doesn't shove every detail down your throat, as much recent American TV and movies do. It reminds me of one of my favorite movies, LeMans w/Steve McQueen, in that it has a story to tell, but it paints a broad picture, letting the viewer ingest what they will, rather than bombarding you with overly loud music, jumpy camerawork, and surreal CGI. But the details are there, and exquisite, painting a dramatic, engaging story, while also giving razor-sharp insignt on society, culture, and life, in almost prophetic relevance. This is rich enough to watch many times over, And it's significance will make you wonder what the point of current american movies are, besides advertising and product placement. McGoohan turned down Connery's Bond role, which seems insane from a commercial view, but comments on his vision, his message, and his unwavering committment to speak to us even today, when Bond, as enjoyable as it is, is merely pop culture.