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Revenge of the Pink Panther

The Revenge of the Pink Panther

Director: Blake Edwards

Cast: Peter Sellers, Herbert Lom, Dyan Cannon


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In Revenge of the Pink Panther, for the final time, the bumbling but imperturbable Inspector Clouseau (Peter Sellers) maddens his long-suffering boss Dreyfus (Herbert Lom), sharpens his wits and martial skills with his manservant Cato (Burt Kwouk) and foils the bad guys


In Revenge of the Pink Panther, for the final time, the bumbling but imperturbable Inspector Clouseau (Peter Sellers) maddens his long-suffering boss Dreyfus (Herbert Lom), sharpens his wits and martial skills with his manservant Cato (Burt Kwouk) and foils the bad guys without ever having a clue about what he is doing. In the story, Clouseau allows a gang of drug racketeers to believe that he has been assassinated and dons a series of disguises as he travels all over the world in order to apprehend the culprits. He is assisted by Simone Legree (Dyan Cannon), the former girlfriend of the drug-lord Douvier (Robert Webber). Though it received a very mixed reception from critics, this, the fifth of the Pink Panther series, did very well at the box-office. Sadly, it was actor Peter Sellers' final screen appearance before his death in 1980 (the later film, The Trail of Pink Panther was composed of outtakes from previous "Panther" films).

Editorial Reviews

All Movie Guide - Mike Cummings
Comic genius Peter Sellers died two years after making this film. But he went out with a bang--16 of them, in fact. That's how many times his enemies try to assassinate his character, French detective Jacques Clouseau, in this 1978 production. Clouseau's own boss, Chief Inspector Dreyfus (Herbert Lom), makes two of the attempts. Throughout the Pink Panther series of films, Clouseau's ineptitude repeatedly drives Dreyfus to the brink of insanity, and Dreyfus lies awake at night plotting Clouseau's murder. In this production, Clouseau pretends that an assassination attempt has succeeded. After he is declared dead, Dreyfus cries tears of joy as he delivers a eulogy. Meanwhile, Clouseau goes sleuthing in disguise to solve his own murder and corral drug-traffickers. From an artistic standpoint, the script of this film is inferior to the scripts of earlier Pink Panther films, for it is really a series of sketches spotlighting Sellers' talents. However, to fans of Sellers, these sketches are among the best--or possibly even be the best--in the entire series of Pink Panther films. In one scene, Sellers shops at a "spy store" for disguises and ends up detecting as a peg-legged sailor with an inflatable parrot, a pinstriped gangster, a priest, and dwarf painter Toulouse Lautrec. Mayhem, mishap, and destruction follow Clouseau everywhere: He explodes a bomb, accidentally sets Dreyfus's office on fire, gets his peg leg stuck in a knothole at a crucial moment, and falls through a floor after a martial-arts romp with his valet Cato (Burt Kwouk). For fans of Sellers, this is a must-have film in spite of its weaknesses.

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Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Peter Sellers Inspector Jacques Clouseau
Herbert Lom Chief Insp. Dreyfus
Dyan Cannon Simone Legree
Robert Webber Philippe Douvier
Burt Kwouk Cato Fong
Paul Stewart Julio Scallini
Robert Loggia Marchione
Graham Stark Dr. Auguste Balls
Sue Lloyd Claude Russo
Tony Beckley Guy Algo
Valerie Leon Tanya
Irvin Allen Actor
Marc Lawrence Actor
John A. Tinn Mr. Chow
Margaret Anderson Police Chief's Wife
Paul Antrim Lookout
Charles Augins Vic Vancouver
Alfie Bass Feruet
John Bluthal Cemetery Guard
Alec Bregonzi Douvier's Boardmember #1
Maria Charles Lady Client
Anthony Chinn Doorman
John Clive Aide to President
Adrienne Corri Therese Douvier
Arnold Diamond Douvier's Boardmember #2
Brian Jackson Police Chief
Dave King Douvier's Boardmember #4
Robert La Bassiere Haig & Haig Guy #2
Me Me Lai Chinese Lady of Easy Virtue #2
Andrew Lodge Police Sergeant
Andre Maranne Francois
Ferdinand "Ferdy" Mayne Dr. Laprone
Henry McGee Officer Bardot
Julian Orchard Hospital Clerk
Steve Plytas Douvier's Boardmember #5
Andrew Sachs Hospital Inmate
Lon Satton Sam Spade and the Private Eyes Member #1
Danny Schiller Cunny
Michael Ward Realtor
Rita Webb Lady at Window
Elisabeth Welch Madame Wu
Frank Williams Gentleman Client
Douglas Wilmer Police Commissioner
John Wyman Toledo
John Heller Douvier's Boardmember #3

Technical Credits
Blake Edwards Director,Producer,Screenwriter
Tony Adams Executive Producer
Leslie Bricusse Songwriter
Roy Charman Sound/Sound Designer
Ron Clark Screenwriter
Dick Crockett Stunts
Ernest Day Cinematographer
Joe Dunne Stunts
Harry Frampton Makeup
Brian Johnson Special Effects
Alan Jones Editor
Dennis Lowe Special Effects
Henry Mancini Score Composer
Terry Marcel Asst. Director
Peter Mullins Production Designer
Tiny Nicholls Costumes/Costume Designer
Lon Satton Songwriter
John Siddall Art Director
Jack Stephens Set Decoration/Design
Frank Waldman Screenwriter
Ken Wales Producer

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Revenge of the Pink Panther
1. "I'm Still Strong" [7:06]
2. Main Title/Bombed [7:53]
3. A Fiery Investigation [2:12]
4. "Mr. Chong" [2:12]
5. Servant & Master [8:02]
6. "Do Exactly As I Say" [4:06]
7. A Psychic Rebirth [7:05]
8. Madame Wu's Nookie [5:56]
9. "Back From the Dead!" [4:53]
10. A Washed-Up Affair [3:08]
11. "Salty Swedish Sea Dog" [2:47]
12. Almost Her Last Dance [5:13]
13. The Mistress Tells All [11:44]
14. Godfather in Hong Kong [13:48]
15. One Chase After Another [8:10]
16. "Clouseau Lives"/Credits [4:31]


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