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Rockford Files - Season One

The Rockford Files - Season One

4.8 5
Director: Alex Grasshoff, Bernard Kowalski, Charles S. Dubin

Cast: Jackie Cooper


Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Donald Liebenson
James Garner created two iconic television characters; the first was affable gambler Bret Maverick, the second was Jim Rockford, the hard-boiled but softhearted private eye of this fondly remembered 1974 series. Since this three-DVD package does not include the feature-length pilot, an introduction is in order: After serving five years in prison for a crime he did not commit, Rockford was granted a pardon and now makes a meager living as a private eye specializing in cases the police consider closed. He is a thorn in the side of Detective Dennis Becker (Joe Santos), who notes in one episode, "Every time you come in here with a bloody nose, morale goes up ten points." Rockford is not your standard-issue TV private eye. From the mobile home he shares with his father (Noah Beery Jr.) to his beat-up Firebird, his life is distinctly unglamorous. Each episode humorously begins with answering machine messages to Rockford from debt collectors, clients leaving town without paying his fee, and other petty humiliations. Over the convoluted course of each case, Rockford invariably gets beat up or finds himself framed for one misdeed or another; fortunately, he is continually bailed out by attorney Beth Davenport (Gretchen Corbett) and aided by Angel, a former cellmate (Stuart Margolin, an eventual Emmy nominee). Rockford's redeeming qualities -- making this character such a perfect fit for Garner -- are his savvy and cleverness. Rockford subverts the conventions of crime drama by dishing out the wisecracks ("Does your mother know what you do for a living?" he asks two abductors in one episode). When said abductors manhandle him, Rockford protests, "Take it easy, I'm not struggling, am I?" The Rockford Files was a Top 15 show in its inaugural season. More than three decades later, this charming series holds up well, thanks to Garner's timeless appeal, Mike Post's classic theme song, and a stellar roster of veteran and younger character actors who enliven each episode. Among them: James Woods and Abe Vigoda ("The Kirkoff Case"); Joseph Cotten ("This Case Is Closed"); Jill Clayburgh ("The Big Ripoff"); Lindsay Wagner ("Aura Lee, Farewell"); Ned Beatty ("Profit and Loss"); and Hector Elizondo ("Say Goodbye to Jennifer"). In a brief interview included on Disc 1, Garner reflects on the series and remarks that he couldn't wait to "get back to work the next day." It still shows.

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Universal Studios
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Special Features

Includes James Garner reminiscing about the genesis of "The Rockford Files" and becoming Jim Rockford

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Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Corinne Michaels Janet Carr
Gretchen Corbett Beth Davenport
James Garner Actor
Jesse Welles Nancy Wade
Joe Santos Sgt. Dennis Becker,Actor
Joseph Cotten Warren Jameson
Lee Purcell Susan Parsons
Lynnette Mettey Carol Thorne
Neva Patterson Louise Hartman
Shelley Fabares Jolene Hyland
Sian Barbara Allen Sandra Turkel
Fred Sadoff Howard Kasanijian,Matt Springfield
George DiCenzo Stoner
Hector Elizondo John "Mitch" Micelli
Joan Van Ark Barbara Kelbaker
Linda Evans Claire Prescott
Linda Kelsey Louise Adams
Lindsay Wagner Sara Butler
Ned Beatty Leon Fielder
Ramon Bieri Sheriff Prouty
Robert Symonds Miles Keeley (alias Jonathan Hoad)
Ron Rifkin Tom Robertson
Steven Keats Duane Bailey
Stuart Margolin Actor,Angel Martin
Tom Atkins Lt. Alex Diehl
Warren Kemmerling Earl Furlong
Al Stevenson L.J.
David Spielberg Sgt. Tom Garvey
Gerald McRaney Irv
James McEachin FBI Agent David Shore
Jim Antonio Cliff Hoad
John Crawford Dr. Kennilworth
Lance Le Gault Stone
Linden Chiles Elliot Malcolm
Mary Frann Valerie Thomas aka Maria Heller
Mills Watson Edward Moss,Sgt. Larsen
Pamela Hensley Jennifer Ryburn
Paul Michael Glaser Ralph Correll
Richard Schaal Leonard Blair
Robert Webber Sen. Evan Murdock
Ron Soble Kermit Higby
Sharon Spelman Doris Parker
Tony Musante Charlie Harris
Bill Fletcher Nate Spinella
Eddie Fontaine Moss Williams
Edith Atwater Kate Banning
Frank Michael Liu Kenneth Mamato
Greg Mullavey Dick Shaefer
John Cooper Capt. Highland
Ken Swofford Floyd Ross
Lara Parker Diana Lewis
Nancy Malone Elizabeth Gorman
Noah Beery Actor
Priscilla Pointer Helen Morris
Richard Drout Miller Sgt. Doane
Sharon Gless Susan Jameson
Stephen McNally Chief Bailey
Susan Damante-Shaw Charlotte Duskey
Susan Strasberg Deborah Ryder
Tim O'Connor Charles Dexter
Val Bisoglio Carl Bovino
William Traylor Wilson
Angus Duncan Joe Baron Jr.
Art Lund Mike Ryder
Burr de Benning Harry Crown
E.J. Peaker Jeannie Szymczyk
Irene Tedrow Dixie
Jill Clayburgh Marilyn Polanski
Joe E. Tata Solly Marshall
Joseph Stern Morgan Tallman
Joyce Jameson Marge White
Julie Sommars Tawnia Baker
Katherine Woodville Marilyn Rae
Kelly Lange Commentator
Lane Smith Willett
Norman Bartold Hollis Bartold
Pat Delaney Karen Mills
Patricia Smith Ann Calhoun
Sid Haig B.J.
Virginia Gregg Eleanor Wainwright
Warner Anderson Alfred Bannister
William Jordan Terry Wade
William Watson Ross

Technical Credits
Alex Grasshoff Director
Bernard Kowalski Director
Charles S. Dubin Director
John Cooper Director
Jerry London Director
Lawrence F. Doheny Director
Lou Antonio Director
Michael Schultz Director
Russ Mayberry Director
Stuart Margolin Director
Vincent McEveety Director
William Wiard Director

Scene Index

Disc #1, Side A -- The Rockford Files: Side A
1. Preview/Main Titles [2:10]
2. Set Up [14:40]
3. Beat Up [21:35]
4. Run Down [11:48]
1. Preview/Main Titles [2:14]
2. Road Duel [26:23]
3. Party Crashing [3:39]
4. Protecting Assets [10:56]
1. Preview/Main Titles [2:14]
2. Framed for Murder [26:23]
3. Warrant for Arrest [3:39]
4. Making Mistakes [10:56]
Disc #1, Side B -- The Rockford Files: Side B
1. Preview/Main Titles [2:00]
2. Found Dead [13:40]
3. Run Out of Town [24:24]
4. The Missing Link [10:13]
1. Preview/Main Titles [1:59]
2. Missing Person [13:50]
3. Followed by Feds [24:20]
4. Robbing Graves [10:11]
1. Preview/Main Titles [1:59]
2. Under Surveillance [13:50]
3. Is it Worth It? [24:20]
4. Saved by the Feds [10:11]
1. Review/Main Titles [8:41]
2. Gang Killing [9:16]
3. A New Client [10:58]
4. Adding the Facts [20:34]
Disc #2, Side A -- The Rockford Files
1. Preview/Main Titles [1:59]
2. Not Dead [13:09]
3. One Way Ticket [25:16]
4. Take My Advice [9:54]
1. Preview/Main Titles [2:00]
2. I Need Help [16:14]
3. Can't Keep Running [22:38]
4. Always Cover Yourself [9:29]
1. Preview/Main Titles [1:59]
2. The Con Is On [23:45]
3. Honor Among Thieves [16:13]
4. Welching on a Bet [8:20]
1. Preview/Main Titles [2:00]
2. Irritating Manner [22:35]
3. Making Trouble [14:25]
4. Public Service [11:20]
Disc #2, Side B -- The Rockford Files
1. Preview/Main Titles [1:59]
2. Valuable Information [15:26]
3. Three-Way Split [13:01]
4. Worth a Fortune [19:51]
1. Preview/Main Titles [2:03]
2. Dangerous Involvement [5:14]
3. False Charges [28:40]
4. Meet the Boss [14:20]
1. Review/Main Titles [2:02]
2. Phony Stocks [24:26]
3. Fatal Mistake [12:42]
4. Citizens Arrest [11:08]
1. Preview/Main Titles [2:02]
2. Getting Picked Up [25:48]
3. Running a Bluff [13:09]
4. Vicious Cycle [9:11]
Disc #3, Side A -- The Rockford Files
1. Preview/Main Titles [2:04]
2. Strange Disappearance [9:53]
3. Extreme Concern [28:29]
4. Sorting Things Out [9:52]
2. Atmosphere of Cooperation [28:33]
1. Preview/Main Titles [2:01]
3. Taking Chances [8:33]
4. Street Value [11:08]
1. Preview/Main Titles [2:16]
2. Finding Charlie [21:25]
3. Accessory to Murder [18:08]
4. Getting Even [7:22]
1. Preview/Main Titles [2:02]
2. Chasing Ghosts [9:45]
3. Losing a Buddy [15:40]
4. Still Alive! [22:52]
Disc #3, Side B -- The Rockford Files
1. Preview/Main Titles [2:02]
2. Fast and Easy [17:11]
3. Gathering the Alibi [19:38]
4. Arguing the Point [11:19]
1. Preview/Main Titles [2:02]
2. On the Take [23:39]
3. Defaming an Officer [12:45]
4. Tapped In [11:47]
1. Preview/Main Titles [2:02]
2. Staged Accident [28:51]
3. Insurance Fraud [12:10]
4. Smash-Up Derby [7:19]
1. Preview/Main Titles [2:02]
2. Loss of Life Policy [12:14]
3. Proff of Delivery [10:18]
4. Cooking the Books [25:45]

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The Rockford Files - Season One 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Rockford Files is as good or better than I rememeber. Every member of the cast is superb. Dialog,action scenes, & humorous tidbits are as entertaining today. Listening to the James Garner interview was very special. James Garner is special.
hankheron More than 1 year ago
very good audio and video quality: I am quite satisfied.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The first season of the Rockford Files is an entertaining group of mysteries and the great James Garner. His shows are always fun to watch. The plots are a delight, always keeps you guessing.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago