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Romantic Comedy Collection

The Romantic Comedy Collection

Director: Gary David Goldberg

Cast: Ken Kwapis, Rob Reiner, Amber Tamblyn


Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Donald Liebenson
Like the title’s magical denim trousers, this heartfelt adaptation of Ann Brashares’ cherished coming-of-age novel is a perfect fit for the screen. Empowering, uplifting, and, ultimately tear-jerking, the story falls into the "that summer" category, in which life-changing events cement a bond between four lifelong friends. The quartet here includes wild-child Bridget (Blake Lively), shy and beautiful Lena (Alexis Bledel of Gilmore Girls), Tibby the rebel (Amber Tamblyn of Joan of Arcadia), and Carmen (America Ferrara), the lone Latina and an aspiring writer. During their first summer apart, they will be linked “in hearts and spirits” by a pair of blue jeans that miraculously fit each of the girls. They agree to each wear the pants for a week, and then send them on with a note detailing the most exciting thing that has happened to them. Two of the stories inevitably involve boys. Lena, visiting her grandparents in Greece, unwittingly re-ignites a family feud when she falls for one of the locals; and Bridget, away at soccer camp, scores off the field when she flirts with one of her coaches. More dramatic are Tibby’s encounter with a precocious 12-year-old and Carmen’s initial exposure to her new Caucasian stepfamily (which she dubs “the land of the blondes”). The sisterhood serves as a support group “for the things we couldn’t face alone” and experiences “we could never make sense of” (such as Bridget’s mother’s suicide, sensitively handled). Some of this is on the mature side for tweens, but for teenage girls, Sisterhood will no doubt feel resonant and real. Magic pants aside, of course.
Barnes & Noble - Ed Hulse
Erstwhile child star and glamour girl Diane Lane, having gotten much better with age, seems perfectly comfortable these days with roles calling for maturity and worldliness -- qualities Hollywood doesn't necessarily appreciate in today's leading ladies. Lane is especially good in this breezy romantic comedy, playing a recent divorcée approaching middle age and dreading the dating scene. At the insistence of her pushy older sister (Elizabeth Perkins), she enrolls with an online dating service and begins seeing various men, one of whom (John Cusack) makes a shockingly weak first impression but fascinates her anyway. Director Gary David Goldberg, who also wrote the script, is a TV veteran whose hit series include Family Ties and Spin City. It shouldn't be surprising, therefore, that the situations and dialogue have the facile quality associated with sitcoms; at times it seems as though the characters aren't having authentic conversations but, rather, tossing one-liners at each other. Still, the lines are generally clever and the characters reasonably well drawn. Dermot Mulroney, for example, plays a single dad who woos Lane while simultaneously romancing one of her co-workers. It would have been easy to make him a two-dimensional creep, but to his credit, Goldberg makes the guy more likable than he needs to be. Lane, too, is depicted as judgmental and a bit too quick to bristle -- qualities with which all of us can relate but which aren't too off-putting. Somewhat less essential to the film's structure, but cleverly developed in its own right, is a subplot involving Lane's widowed father (Christopher Plummer) and his slightly frowsy girl friend (Stockard Channing). Obtrusive though it occasionally seems, this material hits a receptive chord because Goldberg makes us care about the oldsters and gives them an equal share of snappy things to say. But this is Lane's show all the way; she effortlessly dominates every scene she's in, and you can't help but love her character even when she's being snotty. Noël Coward it ain't, but Must Love Dogs is a smart, sassy comedy for those old enough to appreciate how tough it can be to begin life's second act.

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Warner Home Video
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Special Features

Additional scenes on Sisterhood and Must Love Dogs; Extensive making-ofs and interviews on Sisterhood; Gag reel on Must Love Dogs

Cast & Crew

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Rumor Has It
1. How It All Started [3:31]
2. Turbulence in Tight Spaces [5:31]
3. Her Pasadena Past [3:23]
4. She Bounces [2:33]
5. Never Call Me Grandma [4:27]
6. Pre-Midlife Crisis [4:10]
7. Ex-Beau Beau [2:57]
8. Get Me the Graduate [3:46]
9. Dad Dilemma [4:16]
10. Popping the Question [4:53]
11. Beau's Secret [4:18]
12. Being Present [6:02]
13. Morning After [4:18]
14. They Certainly Have [:14]
15. Casablanca Ball [4:48]
16. Blake [2:53]
17. Wrong Answer [4:06]
18. High Anxiety [2:55]
19. Screwed-Up Sisters [2:15]
20. The Gang's All Here [3:38]
21. Chasing Ghosts [4:19]
22. Father Knows Best [2:34]
23. What Engaged Means [4:02]
24. One Condition [5:09]
25. End Credits [1:30]
Disc #2 -- The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
1. There for Each Other [4:12]
2. Impossibly Perfect Fit [3:35]
3. Sisterhood Rules [4:08]
4. Room With a View [2:37]
5. Don't Even Think About It [1:51]
6. Dad's Surprise [2:38]
7. Price on Her Head [1:41]
8. Falling in With Kostos [3:15]
9. I'll Race Ya [1:46]
10. Who Is This Guy? [1:49]
11. Bad Reputation [3:04]
12. Unquiet Desperation [2:54]
13. Checking Out the Competition [4:25]
14. Second Offenses [2:47]
15. Secret Activities [4:57]
16. Pains in the Neck [4:01]
17. Open to Love [5:03]
18. Interrupted Dance [2:35]
19. Found Out [3:29]
20. Carmen Doesn't Exist [2:02]
21. Single-Minded Bridget [3:18]
22. Shattering Point [2:20]
23. Being Afraid [4:20]
24. On Whose Side? [2:34]
25. Together and Apart [5:00]
26. No Matter What [2:09]
27. Taking Her Chance [3:15]
28. Why, Dad? [2:43]
29. Letting the Magic Work [5:13]
30. One Loser to Another [2:45]
31. Strength in Numbers [4:01]
32. Promise Me a Shot [2:26]
33. Heading for a Wedding [3:33]
34. Important Family Member [3:20]
35. Accessorized End Credits [8:33]
Disc #3 -- Must Love Dogs
1. Credits [2:04]
2. Divorced Duo [3:46]
3. Benched [4:29]
4. Mr. Incorrigible [3:38]
5. My Dad's Date [4:30]
6. On Offense on the Web [3:30]
7. Short Attention Spans [3:47]
8. Dog Park Rendezvous [4:10]
9. Hello, Dolly and BObby [3:26]
10. Happy Singalong [3:29]
11. Second Shots [3:14]
12. Everybody Accept Us [5:45]
13. Date Reports [5:13]
14. Brown Penny [3:11]
15. Never Ready [3:02]
16. Just Friends [2:11]
17. Too Many Men [2:33]
18. Pole and Tap Dancing [5:23]
19. Guys Like You [5:19]
20. Cheer Me Up [5:36]
21. Not Quite Zhivago [2:59]
22. Nice Turn of Phrase [4:58]
23. Today's Specials [3:09]
24. End Credits [3:49]

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