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Secret of My Success

The Secret of My Success

3.7 4
Director: Herbert Ross, Michael J. Fox, Helen Slater, Richard Jordan

Cast: Herbert Ross, Michael J. Fox, Helen Slater, Richard Jordan


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Released at the height of his popularity on Family Ties and in the wake of Back to the Future and Teen Wolf, Michael J. Fox stars in this "country boy in the big city" comedy, directed by Herbert Ross. After making the move from Kansas to New York City, Brantley Foster (Fox) secures a job in the mailroom at his uncle's large corporation. Doffing


Released at the height of his popularity on Family Ties and in the wake of Back to the Future and Teen Wolf, Michael J. Fox stars in this "country boy in the big city" comedy, directed by Herbert Ross. After making the move from Kansas to New York City, Brantley Foster (Fox) secures a job in the mailroom at his uncle's large corporation. Doffing any plans of working his way up the corporate ladder the old fashioned way, Brantley begins impersonating an executive to impress a high-ranking female co-worker, played by Helen Slater. Once his oversexed aunt enters the mix, Brantley finds himself juggling two identities, two jobs, and two women.

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Universal Studios

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Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Michael Fox Brantley Foster
Helen Slater Christy Wills
Richard Jordan Howard Prescott
Margaret Whitton Vera Prescott
John Pankow Fred Melrose
Christopher Murney Barney Rattigan
Gerry Bamman Art Thomas
Fred Gwynne Donald Davenport
Carol-Ann Susi Jean
Arthur Gallo Harried KRS Executive
Bruce McGill Actor
Ascanio Sharpe Executive
Elizabeth Franz Grace Foster
Drew Snyder Burt Foster
Barton Heyman Arnold Forbush
Mercedes Ruehl Sheila
Ira Wheeler Owens
Ashley J. Laurence Fletcher
Rex Robbins McMasters
Christopher Durang Davis
MacIntyre Dixon Ferguson
Bill Fagerbakke Ron
Jack Davidson Davidson
John Bowman Proctor
Jeff Brooks Executive
Don Amendolia Executive
Judith Malina Mrs. Meachum
Mary Catherine Wright Research Department Clerk
Joe Ragno Shipping Executive
Burke Pearson Fired Executive
Ray Ramirez Liquor Store Owner
Gloria Irizarry Wife of Liquor Store Owner
Mark Margolis Maintenance Man
Rick Aviles Maintenance Man
Sally Jane Heit Woman in KRS Building
Luis Ramos Cuban
John Capodice Man in KRS Building

Technical Credits
Herbert Ross Director,Producer
Joseph G. Aulisi Costumes/Costume Designer
William Barclay Production Designer
Pat Benatar Songwriter
Boris Blank Songwriter
Susan Bode-Tyson Set Decoration/Design
Jeb Brien Musical Direction/Supervision
Fern Buchner Makeup
Joseph M. Caracciolo Producer
A.J. Carothers Original Story,Screenwriter
Jim Cash Screenwriter
Mary Colquhoun Casting
Francisco Cruz Songwriter
David Cumming Songwriter
David Foster Score Composer
Tim DuBois Songwriter
Christopher Durang Screenwriter
Jack Epps Screenwriter
Siobhan Fahey Songwriter
Paul Hirsch Editor
Nora Kaye Associate Producer
Holly Knight Songwriter
Howard W. Koch Producer
Peter Larkin Production Designer
Vic Magnotta Stunts
Robert Marcial Songwriter
Ollie Marland Songwriter
Steve Maslow Sound/Sound Designer
Hank McCann Casting
Khris McDaniels Songwriter
Dieter Meier Songwriter
Tommy Mottola Musical Direction/Supervision
Jeff Nead Songwriter
Ira Newborn Songwriter
Carlo Di Palma Cinematographer
Danny Peck Songwriter
Edward Pisoni Production Designer
Tito Puente Songwriter
Kimberley Rew Songwriter
James J. Sabat Sound/Sound Designer
Paul Waller Songwriter


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The Secret of My Success 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Ryan_G More than 1 year ago
I have been on a weird 80s kick lately so I've been watching a lot of the movies I loved from that decade. The latest one to grace my DVD player was "The Secret of My Success" starring Michael J. Fox. I have owned this movie for years but it's not one I play very often. I think I'm going to have to rethink that because I spent most of the movie laughing out loud, which annoyed my son a little bit. I sometimes forget how funny Michael J. Fox was and how boyishly charming he could be. The basic premise of the movie is this, I will take it off the back cover. Can a kid from Kansas come to New York to conquer the business world and maneuver his way from the mailroom to the boardroom in a matter of weeks? Michael J. Fox proves it can be done in this very funny lampoon of corporate business life. Fresh out of college, he's determined to climb New York's corporate ladder in record time by masquerading as an up-and-coming executive, even though he's really the new mail boy. However, Fox's plans begin to go awry when the boss's wife falls in love with him and he falls in love with a junior executive, who also happens to be the boss's mistress. Now that I've typed this little blurb I can honestly say it in no way does this movie justice. Fox plays Brantley Foster, who moves to New York City with the promise of a job. The first day he shows up he is laid off due to the company being acquired in a hostile takeover. He then goes from company to company and being rejected over and over again. He is either too qualified, under qualified, and finally is told he needs to be a minority woman in order to get the job. Under duress (lack of money) he goes and asks his "uncle" through marriage for a job. His Uncle Howard Prescott, played by Richard Jordan, runs a multinational corporation and sticks Brantley into the mailroom. The first day he is told to drive a executive's wife, played by the wonderful Margaret Whitton, to her house where he ends up being seduced in the pool room. When the woman's husband shows up he realizes he just slept with his "aunt" Vera Prescott, wife of Howard Prescott. The rest of the movie revolves around two different story lines. The first is the love quadrangle of Howard, Vera, Brantley, and Christy Wills (played by Helen Slater). Christy is the mistress of Howard and ends up falling for Carlton Whitfield. Who is Carlton Whitfield you may ask? Well I'll tell you. Carlton is the alter ego of Brantley. Carlton is a young up and coming junior executive who has plans on saving the company from a hostile takeover. This brings us to the second plot line. Brantley living a double life, within the company. One as a mailroom clerk the other as a executive who changes his clothes in elevators and his office way too much for his secretary to understand. As you can guess the two plot lines bring along plenty of laughs and awkward situations. If you like plenty of laughs and the good guys winning in the end, watch this movie. You won't be disappointed. Besides how can you not like a movie that includes the song "Walking on Sunshine" from Katrina and the Waves?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
I love this movie as a very watchable fantasy; the music can be irritating at points but takes me back to the 80's! (The scenes before Brantley begins working for his uncle are the best)
Guest More than 1 year ago
Michael Fox makes this movie a hit. The movie deplics a young man,(who believes in himself), break into the business world. It has some amusing, but awkard situations thrown in. (I never looked at my watch.) I would rate it a PG. A good movie: 90%-chance you'll like it. Understand what the movie is saying to you, then it will inspire and help you understand how determination pays off.