Secret (Extended Edition)
  • Secret (Extended Edition)
  • Secret (Extended Edition)

Secret (Extended Edition)

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Cast: Fred Alan Wolf


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The self-actualization phenomenon known as The Secret pivots on the time-honored new age notion of the Laws of Attraction: That is, think positively, and positive things will come to you. This film, originally broadcast over the Internet, has been enhanced and extended for this DVD edition; but it retains the essential elements that have captivated millions. Over the course of its 92 minutes, The Secret introduces a parade of "teachers" hailing from various fields, including psychology, metaphysics, quantum physics, theology, spirit channeling, and personal motivation. Familiar faces and thoughts include those of John Gray (Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus), Neale Donald Walsch (Conversations with God), and What the Bleep Do We Know? veteran Fred Alan Wolf. Like What the Bleep…?, this film mingles in among its talking heads vignettes underscoring its principles, although here the stories are varied, in contrast to the earlier film's single, Marlee Matlin-focused narrative. Produced and narrated by Australian television veteran Rhonda Byrne, The Secret's ultimate goal for viewers is, as Johnny Mercer put it, to "accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative," and "don't mess with Mr. In-Between." For many, that's an eye-opener.

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