Sentinel - Season 1

Sentinel - Season 1

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Cast: Richard Burgi, Garett Maggart, Bruce A. Young


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Barnes & Noble - Donald Liebenson
How's this for a high (and really, someone must have been...) concept: James Ellison, a detective for the Cascade Police Department, foils bad guys using his extraordinarily heightened senses, which he developed while lost for 18 months in the Peruvian jungle. "Jim works in his own way," a colleague notes, but television convention requires that our rugged lone wolf hero -- played by Richard Burgi in his pre-Desperate Housewives phase -- reluctantly join with a mismatched partner; in this case, the sidekick is a longhaired anthropology student named Blair Sandburg (Garett Maggart). The last thing Ellison needs is "some neo-hippie flower child with time on his hands now that the Dead have broken up." But Sandburg is convinced that Ellison is the perfect subject for his thesis, a throwback to a pre-civilized breed of man, and a living embodiment of the mythical sentinels who used their acute sensory powers to protect their tribes. "You're a human crime lab with organic surveillance equipment," he enthusiastically tells Ellison. It is Sandburg's role to help Ellison come to his senses, and control them. This 1996 UPN series lasted four seasons, and these inaugural episodes are a lot of fun, if only for the sheer what-am-I-watching-ness of the concept, as well as the direct-to-video-grade dialogue. "The only thing I want more than my divorce papers is an arrest," Ellison's excitable captain (Bruce A. Young) tells him at one point. There's a fine line between guilty pleasure and cult obsession, and, The Sentinel deftly walks it.

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