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Sergio Leone Anthology

The Sergio Leone Anthology

4.7 4
Director: Sergio Leone

Cast: Clint Eastwood, Rod Steiger, Eli Wallach

Originally titled Giù la Testa, Duck, You Sucker! is a Mexican-revolution yarn, filmed in Italy by spaghetti Western maven Sergio Leone. James Coburn is top-billed as John H. Mallory, an Irish soldier of fortune with a penchant for explosives. Rod Steiger plays Juan Miranda, another mercenary who wants to utilize Mallory's specialty to blast into a bank.


Originally titled Giù la Testa, Duck, You Sucker! is a Mexican-revolution yarn, filmed in Italy by spaghetti Western maven Sergio Leone. James Coburn is top-billed as John H. Mallory, an Irish soldier of fortune with a penchant for explosives. Rod Steiger plays Juan Miranda, another mercenary who wants to utilize Mallory's specialty to blast into a bank. Despite his avaricious intentions, Miranda becomes a hero when the hole he blows in the bank wall frees dozens of political prisoners. Duck, You Sucker originally ran 150 minutes, with U.S. release prints heavily trimmed. Taking into consideration the previous "Man With No Name" films masterminded by Leone, the distributors of Duck, You Sucker! reissued the film as A Fistful of Dynamite.

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Gregory Baird
The great Italian director Sergio Leone capped off his cycle of Clint Eastwood spaghetti westerns (the so-called Man with No Name trilogy) with the magnificent epic The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. "The Good" is Eastwood, reprising his role as an ultra-cool, serape-clad, cheroot-chomping antihero, known here as Blondie; "The Bad" is a ruthless killer called "Angel Eyes" (Lee Van Cleef); and "The Ugly" is a greedy bandit named Tuco (Eli Wallach). The story, which follows the search for a fortune in hidden gold, has the archetypal simplicity of a folktale punctuated by significant amounts of highly stylized violence. Leone expands his successful formula here: Wallach's manic greed plays nicely against Eastwood's unflappability, adding a dimension of humor absent from the earlier films, as Blondie and Tuco form an unlikely partnership. At the same time, the director revels in his trademark juxtaposition of wide-angle shots and ultra-close-ups and his oh-so-fluid moving camera, resulting in powerful imagery that set new standards for wide-screen cinematography. As superb as his music was for Leone’s previous films, Ennio Morricone's score here is one of the all-time greats -- music that, with its twangy, ominous guitar chords, has come to define the spaghetti western. Along with Once Upon a Time in the West, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly stands as the apotheosis of the genre and a work of timeless perfection, completing Leone’s reinvention of the movie western. The DVD includes 17 minutes of scenes that were deleted after the film's original Italian release.

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Release Date:
Mgm (Video & Dvd)

Special Features

Audio commentaries; Featurettes

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Clint Eastwood The Good,The Man With No Name
Rod Steiger Juan Miranda
Eli Wallach Tuco, the Ugly
James Coburn John H. "Sean" Mallory
Lee Van Cleef Col. Douglas Mortimer,The Bad
Marianne Koch Marisol
John Wells El Indio,Ramon Rojo
Romolo Valli Dr. Villego
Aldo Giuffré Actor
Jean Michel Antoine Actor
Josef Egger The Old Man
Wolfgang Lukschy John Baxter
Mara Krup Hotel Manager's Wife
Maria Monti Adolita
Mario Brega Chico,Actor
Rada Rassimov Actor
Rik Battaglia Santerna
Franco Collace Napoleon
Renato Pontecchi Pepe

Technical Credits
Sergio Leone Director

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- A Fistful of Dollars - Feature Film
1. Logo/Main Titles [2:31]
2. Chasing El Niño [2:23]
3. Adios, Amigo [2:33]
4. "The Wrong Town" [3:23]
5. "Two Bosses" [2:05]
6. "Get 3 Coffins Ready" [1:07]
7. The Sensitive Mule [2:29]
8. Hired & Accommodated [2:42]
9. Trouble Between Brothers [2:03]
10. The Stagecoach [3:13]
11. Gun Trade [3:18]
12. Ramon [3:59]
13. "Leave Here" [1:20]
14. "We'll Go Along" [3:51]
15. Playing Informant [2:44]
16. A Man With Money [1:56]
17. K.O.'d [5:06]
18. Marisol - Napping [2:23]
19. The Men Money Can Buy [1:27]
20. "Jesus!" [5:47]
21. Marisol's Story [:58]
22. Rojo Revelry [2:46]
23. Stealing Away [1:37]
24. Setting Things Right [3:08]
25. Horse Chase [2:30]
26. Tortured [3:13]
27. The Barrell Bomb [4:11]
28. The Americano's Friends [3:33]
29. Shooting Survivors [6:29]
30. Regaining His Aim [4:02]
31. Target Practice [5:32]
32. Joe vs. Ramon [5:15]
Disc #3 -- For a Few Dollars More - Feature Film
1. At a Distance/Main Title [4:05]
2. Getting Off at Tucumari [2:21]
3. "Where Is He?" [5:20]
4. "His Name Is Monco" [1:18]
5. Death of a Gambler [5:21]
6. Freedom for El Indio [5:55]
7. 18 Months Taken Back [6:24]
8. The Young Informant [2:01]
9. Best Room in the House [2:35]
10. El Paso Plans [4:38]
11. A Fool or a Madman [:54]
12. New Batch of Strangers [7:29]
13. That Damn Railroad [3:01]
14. Is the Gentleman Leaving? [5:41]
15. Two Men, One Reward [4:50]
16. Haunted Indio [2:02]
17. Friend Out of Nowhere [4:00]
18. No Joke [1:58]
19. False Alarm [4:03]
20. The Day of the Deed [7:09]
21. North of South [4:38]
22. A Test in Hot Water [4:12]
23. Some Final Offers [3:34]
24. The Art of Safecracking [2:06]
25. Surprised and Beaten [5:44]
26. Change of Plans [5:53]
27. A Little Excitement [2:55]
28. Where Is the Money? [4:52]
29. Last Men Standing [2:29]
30. About That Watch [3:01]
31. For Old Chimes' Sake [5:48]
32. "Maybe Next Time" [5:01]
Disc #5 -- The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - Feature Film
1. Main Title [2:55]
2. The Ugly [3:04]
3. $500 to Kill [9:02]
4. The Bad [2:22]
5. A Prince on Tuco's Head [4:29]
6. Mercy on a Rat's Soul [2:41]
7. Filthy Beggars and Angels [3:10]
8. The Good [1:54]
9. A Fallen Woman [2:23]
10. The Price of a Pistol [6:11]
11. Rich and Lonely [3:16]
12. Dixie's Last Hurrah [8:03]
13. Southern Cuisine [4:17]
14. Tracking Blondie [3:24]
15. A Walk in the Sun [8:38]
16. Carson's Last Words [7:34]
17. With Father's Help [8:57]
18. Brother Pablo's Way [6:48]
19. Prisoners of War [6:06]
20. No More Brutality [2:54]
21. A Song for Old Friends [8:38]
22. Different Partner, Same Deal [6:13]
23. A Breakable Bond [3:41]
24. Tuco Takes a Bath [9:03]
25. Death in a Ghost Town [4:53]
26. Qualified Volunteers [6:41]
27. The Daily Slaughter [6:14]
28. A Bridge to History [8:57]
29. Graveyard Shift [6:36]
30. A Shovel for Arch Stanton [3:46]
31. Triangle of Trust [5:45]
32. ."..And Those Who Dig" [9:40]
Disc #7 -- Duck, You Sucker - Feature Film
1. Main Titles/New Passenger [6:28]
2. Animals [5:10]
3. Waylaid [3:44]
4. Thank You [5:03]
5. Duck, You Sucker [4:34]
6. Great Magician [3:51]
7. Who Needs Him? [2:35]
8. Destiny [6:03]
9. Duck, Again [5:37]
10. Screwed [6:55]
11. Unexpected Help [4:56]
12. Martial Law [3:57]
13. Revolution [9:47]
14. Bank Gold [7:43]
15. Unwitting Hero [1:30]
16. People Who Read [9:46]
17. The Bridge [7:30]
18. Six Sons [8:15]
19. Betrayal [6:33]
20. Familiar Words [2:20]
21. Firing Squads [6:13]
22. The Governor [10:11]
23. Short-Lived Celebration [4:28]
24. It's Easy to Judge [5:42]
25. End of the Line [4:20]
26. Juan and John [6:26]
27. Happier Days [3:54]
28. My Friend/End Titles [2:51]

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The Sergio Leone Anthology 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
RedSoxFan More than 1 year ago
This set is an absolute must-buy for any movie buff. It collects the epic Man With No Name Trilogy (Fistful Of Dollars, For A Few Dollars More, and Leone's masterpiece, The Good, The Bad & The Ugly), and as a bonus throws in the lesser known Duck, You Sucker (titled A Fistful of Dynamite in the U.S.)!

Leone redefined the Western in the early 1960's by actually looking east at Japanese filmaker, Akira Kurasowa's work on his brilliant samurai pictures like Seven Samurai. Leone was impressed at Kurasowa's Western sensibilities and his love for the works of John Ford. He decided to remake, almost shot for shot, the Japanese legend's Yojimbo as a Western, and cast a little known American television actor named Clint Eastwood as the lead anti-hero originally played by Toshiro Mifune. The movie was Fistful of Dollars, and the Spaghetti Western was born, invigorating a genre many thought was dead.

The real gem in this set though is the third movie in his Eastwood trilogy, The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly. Already a success after he followed up his first hit with an excellent sequal, For a Few Dollars More, Leone decided to go all out for the final film. The result is an epic of incomparable quality and stands on top of my list as one of the greatest movies ever made.

The plot revolves around three men's search for buried gold during the final days of the Civil War. Clint reprise his roll as the nameless gunslinger and is joined on his journey by the two-faced and equally tenacious Tuco (played with comic brilliance by Eli Wallach). Opposing them is the cunning and brutal bounty hunter, Angel Eyes (Lee Van Cleef, in a roll that cannot be praised enough). The three men converge at the cemetery where the loot is buried for an epic standoff that is heightened by Ennio Morricone's unforgettable score.

In closing, even casual fans of Westerns will want to own this set. There are great documentaries on the making of the films and Leone's career as one of the most prolific filmmakers of the 20th century.
Ahhn More than 1 year ago
Great westerns. Haunting music that you can't shake. Operatic themes, pregnant pauses, tension and dry humor - all are about a bunch of guys (all guys) who can't stand each other - the dialogue is terse, the camera shots focus close in on tiny expressions (like Clint Eastwood' squinting) and then pan to vast western landscapes. Even if you don't like the genre, these will get to you. These movies made stars of Clint Eastwood, James Coburn, Eli Wallach, Rod Steiger and Lee Van Cleef.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago