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Sopranos - Season 3

The Sopranos - Season 3

4.5 2

Cast: James Gandolfini, Steven Van Zandt

The third season of the award-winning HBO series about one harried boss in the New Jersey Mafia arrives on DVD in a package that bears a good bit more gloss than one usually expects from the home video release of television material. Spreading 13 episodes over four discs, The Sopranos: The Complete Third Season has been transferred in 16:9 anamorphic format, appearing


The third season of the award-winning HBO series about one harried boss in the New Jersey Mafia arrives on DVD in a package that bears a good bit more gloss than one usually expects from the home video release of television material. Spreading 13 episodes over four discs, The Sopranos: The Complete Third Season has been transferred in 16:9 anamorphic format, appearing letterboxed on conventional televisions and formatted to fill the screen on widescreen monitors. The audio has been mastered in Dolby Digital Surround 5.1, employing the original English language tracks. The disc also features closed-captioning in English and optional subtitles in English, Spanish, and French. In terms of bonus features, three of the episodes on the set feature alternate commentary tracks: "Pine Barrens" with Steve Buscemi, who directed the episode; "The Telltale Moozadel" with Michael Imperioli, who wrote the episode's script as well as playing Christopher Moltisanti; and "Amour Fou" with David Chase, the show's creator and producer, who also penned the story for this installment. The set also includes a short documentary on the production of the series, the "Previously On" introductions and "Next On" codas that aired before and after each episode, recaps of the events from seasons one and two, biographies of the principle members of the cast and crew, and synopses for all 13 episodes.

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The Sopranos Complete Third Season offers Episodes 27 through 39 of David Chase's sensational HBO drama, which began its original run in March 2001. The third season earned 17 Emmy nominations and won 4, including Best Lead Actor in a Drama Series (for James Gandolfini as Tony Soprano) and Best Lead Actress in a Drama Series (for Edie Falco as Tony's wife, Carmela). Available as either a 4-DVD or 5-VHS set, The Sopranos Complete Third Season comprises the following 13 episodes:
  • Episode 27: "Mr. Ruggerio's Neighborhood" The feds plant a bug in Tony's basement.
  • Episode 28: "Proshai Livuska" Tony's mother, Livia, dies, and it's not necessarily a relief to her son.
  • Episode 29: "The Fortunate Son" Tony's therapy sessions with Dr. Melfi (Lorraine Bracco) make a minor breakthrough when he discovers a connection between his fainting spells and raw meat.
  • Episode 30: "Employee of the Month" Dr. Melfi considers sending Tony after the man who sexually assaulted her, and Tony's sister, Janice (Aida Turturro), runs afoul of some nasty Russians.
  • Episode 31: "Another Toothpick" Carmela attends one of Tony's sessions with Melfi, and it doesn't go well.
  • Episode 32: "University" Tony's daughter, Meadow (Jamie-Lynn Sigler), gets dumped by her Columbia University boyfriend; and when Ralph Ciafretto (Joe Pantoliano) dishes out a fatal beating to Tracee (Ariel Kiley) outside the Bada Bing, Tony gets especially angry.
  • Episode 33: "Second Opinion" Uncle Junior (Dominic Chianese), recovering from successful cancer surgery, gets another scare. And a therapist recommends that Carmela leave Tony.
  • Episode 34: "He Is Risen" Tony looks for a resolution of his issues with Ralph Ciafretto and pays a visit to a Mercedes dealer after meeting her in Melfi's waiting room.
  • Episode 35: "The Telltale Moozadell" Meadow's budding relationship with Jackie Aprile Jr. (Jason Cerbone) -- heretofore sanctioned by Tony -- suddenly takes on added dimensions as Jackie's criminal alter ego is revealed.
  • Episode 36: "To Save Us All from Satan's Power" Christmastime finds Tony thinking about his old pal Big Pussy, and Jackie Aprile Jr. picks the wrong club to visit for a lap dance -- one Tony is visiting.
  • Episode 37: "Pine Barrens" Winner of an award from the Writers Guild of America, this episode finds Christopher and Paulie Walnuts lost in the Pine Barrens of central New Jersey, trying to find a Russian thug who escaped from them after they thought they'd killed him. And Tony's Mercedes-dealing girlfriend shows her dark side.
  • Episode 38: "Amour Fou" Tony realizes that it's time to end his fling, and Jackie Jr. realizes it's time to rob Gene Pontecorvo's (Robert Funaro) poker game. The latter decision doesn't go well.
  • Episode 39: "The Army of One" Jackie Jr. has run out of second chances, while Anthony Jr. (Robert Iler) -- expelled from school for cheating -- shows a propensity for fainting just like Tony. In the Season 3 closer, we see the feds opening a new front in their efforts to topple Tony's business.
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    Hbo Home Video
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    [Wide Screen]
    [stereo, Dolby Surround, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround]

    Special Features

    Audio commentaries by Michael Imperioli (on Episode 9, "The Telltale Moozadel"), Steve Buscemi (Episode 11, "Pine Barrens"), and David Chase (Episode 12, "Amour Fou"); behind-the-scenes featurette; re-caps of Season 1 and Season 2; prior-episode re-caps and previous-episode previews; cast and crew biographies.

    Cast & Crew

    Scene Index

    Side #1 -- Episode 1-4
    2. Warranted Sneak and Peek [4:28]
    3. When the Family's Away... [4:31]
    4. The S.E.T. Will Play [11:56]
    5. House Watch [8:17]
    6. Next Door Steakout [4:25]
    7. Soprano on Tap [13:44]
    2. Word to the Wise [5:45]
    3. Sleep of Death [9:47]
    4. Funeral Arrangements [10:09]
    5. The Wakening [10:10]
    6. Bidding Farewell [3:40]
    7. Sharing Remembrances [15:44]
    2. Entering the Family [7:56]
    3. Growth Spurts [10:43]
    4. Fatherly Expectations [9:41]
    5. Collection Strategies [13:51]
    6. Rebelling With a Cause [6:11]
    7. Too Much Too Soon [8:22]
    2. Synergistic Reconciliations [7:32]
    3. This Is Business [7:36]
    4. Violations [11:43]
    5. Behavior Management [7:22]
    6. Retribution [8:48]
    7. Soul Search [8:01]
    Side #2 -- Episode 5-7
    2. Being Picked On [7:48]
    3. Tending the Ill-Fated [6:49]
    4. Giving Notice [9:17]
    5. Making a Comeback [8:54]
    6. Delivering the Hit [8:38]
    7. Happens in Threes [16:45]
    2. New Influences [9:32]
    3. All Wound Up [11:26]
    4. Parental Comforts [4:55]
    5. Control Measures [9:11]
    6. Heartbreak [7:23]
    7. Mournful Loss [4:50]
    2. Guarenteed Cure [6:59]
    3. Followup Visit [8:18]
    4. Shakedown [6:56]
    5. Generous Contributor [12:11]
    6. Prescribed Treatment [8:56]
    7. Being Told [14:15]
    Side #3 -- Episode 8-10
    2. Refused Advances [9:09]
    3. Cancellations [8:12]
    4. Thanksgiving [6:20]
    5. Family Mediator [7:08]
    6. Soldiering On [11:53]
    7. Rise to Captain [9:34]
    2. Evening of Surprises [10:33]
    3. Serious Consequences [9:20]
    4. Snaking Around [3:16]
    5. Under Surveillance [6:39]
    6. Making a Point [9:00]
    7. Caught in Lies [7:12]
    2. Panic Attack Relapse [7:17]
    3. Search for Claus [6:34]
    4. Gift List Rundown [7:48]
    5. "Ho Fucking Ho" [7:09]
    6. Fusting Santa [7:30]
    7. Christmas Morning [7:38]
    Side #4 -- Episode 11-13
    2. Word Play [6:20]
    3. Debt Fulfillment [9:33]
    4. Winter Burial [9:42]
    5. Lost in the Cold [9:14]
    6. Rescue Mission [13:43]
    7. Out of the Woods [9:30]
    2. Open to Interpretation [7:26]
    3. Courtesy Lift [9:07]
    4. Theorizing the Attack [8:23]
    5. Slick with Culpability [9:02]
    6. Masked Familiarity [11:10]
    7. Standard Operating Procedure [13:08]
    2. Remote Haven [8:06]
    3. Permanent Expulsion [9:42]
    4. Military Discipline [9:24]
    5. Passed on Genes [12:32]
    6. Who Shot Jackie Jr? [10:12]
    7. Cuore Ingrata (Ungrateful Heart) [8:20]

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    The Sopranos - Season 3 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
    Guest More than 1 year ago
    The first family of organized crime keep rolling in Season 3. The series stays fresh despite the loss of Nancy Marchand (Livia Soprano) and Vincent Pastore (Big Pussy). Like all progressive and innovative series, this one isn't afraid to take chances by taking out regulars. The final 3 episodes prove to be the best of the 3rd season. A few sluggish moments but nothing worth sweating over. Ready for the grand slam with Season 4.
    Anonymous More than 1 year ago