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Director: Steven Spielberg

Cast: Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Stanley Tucci


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Shot almost entirely on a two-and-a-half-story recreation of a full-size operating airport terminal, this romantic comedy from director Steven Spielberg revolves around an Eastern European man by the name of Viktor Navorski (Tom Hanks), whose plans of immigrating to New York were hastened by a violent coup in his home country. Unfortunately, Viktor finds himself on… See more details below


Shot almost entirely on a two-and-a-half-story recreation of a full-size operating airport terminal, this romantic comedy from director Steven Spielberg revolves around an Eastern European man by the name of Viktor Navorski (Tom Hanks), whose plans of immigrating to New York were hastened by a violent coup in his home country. Unfortunately, Viktor finds himself on the wrong end of a nasty technicality while en route to America: His passport was issued from a country, which, during its upheaval, ceased to exist in an official capacity. Unauthorized to leave Kennedy Airport upon his arrival and unable to return home, Viktor finds himself exiled inside the terminal's international transit lounge. Though airport official Frank Dixon (Stanley Tucci) views Viktor as an annoying bureaucratic glitch, other airport employees -- including a beautiful flight attendant by the name of Amelia (Catherine Zeta-Jones) -- come to see him as a welcome, if unofficial, addition to their numbers. As the days stretch on into months, the terminal transforms from an intimidating atmosphere of forced assimilation into a country within itself, complete with culture, ambition, status, complex diversity, and the need for love. The supporting cast includes Diego Luna, Chi McBride, Kumar Pallana, Zoe Saldana, Eddie Jones, and Jude Ciccolella.

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Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Ed Hulse
Producer-director Steven Spielberg and actor Tom Hanks always collaborate superbly, and in The Terminal they pull off the amazing feat of turning a busy New York airport into a magical kingdom. Based on a true story (but rather fancifully elaborated to achieve the desired narrative effect), the film stars Hanks as Viktor Navorski, a native of the tiny eastern European nation Krakozhia. Just as his plane is landing at JFK, Viktor’s government is overthrown by rebels, rendering his passport useless. Forbidden by the airport’s security chief (Stanley Tucci) from entering the United States, the befuddled but resourceful Krakozhian takes up residence in the terminal itself, running errands to earn food money and sleeping in darkened areas closed for renovation. Eventually he becomes smitten with lovelorn flight attendant Amelia Warren (Catherine Zeta-Jones), a hopeless romantic who realizes no good can come from her current affair with a married man. The story is crammed with improbabilities; yet, Spielberg’s skill and Hanks’s earnest performance make it remarkably convincing. Thanks to their efforts, it is relatively easy to suspend disbelief and get caught up in the film’s life-affirming exuberance. As the camera glides through the bustling terminal, you’ll get the feeling that you’re right there alongside Viktor, whose fervent self-reliance and generous spirit have a transformative effect on everyone he encounters. It’s a wonderful role for Hanks, who’s never better than when he is playing an Everyman buffeted by the winds of change. But even he couldn’t have sustained this illusion on his own; the supporting players are terrific as well, especially Chi McBride and Diego Luna as initially suspicious airport staffers who eventually embrace Viktor as part of the “family.” Tucci has a special gift for playing tightly wound authoritarians, and he makes a wonderful “heavy” as the ambitious bureaucrat whose impending promotion depends on his handling of the Krakozhian matter. The Terminal wastes no time in weaving its magical spell, and we guarantee you’ll be swept up almost immediately.
All Movie Guide - Perry Seibert
Most performers will say that the single greatest skill an actor can have is the ability to listen. Tom Hanks is often praised for his everyman qualities and his comedic timing, but people rarely discuss how good a listener he is. If The Terminal does nothing else, it will give people a new opportunity to appreciate Hanks' skill. As Viktor, the man without a country, Hanks wordlessly communicates to the audience how his character observes his new habitat, and how this intelligent, simple man learns to survive in it. As Viktor slowly acquires passable English and manages to earn money, Hanks' ability to observe and listen makes the character completely believable. Back-to-back Oscar wins made Hanks an institution, but to his credit he has become a much better actor in the decade since those historic victories. As is the case with every Steven Spielberg film since Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Terminal would be improved with some liberal editing. The film drags to its obvious, sentimental, tear-jerking conclusion and would cancel out the small joys of the first half-hour of the film if not for Hanks confidently going about his strange new life. Spielberg's instincts are always to drive his films toward bigger emotions, abandoning any and all subtlety, while Hanks is at his very best in small moments. The Terminal is nearly undone by this dichotomy, but Hanks provides enough moments to make the film more interesting that it deserves to be.

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Dreamworks Video
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[Full Frame]
[DTS 5.1-Channel Surround Sound, Dolby AC-3 Surround Sound]
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Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Tom Hanks Viktor Navorski
Catherine Zeta-Jones Amelia Warren
Stanley Tucci Frank Dixon
Chi McBride Joe Mulroy
Diego Luna Enrique Cruz
Barry "Shabaka" Henley Ray Thurman
Barry Shabak-Henley Thurman
Kumar Pallana Gupta
Zoe Saldana Delores Torres
Eddie Jones Salchak
Jude Ciccolella Karl Iverson
Corey Reynolds Waylin
Guillermo Diaz Bobby Alima
Rini Bell Nadia
Stephen Mendel First Class Steward
Valery Nikolaev Milodragovich
Michael Nouri Max
Benny Golson Benny Golson
Ana Maria Quintana Government Inspector
Bob Morrisey Government Inspector
Sasha Spielberg Lucy
Susan Slome Woman With Cart
Mik Scriba Transportation Liaison
James Ishida Yoshinoya Manager
Carlease Burke Brookstone Manager
Stephon Fuller Swatch Manager
Dan Finnerty Discovery Store Manager
Anastasia Basil La Perla Employee Julie
Lydia Blanco Burger King Employee
Joseph Davis Burger King Employee
Tonya Ivey Godiva Employee
Kevin Mukherji Soundworks Dave
John Eddins CBP Officer
Kenneth Choi CBP Officer
Cas Anvar CBP Officer
Conrad Pla CBP Officer
Danette MacKay CBP Officer
Ian Finlay CBP Officer
Janique Kearns CBP Officer
Eddie Santiago Man on Phone
Kevin Ryder Businessman
Dusan Dukic Young Drug Trafficker
Mark Ivanir Cab Driver Goran
Matt Holland Ramada Inn Clerk
Buster Williams Bass
Mike Ledonne Piano
Carlo Allen Drums
Scott Adsit Cab Driver
Robert Covarrubias Janitor
Terry Haig CBP Inspector
Jeff Michael Anchor
Dilva Henry Anchor
Michelle Arthur Field Reporter
Thinh Truong Passenger
Sandrine Kwan Passenger
Carl Alacchi Passenger
Tanya Van Blokland Passenger
Evelyne De La Cheneliere Passenger
Laurie Meghan Phelps Homeland Security Officer

Technical Credits
Steven Spielberg Director,Producer
Wyatt Bartlett Costumes/Costume Designer
Yvonne Bastidos Costumes/Costume Designer
George Billinger Camera Operator
Dana Casey Costumes/Costume Designer
J. Andre Chaintrevil Set Decoration/Design
John DeLuca Choreography
Mitchell Dubin Camera Operator
Diana Edgmon Costumes/Costume Designer
Zoltan Elek Makeup
Katalin Elek Makeup
Leslee Feldman Casting
Trayce Field Costumes/Costume Designer
Jordanna Fineberg Costumes/Costume Designer
Luke Freeborn Set Decoration/Design
Annie Garrity Costumes/Costume Designer
Sacha Gervasi Original Story,Screenwriter
Anita Gibson Makeup
Isabelle Guay Art Director
Alix Hester Costumes/Costume Designer
Jason Hoffs Executive Producer
Lois G. Hoyos Set Decoration/Design
Nancy Jarzynko Costumes/Costume Designer
Matt Jerome Costumes/Costume Designer
Sandy Justus Stunts
Michael Kahn Editor
Janusz Kaminski Cinematographer
Patricia Klawonn Set Decoration/Design
Michael Lantieri Special Effects Supervisor
Jean-Pierre Lavoie Set Decoration/Design
Michael Lutz Costumes/Costume Designer
Bruce MacCallum Camera Operator
Laurie MacDonald Producer
Brian Machleit Stunts
Victor Martinez Set Decoration/Design
Alex McDowell Production Designer
Sergio Mimica-Gezzan Asst. Director,Co-producer
Shawn Murphy Sound Mixer
Geneva Nash-Morgan Makeup
Jeff Nathanson Screenwriter
John Neufeld Musical Arrangement
Andrew Niccol Executive Producer,Original Story
Ric Nish Production Manager
Sam Page Set Decoration/Design
Walter Parkes Producer
Richard Reynolds Set Decoration/Design
Brad Ricker Art Director
Lucie Robitaille Casting
Sandy Rowden Makeup
Theodore H. Sharps Set Decoration/Design
Nomi Shichor Costumes/Costume Designer
Maya Shimoguchi Set Decoration/Design
Ron Snyder Makeup
Dan Striepeke Makeup
Christine Wada Costumes/Costume Designer
Patricia Whitcher Executive Producer
Cindy Williams Makeup
John Williams [composer] Score Composer
Debra Zane Casting
Mary Zophres Costumes/Costume Designer
Scott Zuber Set Decoration/Design

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Scene Index

Side #1 --
1. Main Title [3:17]
2. Crack in the System [5:43]
3. America Closed [5:02]
4. Do You Have an Appointment? [1:25]
5. Gate 67 [3:07]
6. Acting Field Commissioner [1:50]
7. Unacceptable [2:38]
8. Unhooking the Fish [4:36]
9. Sensible Heels [2:00]
10. The Carts [2:46]
11. 50/50 [2:37]
12. You Feed Me, I'll Feed You [6:15]
13. Crowded [5:58]
14. Observations [4:48]
15. The Position Has Been Filled [3:39]
16. After Hours [1:43]
17. Rewriting History [3:02]
18. The Inspection [4:30]
19. If I Stay, You Stay [:52]
20. The Dinner Appointment [10:04]
21. Tokens of Love [2:14]
22. Why Viktor Navorski? [10:45]
23. Keeping Promises [3:48]
24. The War Is Over [2:21]
25. Family [6:43]
26. Viktor's Leaving! [6:59]
27. 161 Lexington [2:01]
28. End Credits [6:50]

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