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Toxic Avenger

The Toxic Avenger

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Director: Michael Herz, Lloyd Kaufman

Cast: Andree Maranda, Mitchell Cohen


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This is the official Troma Studios-approved unrated director's cut of their camp horror classic The Toxic Avenger. The DVD release not only restores Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz's original vision, it also presents a cool digital sampling of the entire Troma mystique. The DVD, like all Troma output, is filled with fake gore, T&A, and cornball humor. Included


This is the official Troma Studios-approved unrated director's cut of their camp horror classic The Toxic Avenger. The DVD release not only restores Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz's original vision, it also presents a cool digital sampling of the entire Troma mystique. The DVD, like all Troma output, is filled with fake gore, T&A, and cornball humor. Included are various clips from the Toxic Crusaders animated TV series, Tromaville Café TV, and other shorts and skits starring Toxie (the Toxic Avenger's cute, cuddly nickname), as well as trailers for other studio classics like Tromeo and Juliet and The Class of Nuke 'Em High. Viewers can also take an interactive Troma Quiz, or take a tour of Troma Studios. The tour is hosted by Kaufman and highlights gross-out scenes from other Troma movies, short skits like Herz smashing a cheeseburger in his face about five different ways, and lots of striptease. The main creature feature is available with or without commentary and also has a special section for deleted scenes. There is a lot to watch on The Toxic Avenger DVD, and it's presented in the farcical, B-grade, low-budget manner Troma has built its empire on.

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Onome Ekeh
This '80s cult classic was the breakthrough hit of Troma Entertainment, the no-budget production company that proudly assumed Roger Corman's mantle as the makers of cheapo exploitation flicks. Not for the fainthearted, this is a film for viewers who like laughs with their gore. Melvin, a nerdy mop boy in Tromaville, New Jersey -- a major chemical dumping site and the most environmentally challenged spot in America -- is attacked by bullies and plunged head first into a pool of toxic waste. From this slime emerges a superhero known as the Toxic Avenger. Soon, the tutu-clad "Toxie" is out for blood, guts, and the American Way, literally mopping up New Jersey lowlife and finding romance amid the muck with a blind hottie (Andree Maranda). The film, with its crude special effects and even cruder jokes, was such a hit that Toxie came back a few more times (via sequels) to rescue the world from good taste.
All Movie Guide - Jason Buchanan
One of the most gleefully violent and tasteless super-human hero films ever to have been committed to celluloid, The Toxic Avenger proved the film that truly launched Troma as the center of the universe for mindless and endearingly sleazy entertainment. Upon viewing the film in retrospect, the fact that it spawned a series of lucrative sequels for Troma seems a given, though the simultaneous fact that it also proved the forerunner to a fairly popular but short-lived Saturday morning kiddie cartoon (complete with action figure tie-ins) is no less than mind-boggling considering the film's shockingly graphic violence towards children. Though anyone with a sensitive stomach and the easily (and, perhaps, not so easily) offended should be forewarned to avoid this film at all costs, those with a hearty sense of pitch-black humor will certainly find this no-budget, no-holds-barred cartoonish shock-a-thon required viewing. Best appreciated with a group of similarly twisted gore-hounds in the wee hours of a Saturday night, co-directors and Troma Studios co-founders Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Hertz pull out all the stops in playing such atrocities as a shotgun pointed at a baby and a child whose head is smashed repeatedly in graphic detail under the wheels of a car for laughs. While taken out of context these situations would read as some of the most horrifying imaginable, combined with sub-par and gleefully campy acting, cheap gore effects and an infectively giddy sense of anarchy, they work to create an atmosphere in which these otherwise unforgivable events are rendered so improbable that they become ridiculously humorous. Reportedly inspired to create this extreme effort after hearing that horror films were a dead genre, Kaufman may not have succeeded in single-handedly revitalizing the truly effective horror film, though he without question created one of the most influential exercises in bad taste since Pink Flamingos.

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Special Features

Lost scenes; Interview with Toxie today; Never-before-seen movie stills from "The Toxic Avenger" including Marisa Tomei in her first movie; Original theatrical trailer for "The Toxic Avenger" and other Troma favorites; Samples from the Toxic Crusaders animated TV series and Tromaville Cafe TV show; The radiation march and a Tromatic public service announcement; Actor Mark Torgl reveals secrets about the Mop Boy's transformation; Feature-length commentary on the making of "The Toxic Avenger," as told by director Lloyd Kaufman

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Andree Maranda Sara
Mitchell Cohen The Toxic Avenger
Jennifer Babtist Wanda
Cindy Manion Julie
Robert Prichard Slug
Mark Torgl Melvin
Gary Schneider Bozo
Dick Martinsen Officer O'Clancy
Chris Liano Walter Harris
Joe Caldrone boy selling t-shirts
June de Young Reporter
Barbara J. Gurskey Barbie
Charles Lee Nipples
Albert Pia Tom Wrightson
Peter Racini policeman
Pat Ryan Mayor Belgoody
Joe Supor truck driver
Larry Sutton Frank
Samuel Weil Actor
David N. Weiss Chief of Police
Dan Snow Cigar Face
Doug Isbecque Knuckles
Patrick Kilpatrick Leroy
Mike Russo Rico
Norma Pratt Mrs.Haskell
Andrew Craig Fred
Ryan Sexton Johnny
Sarabel Levinson Melvin's Mom
Reuben Guss Dr. Snodburger
Kenneth Kessler Toxic Avenger
Donna Winter Mayor's Secretary
Mary Ellen David Woman Whose Car Gets Stolen
Dennis Souder Drug Dealer
Joe Zarro Mr. Wilson
William Christopher Weiss Bodybuilder
Dan Hogan Aerobics Instructor
Myrna Williams The Kansas Runaway
Richard Duggan Ice Cream Man
Bruce Morton Tony
John Stobaeus Truck Partner
D.J. Calvitto Boy On Bicycle
Cosmo Wilder Mayor's Secretary
Brigitte Douglaston Mayor's Secretary
Nancy Compansanto Mayor's Secretary
Andrea Suter Mayor's Secretary
Xavier Barquet Man Killed In Mexican Restaurant
Matt Klan Boy Hero
Sherry Park Woman In Salon
Vickie Usher Woman In Salon
Barry Shapiro Bruce
Andy Stamatin Chauncey
Betty Pia Woman In Salon
Teddy Copley Blonde Teeny Bopper
Dolly Hall Girl In Health Club
Alisha Riggs Girl In Health Club
Vicki Juditz Girl In Health Club
Roxanne Maranda Girl In Restaurant
Maxine Hayt Sara's Neighbor
Teresa Simpson Body Builder
Don Costello Sara's neighbor
Joe Curtis Policeman
Martin Scott McMann Policeman
Ed Carrion Policeman
Charles di Cagno Policeman
Bruce Zimmerman Policeman
Skip Hamra Policeman
Eileen Nad Castaldi Woman In Restaurant
Nathan Jon Castaldi Baby In Restaurant
Lisa Martinsen Hero fan club member
Dianna Flaherty Teenage drug buyer
Donna-Marie Stipo Health Club Member
Mary Cox Distressed Mother
Jessica Perkins T-Shirt Salesperson
Giorgio Calderone Hero fan club member
William Klan Interviewer
Margaret Riley Lady Crossing Street

Technical Credits
Michael Herz Director,Producer
Lloyd Kaufman Director,Cinematographer,Producer,Screenwriter
Jennifer Aspinall Special Effects
Richard Haines Editor
Tom Lauten Special Effects
Scott Leva Stunts
James London Cinematographer
Alexandra Mazur Art Director
Alan J. Polyniak Editor
Joe Ritter Screenwriter
Barry Shapiro Art Director
Stuart Strutin Screenwriter
Gay Partington Terry Screenwriter

Scene Index

Side #1 --
0. Creature Presentation
1. Chapter 1 [6:59]
2. Chapter 2 [12:20]
3. Chapter 3 [12:49]
4. Chapter 4 [12:41]
5. Chapter 5 [7:31]
6. Chapter 6 [:36]
7. Chapter 7 [7:32]
8. Chapter 8 [16:14]
9. Chapter 9 [5:21]


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