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Yellow Handkerchief

The Yellow Handkerchief

3.0 1
Director: Udayan Prasad

Cast: William Hurt, Maria Bello, Kristen Stewart

A band of outsiders takes to the highways in this touching independent drama. Brett (William Hurt) is a petty criminal who is eager to turn his life around after spending six years in jail. Brett is looking for a ride home to Louisiana, and happens upon a pair of teenagers up for a road trip -- Martine (


A band of outsiders takes to the highways in this touching independent drama. Brett (William Hurt) is a petty criminal who is eager to turn his life around after spending six years in jail. Brett is looking for a ride home to Louisiana, and happens upon a pair of teenagers up for a road trip -- Martine (Kristen Stewart), a 15-year-old girl whose attempts to catch the eye of a boy she loves have ended in failure, and Gordy (Eddie Redmayne), a geeky outcast wishing he could find somewhere to fit in. Brett persuades Martine and Gordy to give him a ride home, and together the three misfits bond over their shared need for acceptance. Driving toward a New Orleans that's been leveled by Hurricane Katrina, Brett can't help but ponder the biggest question in his life -- if his wife, May (Maria Bello), will take him back now that he's a free man. Based on a short story by Pete Hamill, The Yellow Handkerchief received its world premiere at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival.

Editorial Reviews

All Movie Guide
In order to keep the cockles of our hearts from frosting over during this age of ubiquitous irony, it has become necessary to sporadically ingest stories of integrity and redemption. However, certain cockle-warming candidates, such as the tear-soaked tales of Nicholas Sparks or anything with a dog that dies in the end, may provide too potent a dose of sentiment for those of us who are lachrymose-intolerant. Thank goodness for a film like The Yellow Handkerchief, which presents a completely implausible road trip with three entirely plausible characters, and promises to send you out of the theater feeling better than when you stepped inside. William Hurt stars as Brett, a taciturn convict who gets released from prison and almost immediately finds himself heading south toward New Orleans with a pair of teenage misfits, a disheveled beauty named Martine (Kristen Stewart), and a frenetic chatterbox named Gordy (Eddie Redmayne). Perhaps these three are types we've seen before, but they are as recognizable for the traits they share with us, the viewers, as those they hold in common with characters from other texts. A series of semi-absurd road stops and coincidences keeps them in the car together long enough to hear the sad tale of Brett's path to imprisonment, as they roll through Southern landscapes dotted with eccentric detritus such as a school bus graveyard and a tree hung with multi-colored glass bottles. Hurt carries the film effortlessly, letting his weary eyes do the bulk of the work as he plaintively observes the combustible swirl of certainty and confusion between his adolescent companions with a mix of amusement and regret. Eventually, the characters and the audience must balance Brett's present morality, reflected in his moments of chivalry and snippets of carefully chiseled wisdom, against the sins of his past, which are parceled out in bits and pieces. Though director Udayan Prasad makes some dutiful attempts to withhold information and keep the audience guessing about the nature of the trio's final destination, the narrative does not hold many surprises, nor should it. The purest pleasure of watching a film with genuine characters who are struggling through trouble and confusion lies in having our recognition and empathy of those struggles affirmed as we observe fate's inexplicable means for responding to our behavior. The Yellow Handkerchief is not likely to garner any gold statues or pop up on anyone's Top Ten list at the end of the year, but it does promise a little bit of insight about life and a few laughs along the way. And it will definitely keep those cockles warm and cozy.

Product Details

Release Date:
Original Release:
Arc Entertainment

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
William Hurt Brett Hanson
Maria Bello May
Kristen Stewart Martine
Eddie Redmayne Gordy
Kaori Momoi Motel Owner
Emanuel K. Cohn Male Doctor
Nurith Cohn Female Nurse
Veronica Russell Pregnant Woman,Warden Genaro
Grover Coulson Farnsworth
Lisha Brock Waitress
Lucy Faust Snotty Girl
John Gregory Willard Blonde
Rebecca Newman Ilene
Ross Britz Friend
Marshall Cain Ferry Driver
Aimee Fortier Teenage Mother
Ross Francis Boyfriend
Douglas M. Griffin Policeman
Jeffrey Galpin Policeman #2
Ashlynn Ross Delivery Girl
Tanner Gill Man in Rain
Eric F. Adams Bank Accessor
Shane Tingle Ferry Driver #2
Michael Kennedy Tony Freckles
Paige Pareti Girl in Video
Bello Nock Bello Nock
Victor Brunette Chippy White
Holly O'Quin Female Nurse
B. Martin Williams Bob
Noelle Bercy Dancer 1
Dawna Williams Waitress

Technical Credits
Udayan Prasad Director
Eef Barzelay Score Composer
Lillian Birnbaum Executive Producer
Arthur Cohn Producer
Erin Dignam Screenwriter
Jeannette Eckenstein Associate Producer
Caroline Eselin-Schaeffer Costumes/Costume Designer
Samuel Falk Associate Producer
Esther Grether Associate Producer
Annette Grisard Associate Producer
Jeffrey Haupt Sound/Sound Designer
Susan Jacobs Musical Direction/Supervision
Monroe Kelly Production Designer
Jack Livesey Score Composer
Chris Menges Cinematographer
Christopher Tellefsen Editor

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Yellow Handkerchief
1. Welcome Home [7:33]
2. Bad Weather [10:05]
3. Part Ways [8:10]
4. Stranger [4:28]
5. Car Trouble [7:06]
6. Next Town Over [9:04]
7. Convict [6:10]
8. Second Chances [9:39]
9. Lost Child [7:18]
10. Waited [7:11]
11. True Love [14:35]
12. End Credits [4:10]


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