Tromeo and Juliet

Tromeo and Juliet

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Director: Lloyd Kaufman

Cast: Jane Jensen, Will Keenan, Debbie Rochon


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Notorious schlock and psychotronic production company Troma (known for such classics as Toxic Avenger and Class of Nuke 'Em High) hails Tromeo and Juliet, its contemporary adaptation of Shakespeare's love tragedy, a "thrill-a-minute, body-piercing, computer sex, sapphic, car-crashing extravaganza." Set in New York City, the tale centers on the…  See more details below


Notorious schlock and psychotronic production company Troma (known for such classics as Toxic Avenger and Class of Nuke 'Em High) hails Tromeo and Juliet, its contemporary adaptation of Shakespeare's love tragedy, a "thrill-a-minute, body-piercing, computer sex, sapphic, car-crashing extravaganza." Set in New York City, the tale centers on the Ques and the Capulets. The bitter feud begins when father Capulet steals father Que's Silky Films production company. As enemies, the two warring clans are always doing horrible things to each other. Tromeo Que is a computer nerd who spends much time fondling himself in front of his favorite sexy CD-ROMs until he falls in love with lovely Juliet and proposes to her while she sits upon a toilet. The film, seemingly aimed at adolescent boys, features violence, considerable gore, profanity, vulgar situations (featuring buckets of fake vomit), and the graphic depiction of body piercing. (Of course, if it didn't, it wouldn't be a Troma film.)

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Editorial Reviews

All Movie Guide - Fred Beldin
The Troma team topped themselves once again with this willfully obnoxious circus of perversions, bodily fluids, obscenities, and classic literature. This is one of their better hybrids of jocularity and gore, with an amusing appropriation of the well-worn Shakespeare story that substitutes New York City for Verona and features the inspired touch of casting Lemmy from Motorhead as narrator. The standard self-referential Troma touches abound (posters for their past schlock hits adorn every wall and viewers can always count on a cameo from the Toxic Avenger) and a gleefully cheery tone takes much of the sting out of casually broached subjects like child abuse, incest, and pedophilia. As with most in-house Troma products, the film succeeds due to the fact that as tasteless as it is, the underlying intent is not to offend or disturb (though certain sensitive audience members may find that it does both). The action is too outrageous, the special effects are too crude, and the humor is too broad for Tromeo and Juliet to be anything more than a great big joke at no one's expense.

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Special Features

Four Audio Commentaries with Cast and Crew Including Director Lloyd Kaufman, Writer James Gunn, Editor Frank Reynolds (In the Bedroom) and Co-Star Sean Gunn (Gilmore Girls); ; Deleted Scenes (Including the long-lost Ron Jeremy Scene); ; Interviews with Cast and Crew including stars Debbie Rochon, Tiffany Shepis, Sean Gunna and Lemmy; ; Fan reenactments of classic scenes; Slithering Through Hollywood: Lloyd Kaufman's Video Diary of James Gunn's Slither; ; Getting Hostel With Hollywood: James Gunn and Lloyd Kaufman visit Eli Roth's birthday party

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Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Jane Jensen Juliet Capulet
Will Keenan Tromeo Que
Debbie Rochon Ness
Valentine Miele Actor
Sean Gunn Actor
Joe Fleishaker Actor
Lemmy Narrator
Carolyn Smith Actor
London Arbuckle Paris
Steve Gibbons Actor
Tiffany Shepis Actor

Technical Credits
Lloyd Kaufman Director,Producer,Screenwriter
David Alvarez Sound/Sound Designer
Ass Ponys Songwriter
Roshelle Berliner Production Designer
Brendan Flynt Camera Operator
Jonathan Foster Co-producer
James Gunn Screenwriter
Robert Hersov Co-producer
Michael Herz Producer
Daniel Laikind Executive Producer
Meatmen Songwriter
Motörhead Songwriter
Grant Quasha Executive Producer
Frank Reynolds Editor
Robert Schiller Executive Producer
Jonathan Slon Sound/Sound Designer
Superchunk Songwriter
Andrew Weiner Associate Producer
Willie Wisely Songwriter

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Tromeo and Juliet 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I love this's a very funny take on the classic love store,butif you don't like campy sex,violence and nudity this is not for you.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I write this review after having seen the 10th anniversary 2-dvd edition of this film, which has been released in august 2006. The original release is fantastic, the new version is Superb! William Shakespeare's play Romeo & Juliet has been interpreted hundreds of times on stage and in films. Sometimes literally following the original text (which is, at times, vague in stage directions), sometimes in new interpretations where directors chose to show their own view on the piece. Some are good, many are mediocre. Lloyd Kaufman's film certainly stands out as one of the most original, modern versions of the bard's creation, It may be placed in a modern-day decaying New York and full of the modern-day anti-social behavior, body piercing, dismemberment and kinky sex (which, for the more than casual reader, Shakespeare himself wasn't shying away from), but at the same time it stays incredibly close to the overall feel and point of what the play is all about, which is quite an effort. Kaufman wrote the script with his co-director on the film James Gunn, who is now famous for writing two successful Scooby Doo movies, doing the impossible by making a perfect remake of an already perfect film with his script for Dawn of the Dead and directing one of the best horror-films of the year: Slither. Lloyd Kaufmans innovative directorial view alongside with James Gunns original and unrestricted writing make for an interpretation of Shakespeare's play that maybe not everyone will "get" immediately, but will certainly be recognized by a truly unique and highly important view on a classic play. With a script that is written entirely in iambic meter, appearances of Motorhead's Lemmy and an outrageous forceful soundtrack watching Tromeo & Juliet is something no one will ever forget. Apart from it's historical significance, Tromeo & Juliet is a treasure for film-lovers of all kind. Not only for the script by James Gunn, now a good influence on Hollywood while working from the inside, but also because it features an early part of legendary actress Debbie Rochon. Well known by everyone familiar with films that are made on lower budgets. The 10th anniversary edition on DVD adds to all that by including so many as-yet undiscovered gems that not only all the information one could wish for about the film itself and the experience of making it is presented in ways that make it impossible to turn off the DVD, but also a very honest (and disturbing) look is given into the ways independent cinema has to surviver these days. In many ways the extra's on the disc are an invaluable addition to the already impressive amount given on Kaufman's film-school "Make Your Own Damn Movie". Furtermore historical items from the Troma vaults which include James Gunn, Debbie Rochon and other contributors to this masterpiece are included, and the film itself is, apart from looking better then ever, accompanied by no less than four audio-commentaries, each and everyone informative, excruciatingly funny and all done for serious addition to the film instead of the boring and nonsensical commentaries that are so common these days. There are new commentaries (one with Kaufman and Gunn together), but also the one James Gunn did for the original release of the DVD but couldn't be included there for some of honesty he displays about some other people is present on this disc. With fan-recreations of a few of the scenes from the film, a video diary of Lloyd Kaufman's visit to the set of James Gunn's Slither and a visit the two brought together to Eli Roth's Hostel Birthday party and much more, this is the ultimate set everyone must own. Weather you are a film historian, someone interested in interpretations of the great Bard's work, a fan of great cinema, a fighter for independent cinema, a fan of James Gunn, interested in learning more on making films on a low budget, a fan of Lloyd Kaufman or whatever: this is the most important DVD-release of this m
Anonymous More than 1 year ago