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Director: Steven Lisberger

Cast: Jeff Bridges, Bruce Boxleitner, David Warner


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One of the earliest feature films to reflect the video-game craze of the 1980s, Disney's Tron stars Jeff Bridges as computer programmer Kevin Flynn, who becomes part of the very game that he's programming. Flynn's principal antagonist is his glory-grabbing boss, Ed Dillinger (David Warner), who likewise metamorphoses into a video-game character. The title


One of the earliest feature films to reflect the video-game craze of the 1980s, Disney's Tron stars Jeff Bridges as computer programmer Kevin Flynn, who becomes part of the very game that he's programming. Flynn's principal antagonist is his glory-grabbing boss, Ed Dillinger (David Warner), who likewise metamorphoses into a video-game character. The title character, a computer-generated superhero, is played by Bruce Boxleitner. Though antiquated by 1990s standards, Tron represented the last word in special effects back in 1982. Surprisingly, despite its long-range influence on the movie industry, the film was a box-office disappointment when first released.

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Barnes & Noble - Ed Hulse
An inventive, groundbreaking work of science fiction that initially puzzled as many viewers as it delighted, Tron inspired the devotion of a large coterie of fans who will be delighted with this newly remastered DVD presentation. As the story begins, computer games designer Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) has had his series of fabulously successful programs stolen by evil corporate genius Ed Dillinger (David Warner), who uses his Master Control Program to dominate other programmers and users. While attempting to obtain evidence of Dillinger’s perfidy, Flynn winds up transformed into a computer program and meets unexpected dangers in cyberspace. Director Steven Lisberger (Hot Pursuit), challenged to create a wholly artificial world, succeeds in making this electronic battleground an unearthly, foreboding place. Live-action and animation techniques are jointly employed to startling effect; clever use of "cool" colors gives cyberspace a harsh, unnatural look. The plot and characters (with the exception of Bridges) are clearly overshadowed by the dazzling visuals, but that’s precisely what has endeared the ahead-of-its-time Tron to an army of admirers. This 20th anniversary Collectors Edition DVD includes some five hours of bonus material, including feature-length commentary, a making-of documentary, interviews with cast and crew members, deleted scenes, storyboards, a photo gallery, and a separate audio track for the film's musical score.
All Movie Guide
Years before The Matrix contemplated life inside an all-encompassing computer, Tron realized a similar concept in glorious fashion, with visuals that were equally cutting edge at the time. Although it did not strike a chord with all audiences, those who allowed themselves to be swept away into that alternate world of pixels and grids claimed fanatical devotion to the influential film. The central struggle between good and evil is pure hokum, but the plot is not Tron's major contribution to imaginative cinema. Its neon-colored world of geometric shapes and angles is the true star, as well as the only necessary justification for making the film. The stark, foreboding computer environment is a world more intensely foreign than a sunless planet at the distant edges of the universe. Enhancing the atmosphere is the merciless villain played by David Warner, who, along with his evil incarnate character from Time Bandits (1981), portrayed two of the more delicious sources of pure malice of the early '80s. Key to its enduring presence in both gaming and science fiction communities is its two innovative competition sequences: one involves a deadly race in which curved racing pods try to outdistance each other, while avoiding colliding with the lethal wall of exhaust left in the other's wake; the second features players hurling discs at each other, with dire consequences for being knocked off balance or failing to complete the catch.

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Walt Disney Video
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[Wide Screen]
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Special Features

Disc 1: ; Explore Tron's impact on pop culture through interviews with filmmakers and stars of the new movie; Audio commentary with filmmakers ; Disc 2:; "The Making of Tron" - extensive documentary, including interviews; Deleted scenes with introduction by Bruce Boxleitner; Production gallery - all-encompassing gallery, including photos ; Storyboards showcasing early work on light cycles ; Storyboard-to-film comparisons

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Jeff Bridges Kevin Flynn/Clu
Bruce Boxleitner Alan Bradley/Tron
David Warner Ed Dillinger/Sark
Cindy Morgan Lora/Yori
Barnard Hughes Dr. Walter Gibbs/Dumont
Dan Shor Ram
Peter Jurasik Crom
Loyd Catlett Video Game Cowboy,Conscript #1
Vince Deadrick Warrior
Michael Dudikoff Conscript
Tony Stephano Peter/Sark's Lieutenant
Craig Chudy Warrior
Sam Schatz Expert Disc Warrior
Jackson Bostwick Head Guard
Gerald Berns Guard #1
Bob Neill Guard #2
Ted White Guard #3
Mark Stewart Guard #4
Tony Brubaker Guard
Erik Cord Tank Gunner
Jack Manning Bit
Dave Cass Factory Guard
Charlie Picerni Tank Commander

Technical Credits
Steven Lisberger Director,Original Story,Screenwriter
Billy Burton Stunts
Wendy Carlos Score Composer
James Deeth Stunts
Bennie E. Dobbins Stunts
Harrison Ellenshaw Associate Producer,Special Effects
Gary Epper Stunts
Donna Garrett Stunts
Jeff Gourson Editor
Charles Haas Screenwriter
Bob Hathaway Sound/Sound Designer
Larry Holt Stunts
Hank Hooker Stunts
Gary Jensen Stunts
Elois Jenssen Costumes/Costume Designer
Journey Songwriter
Donald Kushner Producer
James Larue Sound/Sound Designer
Fred Lerner Stunts
Gary D. Liddiard Makeup
Bruce Logan Cinematographer
Bonnie MacBird Original Story
Louis Mann Production Designer
John Mansbridge Art Director
Syd Mead Production Designer
Rexford Metz Camera Operator
Ron Miller Executive Producer
Lee Minkler Sound/Sound Designer
Dean Edward Mitzner Production Designer
Rosanna Norton Costumes/Costume Designer
Al Y. Roelofs Art Director
Ralph Sariego Production Manager
Walter Scott Stunts
Roger M. Shook Set Decoration/Design
Richard Taylor Special Effects
Glenn Wilder Stunts
James R. Winburn Stunts

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Tron - Feature Film + Bonus
1. Opening Titles [:42]
2. Playing Games [3:05]
3. Meanwhile, in the Real World ... [4:20]
4. Mr. Dillinger [8:28]
5. Flynn's [6:07]
6. Group 6 Access [6:26]
7. The Game Grid [5:53]
8. Training Procedures [7:19]
9. Illegal Exit [4:36]
10. "We Made It This for" [6:26]
11. User Power [5:28]
12. Rough Landing [3:41]
13. Tron [5:36]
14. Key to a New Order [5:22]
15. "Hooray for Our Side" [4:32]
16. Just an Ordinary Program [4:01]
17. The MCP [5:22]
18. Video Warriors [2:43]
19. The New Boss / End Credits [5:24]

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