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Troy (2004)

Troy (2004)


Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Ed Hulse
Blockbuster-averse critics unleashed their brickbats on Troy, yet this opulent Homerian epic is far from the crashing bore some said it was. In fact, the film will provide solid entertainment for viewers prepared to overlook flaws that are almost endemic to such sweeping period epics (such as accents that are all over the place). From a production standpoint, it’s simply spectacular: The fabled siege of Troy materializes on screen with scrupulous attention to detail, and expert use of computer-generated graphics enhances the illusion that vast throngs of warriors are slinging arrows and swinging broadswords. Brad Pitt acquits himself with distinction as the mighty Achilles; the erstwhile pretty boy invests the role with just the right mixture of determination and arrogance, bringing conviction to his battle scenes by virtue of a newly chiseled physique and some impressive moves perfected during months of rigorous training. David Benioff's adaptation of Homer captures all the high points, beginning with the betrayal of Menelaus (Brendan Gleeson) by his beautiful wife, Helen (Diane Kruger), and her lover, Paris (Orlando Bloom), the son of Troy's ruler, Priam (Peter O'Toole). This is just the excuse needed by power-mad Agamemnon (Brian Cox) to launch his long-desired war against the Trojans, whose capable prince, Hector (Eric Bana), alone recognizes the potential threat posed by the invaders to the seemingly impregnable city. Director Wolfgang Petersen obviously faced considerable challenges in bringing this familiar story to the screen. One, it’s fair to say, is that Kruger fails to meet the challenge of playing the woman whose face "launched a thousand ships." Still, the movie's tone is right, which counts for a great deal when working with material that lends itself so readily to campy interpretations. Troy is far from perfect, yet it may well be the best cinematic version to date of this oft-filmed tale.

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Warner Home Video
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Special Features

Closed Caption; Disc One: Movie; Languages: English & Français (dubbed in Quebec); Subtitles: English, Français & Español; Disc Two: Bonus Materials; In the Thick of the Battle; From Ruins to Reality; Troy: An Effects Odyssey; Gallery of the Gods; Theatrical trailer

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Troy: Feature Film
1. Foreward [1:31]
2. Awaiting Achilles [:02]
3. "Is There No One Else?" [:28]
4. Secret Lovers [4:42]
5. Brothers' Pledges [2:37]
6. Greatest War [5:10]
7. Recruiter Odysseus [4:54]
8. Glory and Doom [1:48]
9. Royal Welcome [3:15]
10. They're Coming for Me [2:54]
11. Immortality at Troy's Shore [2:51]
12. Beach Combat [3:18]
13. Too Early in the Day [5:52]
14. No Need to Fear [4:32]
15. Spoils of War [4:51]
16. The Way I Love Helen [3:40]
17. Power, Not Love [4:16]
18. Soldiers Obey [3:35]
19. Gathering Forces [2:53]
20. Brave Offer [1:59]
21. Paris vs. Menelaus [4:15]
22. Battle Cry [3:11]
23. Greek Retreat [4:35]
24. Weak Morale [3:36]
25. Everyone Dies [2:35]
26. Born for This War [2:18]
27. Dawn Attack [1:32]
28. Bitter Triumph [5:38]
29. Bitter Tragedy [4:12]
30. Night of Torments [3:53]
31. Summoned to Flight [4:22]
32. Now You Know [1:47]
33. Hector vs. Achilles [3:23]
34. Desecrating the Dead [5:40]
35. A Father's Plea [2:24]
36. Achilles' Word [3:13]
37. Inspirations and Honors [2:06]
38. Parting Gift [5:52]
39. Troy Under Seige [2:01]
40. We Will Be Together [3:35]
41. Royal Bloodshed [3:10]
42. Brought to Heel [4:03]
43. I Walked With Giants [2:08]
44. End Credits [3:00]

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