True-Life Adventures 2

True-Life Adventures 2

Director: James Algar

Cast: James Algar, Winston Hibler


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Barnes & Noble - Donald Liebenson
Volume 2 in Disney's collection of its groundbreaking True-Life Adventures explores "strange facts" about the natural world and the animal kingdom. Disc 1 of this two-disc set contains the very first True-Life Adventures short subject, Seal Island (1949), which earned an Academy Award, as well as the Oscar-winning The Living Desert (1953), the series' first feature. Seal Island establishes the template for all the purportedly authentic, unstaged, and unrehearsed films to follow. In The Living Desert and The Vanishing Prairie (1954), another Oscar winner, the filmmakers painstakingly capture the dramatic struggle for existence in worlds filled equally with destruction (a battle to the death between a rattlesnake and a hawk) and renewal (the birth of a buffalo calf, a controversial sequence in its day). This collection also includes two short subjects not officially in the True-Life Adventures canon: Islands of the Sea and the fun Nature's Strangest Creatures, with its Tasmanian devil and duck-billed platypus. An episode of the Disneyland series takes viewers "Behind the True-Life Cameras," while a "Filmmaker's Journal" features interviews with the people behind the films. An episode of The Wonderful World of Color assimilates viewers into the world of the "Prairie." Poised for rediscovery by nostalgic baby boomers and certain to be embraced by budding naturalists, Disney's True-Life Adventures skillfully blend entertainment and education, opening up whole new worlds to explore.

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Walt Disney Video
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[Dolby Digital Mono]

Special Features

Islands of the Sea; Nature's Strangest Creatures; Prairie; Behind the True-Life Cameras; Backstage With Roy Disney at Disney's Animal Kingdom: Desert Insects; Backstage With Roy Disney at Disney's Animal Kingdom: Snakes; Filmmakers' Journal; Collectors' Corner; Trailers & promos

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