True-Life Adventures 3

True-Life Adventures 3


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Barnes & Noble - Donald Liebenson
Lions and jaguars and bears (oh, my)! And that's only the first disc in this two-disc set. Of the four volumes in the True-Life Adventures DVD series -- culling feature-length documentaries and short subjects produced by Walt Disney studios between 1948 and 1960 -- this volume would seem to have the most kid appeal. The feature-length African Lion (1955) and Jungle Cat (1960) and the Oscar-winning short Bear Country (1953) spy on the animals that most fascinate children. The African Lion explores the majestic domain of the King of Beasts, playing out "nature's primitive pageant" involving predators, prey, and scavengers (the film is only mildly graphic). It took naturalist photographers Alfred and Elma Milotte 33 months to capture their often astounding footage, which served several decades later as research for The Lion King animators. Memorable sequences include a cheetah-gazelle pursuit, a rhino unable to free itself after becoming stuck in the mud, and a sky-blackening swarm of locusts. Disc 2 contains the breathtakingly beautiful 1952 short The Olympic Elk, as well as Disneyland episodes that take viewers behind the scenes of the True-Life Adventures series. "Cameras in Africa" shows the Milottes at work on The African Lion, and "The Yellowstone Story" further explores the setting of Bear Country. These captivating films are a representative sampling of a comparatively forgotten part of Walt Disney's legacy. Produced to appeal to a mass audience (complete with folksy narration and animated musical scores), they are still -- after all these years -- a breed apart.

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Walt Disney Video
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Camera in Africa; The Yellowstone story; Tribute to the Milottes; Backstage with Roy Disney at Disney's Animal Kingdom: Elephants; Backstage with Roy Disney at Disney's Animal Kingdom: Cheetah medical exam; Filmmakers' journal; collectors' corner; Trailers & promo

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