True-Life Adventures 4: Nature's Mysteries

True-Life Adventures 4: Nature's Mysteries

Director: Hamilton S. Luske, James Algar, Paul Kenworthy Jr., Winston Hibler

Cast: Hamilton S. Luske, James Algar, Paul Kenworthy Jr., Winston Hibler


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Barnes & Noble - Donald Liebenson
In a world rich in National Geographic specials, PBS's Nature, Discovery, Animal Planet, and the Kratt brothers, it's easy to forget Disney's groundbreaking True-Life Adventures series of theatrical shorts and features. As the two features on this wildly entertaining two-disc set vividly illustrate, True-Life Adventures revealed to audiences the natural world and the animal kingdom in exciting new ways. "Secrets of Life" (1956), one of the most compelling entries in the series, is a wide-ranging look at nature's secret world and its "strange and intricate" methods of adaptation and self-preservation. Pioneering stop-motion and close-up photography capture such varied processes as seed dispersal and the inner workings of a bee colony (it took three years to get this footage alone!). The charming second feature, "Perri" (1957), chronicles the seasons in the life of a female squirrel. Based on the book by Bambi author Felix Salten (here, it's the father who meets an untimely demise), Perri was Disney's first and only "true-life fantasy," complete with a wondrous hibernation dream sequence. Disc 2's bonus features unearth more gems from the Disney archives, including the Oscar-winning 1951 True-Life Adventures short, "Nature's Half Acre"; "Searching for Nature's Mysteries," which pays tribute to Disney's team of scientist photographers; and "Adventure in Wildwood Heart," a 1957 Disneyland broadcast in which Walt Disney charts the evolving portrayal of animals in the studio's animated cartoons and features. From Winston Hibler's poetic-but-never-flowery narration to the animated musical scores, these timeless programs have lost none of their magic to inspire a new generation of animal and nature lovers.

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Walt Disney Video
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[Dolby Digital Mono]

Special Features

Nature's half acre; Academy Award winner - Best subject, two-reel (1951); Searching for nature's mysteries; Adventure in Wildwood Heart; Backstage with Roy Disney at Disney's Animal Kingdom: Butterfiles; Tribute to Winston Hibler; Filmmakers' jounal; Collectors' corner; Original theatrical trailers

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