Twilight Zone 40th Anniversary / Gift Pack

Twilight Zone 40th Anniversary / Gift Pack

Director: Buzz Kulik, Don Medford, Don Weis, Douglas Heyes

Cast: Buzz Kulik, Don Medford, Don Weis, Douglas Heyes


Submitted for your approval, 19 episodes of the original Twilight Zone plus a 90-minute documentary about Rod Serling, the man who hosted that landmark science fiction television series, all here on six DVDs. Selected from every season of the show's 1959-1964 run, the episodes include "The Invaders;" "Night of the Meek;" "Nothing in the Dark…  See more details below


Submitted for your approval, 19 episodes of the original Twilight Zone plus a 90-minute documentary about Rod Serling, the man who hosted that landmark science fiction television series, all here on six DVDs. Selected from every season of the show's 1959-1964 run, the episodes include "The Invaders;" "Night of the Meek;" "Nothing in the Dark;" "Time Enough at Last, featuring Burgess Meredith as an avid reader who survives nuclear devastation; "The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street;" "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet, featuring William Shatner as an air traveler who sees something on the wing of the plane; "The Odyssey of Flight 33;" "Steel;" "A Game of Pool, in which Jack Klugman and Jonathan Winters play for very high stakes;" "Walking Distance;" "Kick the Can, which Steven Spielberg updated for his segment of The Twilight Zone: The Movie; "Mr. Dingle, the Strong;" "Two;" "A Passage for Trumpet;" "The Four of Us Are Dying;" "Long Distance Call;" "I Sing the Body Electric!;" "The Lonely;" and "Probe 7 -- Over & Out."

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Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Tony Nigro
Though cancelled in 1964, The Twilight Zone remains television's most treasured anthology program. The brainchild of writer/narrator Rod Serling -- no doubt inspired by the pulp comics, novels, and sci-fi films of his youth -- the series introduced its own special brand of weirdness to viewers on October 2, 1959 with the episode "Where Is Everybody?" in which a man finds his small-town main street suddenly deserted at midday. Five years followed, and The Twilight Zone went through the show business wringer as network executives tried to squeeze more profits from the already successful show. Experiments ranged from cutting costs with six episodes shot on videotape to dropping "The" from the series' title -- but no matter what, rave reviews continued, and every week loyal fans tuned in to enter the infamous dimension of sight, sound, and mind. As a program that correctly billed itself as one "of shadow and substance, of things and ideas," The Twilight Zone left indelible tracks -- not to mention unforgettable theme music -- and created stars both on-screen (William Shatner) and off-screen -- directing vets include Don Siegel (Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Dirty Harry), Richard Donner (The Omen, Lethal Weapon), and Ida Lupino (The Hitch-Hiker). This massive, six-disc collection features 19 episodes plus "Rod Serling, Submitted for your Approval," a comprehensive biography on the show's creator. Standout episodes in the box include the classic "Time Enough at Last," starring TZ regular Burgess Meredith as a bookworm who finally finds time to read after a nuclear explosion, "Night of the Meek," in which a forlorn department store Santa has a surprisingly nice Christmas, "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet" in which a pre-Star Trek William Shatner spots a gremlin on the wing of his plane (remade for the 1983 Twilight Zone film), "The Odyssey of Flight 33," in which a peculiar tailwind blows a plane off course -- by a billion years, and "I Sing the Body Electric," a story better known to some as "The Electric Grandmother." Also submitted for your approval: "The Lonely," "Probe 7, Over & Out," "Steel," "A Game of Pool," "Walking Distance," "Kick the Can" (also remade for the film), "Mr. Dingle, the Strong," "Two," "A Passage for Trumpet," "The Four of Us are Dying," "Long Distance Call," "The Monster are Due on Maple Street," "Time Enough to Last," "Nothing in the Dark," and "The Invaders."

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Product Details

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Image Entertainment
[Dolby Digital]

Special Features

Biography of Rod Sterling

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Agnes Moorehead Woman
Art Carney Henry Corwin
Burgess Meredith Henry Bemis,Luther Dingle
Charles Bronson Man
Claude Akins Steve Brand
Ernest Truex Charles Whitley
Gig Young Martin Sloan
Gladys Cooper Wanda Dunn
Harry Townes Arch Hammer
Jack Klugman Jesse Cardiff,Joey Crown
Jack Warden James A. Corry
John Anderson Capt. Farver,Gabe
Lee Marvin Steel Kelly
Lili Darvas Grandma Bayles
Richard Basehart Col. Cook
William Shatner Bob Wilson
Antoinette Bower Norda
Christine White Ruth Wilson
Don Rickles Bettor
Elizabeth Montgomery Woman
Frank Overton Mr. Sloan
Jack Weston Charlie
Joe Mantell Pole
John Dehner Capt. Allenby
John Fiedler Mr. Dundee
Jonathan Winters Fats Brown
Josephine Hutchinson Grandma
Paul Comi 1st Officer Craig
Philip Abbott Chris Bayles
Robert Redford Harold Beldon
Ross Martin Hammer as Johnny Foster
Russell Collins Ben Conroy
Vaughn Taylor Mr. Carsville
Barry Atwater Mr. Goodman
Barton Heyman Lt. Blane
Burt Mustin Burt,Carlson
Chuck Hicks Battling Maxo
Ed Kemmer Flight Engineer
Harp McGuire Flight Engineer Purcell
Irene Tedrow Mrs. Sloan
Jacqueline De Wit Helen Bemis
James Westerfield O'Toole
Jean Marsh Alicia
John Marley Mr. Cox
Mary Webster Nan
Patricia Smith Sylvia Bayles
Phillip Pine Hammer as Virgil Sterig
R.G. Armstrong Man
Veronica Cartwright Anne
Asa Maynor Stewardess
Bill Mumy Billy Bayles
David White Father
Don Gordon Hammer as Andy Marshak
Edward Ryder Callahan
Frank Wolff Baron
Harold Gould Gen. Larrabee
Jan Handzlik Tommy
Lela Bliss Woman in Bank
Merritt Bohn Nolan
Michael Montgomery Young Martin
Robert Lieb Officer Flaherty
Sandy Kenyon Navigator Hatch
Ted Knight Adams
Beverly Garland Maggie
Byron Foulger Charlie
Charles Herbert Tom
Douglas Spencer 1st Martian
James Flavin Truck Driver
James Turley Carstairs
Jenny Maxwell Shirley
Marjorie Bennett Mrs. Summers
Mary Gregory Tommy's Mother
Meg Wylie Sister Florence
Nancy Rennick Paula
Nick Cravat Gremlin
Dana Dillaway Karen

Technical Credits
Buzz Kulik Director
Don Medford Director
Don Weis Director
Douglas Heyes Director
Jack Smight Director
James Sheldon Director
John Brahm Director
Jus Addiss Director
Lamont Johnson Director
Montgomery Pittman Director
Ray Bradbury Source Author
Richard Donner Director
Robert Stevens Director
Ron Winston Director
Ted Post Director
William F. Claxton Director

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