Ultimate Matrix Collection (7pc)

DVD (Slip Sleeve / Mixed Media Set)
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Special Features

Closed Caption; The Matrix: 2 commentaries; The Matrix Revisited: A feature length, mind expanding look at the Matrix from conception to phenomenon, plus 17 featurettes; The Matrix Reloaded: 2 commentaries; The Matrix Reloaded Revisted: Explore the second chapter via 21 featurettes, plus 23 extra scenes shot for the Enter the Matrix console game; The Matrix Revolutions: 2 commentaries; The Matrix Revolutions Revisited: The cataclysmic final confrontation is chronicled through 29 featurettes; The Animatrix: Nine short films from pioneering animé directors exploring the world of the Matrx; The Roots of the Matrix: Historical, philosophical and technological inspirations are explored in insightful documentaries; The Burly Man Chronicles: Probe the society of actors, craftspeople and filmmakers who shaped the movie trilogy and the Enter the Matirx console game within 21 featurettes; The Zion Archive: Production assets developed for the Matrix universe, including conspt artwork, storyboards, drawings, music videos, TV spots and trailers. Sample the Matrix Online multiplayer game
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Product Details

  • Release Date: 10/6/2009
  • UPC: 883929086689
  • Rating:

  • Source: Warner Home Video
  • Region Code: 1
  • Presentation: Slip Sleeve / Mixed Media Set
  • Time: 6:43:00
  • Format: DVD
  • Sales rank: 1,208

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- The Ultimate Matrix Collection - The Matrix
1. Trinity in a Jam [3:22]
2. Impossible Pursuit [3:12]
3. Follow Instructions [3:00]
4. The Question [2:21]
5. "They're Coming for You." [4:49]
6. Unable to Speak [4:44]
7. Getting the Bug Out [3:35]
8. Morpheus' Proposal [3:42]
9. Down the Rabbit Hole [3:33]
10. Slimy Rebirth [2:56]
11. Nebuchadezzar's Crew [3:18]
12. The Real World [5:41]
13. The Search Is Over [2:10]
14. Training Begins [2:24]
15. Morpheus / Neo Matchup [4:33]
16. First Jump [3:00]
17. The Gatekeepers [2:29]
18. Running Silent and Deep [2:06]
19. Dealing for Bliss [4:07]
20. Off to See the Oracle [2:30]
21. There Is No Spoon [4:46]
22. Choices... and a Cookie [5:15]
23. Glitch in the Matrix [3:13]
24. One Left Behind [4:02]
25. Heroes Unplugged [4:39]
26. Cypher's Burnout [1:42]
27. Matters of Belief [5:57]
28. Virus to be Cured [3:39]
29. Lobby Shooting Spree [3:15]
30. Dodge This [2:40]
31. Gotcha [3:17]
32. Rooftop Rescue [2:38]
33. Subway Showdown [3:40]
34. "My Name Is Neo." [2:12]
35. Sentinels Attack [3:37]
36. "He Is the One." [3:14]
37. Final Connections [3:04]
38. End Credits [7:30]
Disc #2 -- The Ultimate Matrix Collection - The Matrix Revisited
1. Opening [2:10]
2. Now and Then [3:59]
3. Origins [3:05]
4. Screenplay [3:10]
5. Bound Toward the Matrix [2:37]
6. Storyboards [4:18]
7. The Look [2:11]
8. Sets [1:49]
9. Costumes [:51]
10. Visual Effects [3:44]
11. Training [11:01]
12. Shooting Starts in Australia [4:24]
13. Car Ride to the Oracle [1:36]
14. Woman in Red [3:24]
15. Interrogation Room [4:08]
16. Government Roof [6:29]
17. Trinity [2:42]
18. Government Lobby [6:40]
19. Construct Kung Fu [7:27]
20. El Fight [6:39]
21. Helicopter Rescue [6:42]
22. Nebuchadezzar [4:39]
23. Power Plant [2:45]
24. Shooting Ends [1:45]
25. Post-Production [1:12]
26. Visual Effects Houses [5:40]
27. Sound Effects [3:12]
28. The Score [3:40]
29. Finished Film [1:41]
30. The Real World [2:06]
31. Honors [1:48]
32. Trilogy [3:46]
33. End Credits [1:16]
Disc #3 -- The Ultimate Matrix Collection - The Matrix Reloaded
1. Trinity's In [3:51]
2. Trust Me [5:04]
3. Upgrades [3:21]
4. Zion [4:07]
5. Matter of Time [3:18]
6. Homecomings [3:46]
7. We Are Still Here [3:57]
8. Celebrating Humanity [4:34]
9. Smith Will Suffice [1:41]
10. What Is Control? [4:13]
11. Summoned [2:58]
12. Seraph [2:49]
13. The Oracle [6:57]
14. Swarm of Smiths [4:25]
15. Sticking It to Them [4:22]
16. The Volunteer [:31]
17. Taste of Merovingian [2:46]
18. Persephone's Kiss [2:12]
19. Unlocking the Keymaker [3:50]
20. Blade Leapers [4:14]
21. Twin Trouble [3:12]
22. Freeway Entrance [4:11]
23. Cross-Vehicular Traffic [2:15]
24. Biker Girl [3:25]
25. Trucks Amuck [3:40]
26. The Reason We're Here [2:57]
27. Sacrifice and Sabotage [4:19]
28. So Many of Me [3:40]
29. The Architect [4:06]
30. The One's Function [3:14]
31. Neo's Choice [4:13]
32. Not Letting Go [3:17]
33. Bomb's Target [1:54]
34. Feeling the Enemy [4:13]
35. End Credits [2:26]
36. "Revolutions" Trailer [2:45]
Disc #5 -- The Ultimate Matrix Collection - The Matrix Revolutions
1. 20 Hours to Go [3:55]
2. Trapped [3:37]
3. The Connection Matters [2:46]
4. Down Here I'm God [4:24]
5. Coat Check Chaos [3:14]
6. Interesting Deal [5:34]
7. The End Is Coming [6:32]
8. We Meet at Last [5:28]
9. The Logos Found [3:58]
10. Volunteers [3:24]
11. I Believe in Him [3:44]
12. Nothing's Changed [2:19]
13. Stowaway [2:50]
14. See Your Enemy [5:37]
15. Give 'Em Hell [:29]
16. Detected [2:18]
17. Breaching the Dome [2:10]
18. Storming Sentinels [5:30]
19. Trying to Keep Up [2:28]
20. Unfinished Business [4:04]
21. Hell of a Pilot [3:49]
22. Report to the Council [4:45]
23. Believers [2:46]
24. Glimpse of the Sky [3:19]
25. Saying What Matters [2:36]
26. A Truce [4:59]
27. It Ends Tonight [5:03]
28. Urban Splash [2:57]
29. Neo's Choice [3:13]
30. Inevitable and Over [3:26]
31. Real Peace [3:32]
32. Freedom and Sunlight [2:25]
33. End Credits [2:39]
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Disc #1 -- The Ultimate Matrix Collection - The Matrix
      Written Introduction by the Wachowski Brothers
      The Philosophers: Dr. Cornel West & Ken Wilber
      The Critics: Todd McCarthy, John Powers & David Thomson
      Web Links
         English 5.1
         Français 5.1 (Dubbed in Quebec)
Disc #2 -- The Ultimate Matrix Collection - The Matrix Revisited
   Play Movie
      The Music Revisited
         Play All
         Aleks Svaensson "Syvelleve"
         Da-Nu-Lo "I'm Not Right (I'm What's Left)"
         Gooding "Licorice and Grape Kool Aid"
         Jetsetmusic "Last Laugh Foundation Part C"
         Obadia "Lounge"
         Obadia "Slowride"
         Omniverse "Hipshot"
         The Fur Ones "Semicolon"
         Robert Phoenix "Speedy Astronaut"
         Canton "Birmingham, 43"
         Electrostatic "Electron Gun"
         Ikarus "Praying to Different Gods"
         Nolens Volens "Por Sea T"
         Out of Body "Beyond Mind"
         Paul Cooper "CEM2 New Stuff"
         Proactive Noize Transmission "One Foot Freel"
         Project 3 "Go Get It"
         VOID "Chemical 2000"
         Audible Ink "sand Turtle"
         O.R.G. "Sofa Surfer"
         Simulacra "Spy Vs. Spy"
         Wade R "Suarely in the Groove"
         Audible Ink "Beetle Instrumental"
         Beat T Tribe "Beat T Tribe (Slight Return)"
         Fingertwister "7am Disaster"
         Hardknox "Coz I Can"
         Aleks Svaensson "Art of Recycling"
         Canton "Nlue Groove"
         Fingertwister "Casino Royale"
         Aleks Svaensson "Sunny"
         Fingertwister "In Memory of..."
         Less Skill "Technical Difficulties"
         Simulacra "Panacea"
         Fingertwister "The Reverend Will Return"
         O.R.G. "Traveling Man"
         Project 3 "The Search"
         Tripnotic "Tripnofunk"
         The Fur Ones "Transit"
         The Fur Ones "Product"
         The Fur Ones "The End"
         The Fur Ones "Reduction"
      Behind the Matrix
         Play All
         The Dance of the Master: Yuen Wo Ping's Blocking Tapes
         The Bathroom Fight and Wet Wall
         The Code of the Red Dress
      Take the Red Pill
         Play All
         What Is Bullet Time?
         What Is the Concept?
      Follow the White Rabbit
         Play All
         Trinity Escapes
         Kung Fu
         The Wall
         Bathroom Fight
         Government Lobby
         Government Roof
      Web Links
Disc #3 -- The Ultimate Matrix Collection - The Matrix Reloaded
      Written Introduction by the Wachowski Brothers
      The Philosophers" Dr. Cornel West & Ken Wilber
      The Critics: Todd McCarthy, John Powers
      Web Links
         English 5.1
         Français 5.1 (Dubbed in Quebec)
Disc #4 -- The Ultimate Matrix Collection - The Matrix Reloaded Revisited
   Enter the Matrix
      Play All
   I'll Handle Them
      Play All
      The Great Hall
      Building the Merovingian's Lair
      Tiger Style: A Day in the Life of Chen Hu
      Heavy Metal: Weapons of the Great Hall
   Car Chase
      Play All
      Oakland Streets and Freeway: Unseen Material
      Tour of the Merovingian's Car Garage
      Queen of the Road
      Arteries of the Mega-City: The Visual Effects of the Freeway Chase
   Teahouse Fight
      Play All
      Two Equals Clash
      Guardian of the Oracle: Collin Chou
      Play All
      Creating the Burly Brawl
      A Conversation with Master Wo-Ping
      Chad Stahelski: The Other Neo
      Burly Brawl Action Match
      Spiraling Virtual Shot: Anatomy of a Shot
   The Exiles
      Play All
      The Exiles
      Big Brother Is Watching: The Architect's Office
   Web Links
Disc #5 -- The Ultimate Matrix Collection - The Matrix Revolutions
      Written Introduction by the Wachowski Brothers
      The Philosophers: Dr. Cornel West & Ken Wilber
      The Critics: Todd McCarthy, John Powers & David Thomson
      Web Links
         English 5.1
         Français 5.1 (Dubbed in Quebec)
Disc #6 -- The Ultimate Matrix Collection - The Matrix Revolutions Revisited
      Play All
      Owen's Army: The Australian Art Dept.
      2nd Unit: A World of Their Own
      Bill Pope: Cinematographer of the Matrix
      Masters of Light and Shadow
      Play All
      Coat Check
      Upsidedown Under
      Fast Break
      Exploding Man
      Gun Club
      The Extras of Club Hel
      Play All
      Dig This
      The Siege Action Match
      Anatomy of a Shot: Mifune's Last Stand
      Building an APU
      Product of Zion
   Super Burly Brawl
      Play All
      The Skybarn
      The Crater
      The Egg
      Anatomy of the Superpunch
   New Blue World
      Play All
      Geography of Zion
      The Ships
      Tour of the Neb
      Matrix TV
      Logos Fight Expansion
      Play All
      Revolutionary Composition
      The Glue
      Dane Tracks
      Cause and Effects
   Web Links
Disc #7 -- The Ultimate Matrix Collection - The Animatrix
      The Final Flight of the Osiris
      The Second Rennaissance Part I
      The Second Rennaissance Part II
      Kid's Story
      World Record
      A Detective Story
      Play All
      Spoken Languages
      Binary Code
         Play All
         The Second Rennaissance Part I by Mahiro Maeda
         The Second Rennaissance Part II by Mahro Maeda
         Program by Yoshiaki Kawajiri
         World Record by Takeshi Koike
      Scrolls to Screen: The History and Culture of Anime
            Peter Chung - Matriculated
            Andy Jones - Final Flight of the Osiris
            Yoshiaki Kawajiri - Program
            Takeshi Koike - World Record
            Mahiro Maeda - The Second Renaissance Part I, The Second Renaissance Part II
            Koji Morimoto - Beyond
            Shinichiro Watanabe - Kid's Story, A Detective Story
         Segment Producers
            Michael Arias
            Hiroaki Takeuchi
            Eiko Tanaka
         Play All
         Final Flight of the Osiris
         The Second Renaissance Parts I and II
         Kid's Story and a Detective Story
         World Record
      Go Further Down the Rabbit Hole... Plug Disc into Your DVD-ROM Drive.
Disc #8 -- The Ultimate Matrix Collection - The Roots of the Matrix
   Return to Source: Philosophy & the Matrix
   The Hard Problem: The Science Behind the Fiction
   Web Links
Disc #9 -- The Ultimate Matrix Collection - The Burly Man Chronicles
   The Burly Man Chronicles
   Follow the White Rabbit
         Play All
         Steve Skroce
         Geof Darrow
         George Hull
         Kym Barrett
         Owen Paterson
         Rock On: Rock Galotti
      Alameda Shoot
         Play All
         A Day in the Life of Agent Johnson
         Anthony Zerbe
      Australia Shoot
         Play All
         Roy Jones
         Mary Alice
         Dessert of the Real
         Peter Robb King
         Ian Bliss
         Publicity Shoot
         A Day in the Life of Dr. Cornel West
         The End
   Web Links
Disc #10 -- The Ultimate Matrix Collection - The Zion Archive
   The Zion Archive
   The Media of the Matrix
      The Matrix
            Teaser Trailer
            Theatrical Trailer
         TV Spots
            Play All
            Forget Everything
            Buckle Up
            The Answer
            Kung Fu
         Music Video
      The Matrix Reloaded
            Teaser Trailer
            Theatrical Trailer
         TV Spots
            Play All
            Jack In
            Nice Trick
            No Escape
            I'm In
         Music Video
      The Matrix Revolutions
         Theatrical Trailer
         TV Spots
            Play All
            Give Anything
   Rave Reel
   The Matrix Online Preview
   Web Links
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