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Ultimate Oliver Stone Collection
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Ultimate Oliver Stone Collection

5.0 1
Director: Charles Kiselyak

Cast: Oliver Stone, Al Pacino, Anthony Hopkins

Oliver Stone is undoubtedly one of the most controversial filmmakers of his time. This impressive box set contains almost every one of his feature films and a trio of documentaries. Salvador, Platoon, Wall Street, Talk Radio, Born on the Fourth of July, The Doors, JFK, Heaven & Earth, Natural Born Killers,


Oliver Stone is undoubtedly one of the most controversial filmmakers of his time. This impressive box set contains almost every one of his feature films and a trio of documentaries. Salvador, Platoon, Wall Street, Talk Radio, Born on the Fourth of July, The Doors, JFK, Heaven & Earth, Natural Born Killers, Nixon, U-Turn, Any Given Sunday, and the documentaries Oliver Stone's America, Looking for Fidel, and Persona Non Grata are all presented in the original aspect ratio. There is a smattering of extras across all the discs, but the only feature available only on this collection is an extended preview of Stone's historical epic Alexander, which was due to hit theaters less than six weeks after this box set was made available in stores.

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Ed Hulse
One of modern Hollywood's most consistently controversial and highly regarded filmmakers gets the grand treatment he deserves with this 12-movie collection -- a bracing case of energetic, visceral dramas. Included in the set is Stone's 2000 hit, Any Given Sunday, starring Al Pacino as an aging, burned-out football coach urged by ambitious franchise owner Cameron Diaz to spur his demoralized team to victory at any cost. The "Special Edition/Director's Cut" in this set includes six minutes of footage included in foreign prints of the film, and the double-disc DVD offers more than a dozen deleted or extended scenes, commentaries by Stone and supporting player Jamie Foxx, a behind-the-scenes documentary shot for HBO, and more. There's also a "Special Edition/Director's Cut" of JFK, Stone's most provocative film, which follows the attempts of New Orleans district attorney Jim Garrison (Kevin Costner) to prove that the assassination of John F. Kennedy was undertaken by conspirators within the government. The double-disc DVD boasts Stone's feature-length audio commentary, deleted scenes, multimedia essays updating the debate on Kennedy's assassination, cast/crew bios, and an interview with ex-government official Fletcher Prouty. Natural Born Killers, -- featuring Woody Harrelson, Juliette Lewis, and Robert Downey Jr. -- is Stone's inflammatory satire about dysfunctional miscreants whose violent excesses are eagerly chronicled by rabid media lapdogs. The DVD adds the director's Charlie Rose appearance defending the film, a documentary called "Chaos Rising," deleted scenes, an alternate ending, and extensive commentary by Stone.

Also included in this 2004 release are newly remastered versions of Born on the Fourth of July, Stone's scathing indictment of the Vietnam War as seen through the eyes of wounded veteran Ron Kovic (played by Tom Cruise); The Doors, his vivid fictionalization of the life and times of rock star Jim Morrison (Val Kilmer); and Wall Street, his now-legendary parable of Reagan-era greed starring Michael Douglas and Charlie Sheen. The documentary Oliver Stone's America is a comprehensive look at the director's career that includes interviews with his colleagues and rare, behind-the-scenes footage. Unlike previous box sets of the director's work, The Ultimate Oliver Stone Collection has nearly everything else his fans could want, including the Oscar-winning war epic Platoon, Heaven and Earth, Nixon, Talk Radio, and U-Turn, as well as his acclaimed documentaries Persona Non Grata and Looking for Fidel -- both of which make their DVD debuts here.

Product Details

Release Date:
Warner Home Video
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Special Features

Closed Caption; Salvador:; "Into the Valley of Death" documentary featuring interviews with director Oliver Stone, James Woods, Jim Belushi, and others ; Audio commentary by Oliver Stone; Deleted scenes; Original theatrical trailer; ; Platoon:; "Tour of the Inferno" documentary featuring interviews with the director, cast, and crew; Audio commentary by director Oliver Stone; Audio commentary by military supervisor Captain Dale Dye; Photo gallery; Collectible booklet; Original theatrical trailer; TV spots; ; Wall Street:; Commentary by Oliver Stone; Making-of documentary; Theatrical trailers; TV spots; ; Talk Radio:; Production notes; Cast and filmmakers; ; Born on the Fourth of July:; Feature commentary with director Oliver Stone; Production notes; Cast and filmmakers; ; The Doors:; Commentary by director Oliver Stone; "The Road of Excess" documentary: Includes behind-the-scenes footage; original concert footage; interviews with Val Kilmer, Frank Whaley, Meg Ryan, Kyle MacLachlan, Kevin Dillon, Kathleen Quinlan, Oliver Stone, Robby Krieger, Patricia Kennealy-Morrison; 43 minutes of additional footage; Cinematographic moments; Featurette; Theatrical trailer and teaser; Cast and crew information; Production notes; ; JFK: Director's Cut:; Feature-length audio commentary by director/co-writer Oliver Stone; Cast/crew biographies; Awards roundup; ; Heaven & Earth:; Feature-length audio commentary by writer/director Oliver Stone ; Deleted scenes ; Theatrical Trailer; ; Natural Born Killers:; Feature-length audio commentary by writer/director Oliver Stone ; Behind-the-scenes documentary: "Chaos Rising: The Storm Around Natural Born Killers"; Deleted scenes ; Alternate ending; Theatrical trailer; ; Nixon:; Commentary by Oliver Stone; ; U-Turn:; Theatrical trailer; ; Any Given Sunday:; Footage Not Seen in North American Theatres; Feature-length director and star commentaries; Music-only audio track; Instant Replay: Jump to football game scenes; Theatrical trailer; ; Oliver Stone's America:; Stone's New York University Student Film "Last Year in Viet Nam"; ; Bonus disc:; On the set of Alexander -- Go inside the mind and work ethic of a dynamic director, profiled via insights from he stars of his newest movie.; Looking for Fidel; Persona Non Grata

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Al Pacino Tony D'Amato
Anthony Hopkins Richard M. Nixon
Eric Bogosian Barry Champlain
James Woods Richard Boyle,Dr. Harvey Mandrake
Kevin Costner Jim Garrison
Michael Douglas Gordon Gekko
Oliver Stone Participant
Sean Penn Bobby Cooper
Shimon Peres Participant
Tom Berenger Sgt. Barnes
Tom Cruise Ron Kovic
Tommy Lee Jones Steve Butler,Clay Shaw,Dwight McClusky
Val Kilmer Jim Morrison
Woody Harrelson Mickey Knox
Alec Baldwin Dan
Benjamin Netanyahu Participant
Cameron Diaz Christina Pagniacci
Charlie Sheen Bud Fox,Chris Taylor
Fidel Castro Interviewee
Jim Belushi Dr. Rock
Joan Allen Pat Nixon
Joan Chen Mama
Juliette Lewis Mallory Knox
Meg Ryan Pamela Courson
Nick Nolte Jake McKenna
Raymond J. Barry Mr. Kovic
Sissy Spacek Liz Garrison
Willem Dafoe Sgt. Elias Grodin,Charlie
Caroline Kava Mrs. Kovic
Daryl Hannah Darien Taylor
Dennis Quaid Jack "Cap" Rooney
Haing S. Ngor Papa
Ehud Barak Participant
Ellen Greene Ellen
Jennifer Lopez Grace McKenna
Joe Pesci David Ferrie
Kyle MacLachlan Ray Manzarek
Michael Murphy Ambassador Thomas Kelly
Powers Boothe Alexander Haig,Sheriff Potter
Robert Downey Wayne Gale
Ed Harris E. Howard Hunt
Forest Whitaker Big Harold
Frank Whaley Robby Krieger
Hiep Thi Le Actor
Jasan Yosef Participant
John Savage John Cassady
Kyra Sedgwick Donna
Leslie Hope Laura
Martin Sheen Carl Fox
Bob Hoskins J. Edger Hoover
Claire Danes Jenny
Debbie Reynolds Eugenia
Elpidia Carrillo Maria
Francesco Quinn Rhah
Gary Oldman Lee Harvey Oswald
Jamie Foxx Willie Beamen
John C. McGinley Stu
Kevin Dillon John Densmore
Terence Stamp Sir Larry Wildman
Tom Sizemore Jack Scagnetti
Yasser Arafat Participant
Brian Larkin Young Ron
Joaquin Phoenix Toby N. Tucker
Jon Voight Blind Man

Technical Credits
Charles Kiselyak Director
Oliver Stone Director

Scene Index

Side #1 -- Salvador
1. Logos/Credits/Busted
2. "Running on Empty"
3. Salvadorian Welcome
4. "My Amigo!"
5. "You're the Only One"
6. "There Is No Money!"
7. Death Squad Dump Site
8. Casualties of War
9. Political Party
10. "Major Max"
11. Bribing His Way Out
12. Going to the Top
13. "Stop the Repression!"
14. Dangerous Propaganda
15. "I Love It Here!"
16. "Pistol-Packing Nuns?"
17. The Rebel Army
18. Pictures Don't Lie
19. Getting the Story
20. Becoming Your Enemy
21. "I Got the Shot!"
22. "Get Out of Here!"
23. Exposed at the Border
24. No Exit/End Credits
Side #2 -- Platoon
1. Logo/Main Title
2. Unknown Territory
3. Ants
4. First Week in Hell
5. Platoon Politics
6. New Guys on Ambush
7. Dead of Night
8. A Lesson in Dying
9. A Crusader
10. The Feel-Good Cave
11. Talkin' Trash
12. Bunker Complex
13. "Where's Manny?"
14. Doing the Village
15. Look the Other Way
16. "Fire in the Hole"
17. Enforced Cease-Fire
18. No Faith
19. A Rainy Blur
20. A Waste of Men
21. Elias Is Out There
22. "He's Dead?"
23. Your Tired Your Poor
24. Experts on Killing
25. Live Bait
26. The Rest Is Gravy
27. "Gotta Die Some Time"
28. In the Foxhole
29. Overrun
30. One Last Shot
31. Survivors
32. End Credits
Side #3 -- Wall Street
1. Main Titles
2. Let's Go to Work!
3. A Father's Son
4. Gekko's Birthday
5. Bagging the Elephant
6. One of Gordon's Friends
7. Gekko's New Mole
8. Anacott Steel
9. School's Out
10. The High Life
11. Just Like Old Times
12. Greed Is Good
13. The Blue Star Buyout
14. The Garage Sale
15. Without Gordon's Money...
16. To Save Blue Star...
17. Into the Abyss
18. The Right Thing
19. The Price
20. End Titles
Side #4 -- Talk Radio
1. Main Titles
2. Barry
3. Nationwide
4. Night Talk
5. Barry's Backlash
6. A Public Appearance
7. Ellen
8. A Past Life
9. Postponed
10. Anything Goes
11. Wackos
12. The Rapist
13. Kent
14. The Question
15. Cheryl Ann
16. Barry Vents
17. A Last Fan
18. End Credits
Side #5 -- Born on the Fourth of July
1. The Yankee Doodle Boy (Main Titles
2. The Right Decision
3. Vietnam
4. The Wrong Man
5. A Casualty of War
6. The Veterans Hospital
7. Home Again
8. The Local Hero
9. Donna's World
10. The Wrong War
11. All for Nothing
12. Mexico
13. Wilson's Family
14. The Rebel
15. Maybe We're Home
16. End Titles
Side #6 -- The Doors
1. Opening Credits
2. Venice Beach, 1965
3. UCLA Film School
4. Beautiful Night
5. The Shaman
6. "The Doors of Perception"
7. Garage Session
8. Sunset Strip
9. The Musketeers
10. Trip to the Desert
11. Let's Go Make a Record
12. An Album of Killer Music
13. New York
14. "The Ed Sullivan Show"
15. The One They Want
16. The Warhol Party
17. Out on the Town
18. The Press Conference
19. Blood Ritual
20. "Will You Die for Me?"
21. New Haven, 1968
22. "Testing the Bounds of Reality"
23. Drinking Buddies
24. The Poet and His Muse
25. Another Ruined Thanksgiving
26. San Francisco, 1968
27. Too Drunk to Sing
28. Miami, 1969
29. Trial in Miami
30. Nervous Breakdown
31. Life of the Party
32. Birthday Party
33. "Let's Get Some Tacos"
34. Paris, 1971
35. End Credits
Side #7 -- JFK
1. Farewell Address.
2. Kennedy's Challenge.
3. Cheramie's Warning.
4. November 22, 1963.
5. Garrison Bears News.
6. Bannister's Toast.
7. Oswald Arrested.
8. Martin Beaten.
9. New Orleans Connection.
10. Death Strikes Again.
11. Questioning Ferrie.
12. Warren Engaged.
13. Fall 1966: Sen. Long.
14. Out of Jim's Domain.
15. Bowers' Testimony.
16. "Do I Have to Spell It...?"
17. Walking Tour.
18. Operation Mongoose.
19. Oswald and Clay.
20. Andrews on Big Enchilada.
21. O'Keefe on Conspirators.
22. Anti-Castro, Anti-Kennedy.
23. "People Got to Know Why."
24. Restaurant Recap.
25. A Picture of Oswald.
26. Back From the USSR; DeMohrenschildt.
27. The Oswalds at Odds.
28. Through Looking Glass.
29. Dealey Plaza Witnesses.
30. Altered Statements.
31. The Carousel Club.
32. No Safe Place.
33. Book Depository.
34. Motorcade Route.
35. Identity of Clay Bertrand.
36. More Than One Oswald.
37. Easter W/ Clay Shaw.
38. Dining at Shaw's.
39. Costumed Revels.
40. Walking... Raindrops.
41. Caring More About JFK.
42. Headlines.
43. Ferrie Calls Ivon.
44. Death Warrant.
45. Bugged.
46. Sudden Death.
47. Broussard Warned.
48. "Just Call Me X."
49. X's Reassignment.
50. "Nothing Was Left To..."
51. Surrounded by Enemy.
52. "Kings Are Killed;" at JFK's Grave.
53. "Let Justice Be Done..."
54. Network TV Special.
55. April 4, 1968.
56. Truth's a Scary Thing.
57. Obstacles.
58. Duo in Clinton.
59. Notes Destroyed...
60. The Foot Soldier.
61. Broussard Walks Out.
62. Jerry Johnson Show.
63. Restroom Incident.
64. "Bills Turned;" First Blow.
65. June 6, 1968.
66. The Trial Begins.
67. A Ruling Favors Shaw.
68. The Zapruder Film.
69. Magic Bullet Theory.
70. Key Witnesses.
71. The Autopsies.
72. Disappearances.
73. Speculation About Killers.
74. Shooters Hit Their Mark.
75. Amid Pandemonium.
76. Oswald's Action.
77. Shooting of Officer Tippit.
78. Oswald Captured.
79. Oswald Slain.
80. Ghost of John F. Kennedy.
81. Coup D'etat.
82. Government's Files.
83. Fight for the Truth.
84. "It's Up to You."
85. The Verdict.
86. Garrison's Resolution.
87. Coda and Dedication.
88. End Credits.
Side #8 -- Heaven & Earth
1. Prologue/Credits.
2. Day the French Came.
3. "We Are Your Family."
4. Bon and Sau.
5. S. Vietnamese Forces.
6. Night of Viet Cong.
7. Helicopter Nightmare.
8. The Wizard's Advice.
9. Reoccupation/Torture.
10. Viet Cong Return.
11. Saigon: Ahn's.
12. Night of Love.
13. Consequences.
14. Streets of Da Nang.
15. Two Visitors.
16. A Father's Vigil.
17. Bad Luck.
18. Death All Around.
19. Not Playing Ball.
20. Arrangement.
21. Return to Ky La.
22. Farewell.
23. Putting One Over.
24. Interested in Le Ly.
25. ."..Be My Wife."
26. Mama's Misgivings.
27. Blown to Four Winds.
28. Reunion.
29. San Diego.
30. Plenty in House.
31. Future Plans.
32. Plenty at the Market.
33. Thanksgiving Dinner.
34. Victim of a Good Lie.
35. Le Ly's Plans.
36. At Gunpoint.
37. Different Skin...
38. Insolence of Men.
39. Hostages.
40. Steve Ends the Pain.
41. Wishes From Beyond.
42. Vietnam: Father/Son.
43. Heaven and Earth Changed Places.
44. No More Tears.
45. In Between.
46. Coda, Dedication.
Side #9 -- Natural Born Killers
1. Cafe Carnage.
2. Floorin'/Credits.
3. "I Love Mallory."
4. Tail of a Twister.
5. Taking Care of Dad.
6. Free.
7. Til Death Do Us...
8. "American Maniacs."
9. People on the Street.
10. Thinking About...
11. Too Eager.
12. Jack Scagnetti.
13. A Lovers' Spat.
14. Demons Visit...
15. Demonic Dreams.
16. Two Snake Pits.
17. Drug Zone Desperadoes.
18. Catching Big Bad Wolf.
19. Batonga Penitentiary.
20. Born Bad.
21. Wayne's Pitch.
22. A Love Letter.
23. An Expert Opinion.
24. Super Bowl Sunday.
25. Fate's Messenger...
26. "Only Love Can Kill..."
27. Mallory's Visitor.
28. Purity of a Natural...
29. A Riot Breaks Out.
30. Armed and Dangerous.
31. Getting Sexy.
32. Live!!! Inside Batonga.
33. Together Again.
34. On the Loose... On TV.
35. Wayne Catches Bloodlust.
36. Owen and a Means...
37. Warden and His Charges.
38. A Roadside Statement.
39. Other News Tonight.
40. End Credits.
Side #10 -- Nixon
1. Opening Credits
2. No Pistol
3. White House Involvement
4. Stolen Fair and Square
5. Pat and Dick: On Losing
6. A Little Man
7. Marriage on the Rocks
8. Last Press Conference
9. Much in Demand
10. A Terrible Loss
11. The Old Nixon Charm
12. At the Races
13. Harold's Death
14. Bold Moves
15. Nudging History
16. Just Kids
17. Meeting With Helms
18. Nightcap
19. The Beast
20. Nixon and Hoover/The Wedding
21. No More Mr. Nice Guy
22. Meet Mr. Liddy
23. Playing for Keeps
24. The Enemy of the Enemy
25. Texas Strong-Arms
26. Playing With Power
27. Getting Personal
28. An Hors D'oeuvre
29. Whitewash
30. No Discussion
31. Drunken Words
32. No Tears
33. Smoking Gun
34. A Prayer
35. In the Dark
36. Closing Remarks/End Credits
Side #11 -- U Turn: Widescreen
1. Start
2. Blind Man
3. Grace
4. Finger Clippings
5. Hanging Drapes
6. Jake
7. Getting a Lift
8. Grocery Store Robbery
9. Repair Rip-Off
10. The Cafe
11. McKenna Realty
12. Apache Leap
13. Jenny and Toby
14. Sheriff Potter
15. $200
16. Ticket to Juarez
17. Fight for Honor
18. Saving Grace
19. "Speaking of Happiness"
20. Just Like Her Mama
21. Someone in the House
22. Hatchet Job
23. $200,000
24. Getting His Car
25. Double-Crossing Dame
26. Dumping Bodies
27. Grace Comes Down
28. Still Lucky
Side #12 -- U Turn: Full Screen
1. Start
2. Blind Man
3. Grace
4. Finger Clippings
5. Hanging Drapes
6. Jake
7. Getting a Lift
8. Grocery Store Robbery
9. Repair Rip-Off
10. The Cafe
11. McKenna Realty
12. Apache Leap
13. Jenny and Toby
14. Sheriff Potter
15. $200
16. Ticket to Juarez
17. Fight for Honor
18. Saving Grace
19. "Speaking of Happiness"
20. Just Like Her Mama
21. Someone in the House
22. Hatchet Job
23. $200,000
24. Getting His Car
25. Double-Crossing Dame
26. Dumping Bodies
27. Grace Comes Down
28. Still Lucky
Side #13 -- Any Given Sunday
1. There Goes History (Game 1).
2. Two in a Row.
3. Mystery Man.
4. Hurting Men.
5. Half-Time Speech.
6. Go to the Buick.
7. Turning Up Volume.
8. Post-Game 1.
9. Hospital Visit.
10. Bar Talk.
11. Matters of Economics.
12. Off the Playbook (Game 2).
13. That Is Football!
14. Benefit Party.
15. Getting and Going Along.
16. Lovers Quarrel.
17. Airplane to L.A.
18. Game 3.
19. Steamin' Beamen.
20. Post-Game 3.
21. New Blood.
22. One Can, the Other Can't.
23. Media Star.
24. Lunchtime Argument.
25. Sharks Party.
26. Stormy Weather (Game 4).
27. Back to Basics.
28. Dreams of Warriors.
29. Steamroom.
30. Cap's Decision.
31. Willie Finds Vanessa.
32. In Charge.
33. Pantheon Rings.
34. Reluctant Tasks.
35. Inches Speech.
36. Cap's Game.
37. The Commissioner.
38. Half-Time.
39. Visual Damage.
40. Willie's Game.
41. 4th and 1.
42. Christina and Margaret Reconnect.
43. Willie and the Team.
44. Final Play.
45. Together.
46. Tony's Plans.
47. End Credits.

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