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Viva Pedro - The Almodóvar Collection

Viva Pedro - The Almodóvar Collection

5.0 6
Director: Pedro Almodóvar, Assumpta Serna, Carmen Maura, Cecilia Roth

Cast: Pedro Almodóvar, Assumpta Serna, Carmen Maura, Cecilia Roth

The follow-up to All About My Mother, Pedro Almodóvar's Oscar-winning U.S. breakthrough, Talk to Her has earned two main sorts of critical reception: 98 percent rapturous acclaim and two percent accusations of misogyny. The truth, like the film's aesthetic and sexual


The follow-up to All About My Mother, Pedro Almodóvar's Oscar-winning U.S. breakthrough, Talk to Her has earned two main sorts of critical reception: 98 percent rapturous acclaim and two percent accusations of misogyny. The truth, like the film's aesthetic and sexual politics, proves slightly more difficult to pin down. There is definitely something creepy about a picture whose plot is driven by an implied act of sexual opportunism by one of its gentle protagonists. Yet this unseen violation occurs in a context so ambiguous that it's difficult to say whether the film actually condemns or condones it. Audiences kindly disposed to Almodóvar's distinctly stylized brand of melodrama may choose to view Talk to Her as a cautionary tale about the tendency of men to place women on pedestals and shrink back from the living, breathing reality. Others, disturbed by the lack of explicit moral judgment, may well write off the entire enterprise as a glorification of machismo wrapped in a deceptively sensitive package. In either case, despite fine performances from all the principals and a delicious cameo by Geraldine Chaplin, Talk to Her is hardly the director's most elegant marriage of form and function. Individual scenes -- a bullfight, an evocative modern dance, and an over-the-top send-up of Freudian anxiety and silent-film excess -- hammer home themes of sexual, emotional, and physical debilitation; these sequences also stand on their own as miniature triumphs of pure cinematic language. In the end, however, such parts never cohere into a magnificent whole, much as the film's story line fails to establish a decisive point of view. Even before the emergence of his recent "mature phase," Almodóvar's brightly decked-out production designs often disguised shades of emotional and philosophical grey. Here, the danger is that virtuoso technique may obscure a script that isn't sure what it wants to say. Brian J. Dillard

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Ed Hulse
American viewers curious about the memorable work of Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar, a towering figure of the last two decades in international cinema, can get a first-rate education with this box set, which collects eight of his highly praised movies. Relatively small-scale works dealing with love, lust, and sex, these Iberian treasures overflow with ebullient imagination, often in the fashion of an outlandish, color-drenched soap opera. Although the films are suffused in European atmosphere, some faces will be familiar to American viewers: Penelope Cruz and Antonio Banderas, two of the many talents in Almodóvar's ad hoc stock company, have crossed over to Hollywood success. As a rule, this iconoclastic filmmaker approaches his subjects in totally uncompromising fashion -- there are few sacred cows in Almodóvar's cinematic universe. Bad Education, for example, deals with the juxtaposition of strict religiosity and sexual abuse, while Matador examines the link between the threat of violent death and sexual arousal. Almodóvar infuses some of his films with daft humor, but he has a sober side as well. The moving All About My Mother stars Cecilia Roth as a woman who, while trying to make sense out of her son’s tragic death, embarks on a journey that ultimately alters her perception of life’s meaning. Talk to Her, an especially intimate and powerful piece, is told from the perspective of two men who bond in a hospital where their loved ones lay in comas. This box set also includes the director’s U.S. breakthrough film, Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, as well as Law of Desire, The Flower of My Secret, and Live Flesh -- brilliant films, all.

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Sony Pictures
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[Dolby Digital Stereo, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround]

Special Features

3 exclusive featurettes

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Pedro Almodóvar Primary Artist
Assumpta Serna Maria Cardinal
Carmen Maura Pepa,Tina Quintero
Cecilia Roth Manuela
Eusebio Poncela Pablo Quintero
Fele Martínez Enrique Goded
Javier Bardem David
Javier Camára Benigno
Marisa Paredes Leo Macias,Huma Rojo
Antonio Banderas Angel Gimenez,Carlos,Antonio Benitez
Darío Grandinetti Marco
Francesca Neri Elena
Gael García Bernal Angel,Juan,Zahara
Juan Echanove Angel
Fernando Guillén Ivan
Imanol Arias Paco
Leonor Watling Alicia
Liberto Rabal Victor
Nacho Martinez Diego Montes
Penélope Cruz Sister Rosa,Isabelle
Ángela Molina Clara
Candela Peña Nina
Carmen Elias Betty
Eva Cobo Eva Soler
Julieta Serrano Lucia,Berta
Miguel Molina Juan Bermudez
Rosario Flores Lydia
Antonia San Juan La Agrado
Daniel Jiménez Cacho Father Manolo
Geraldine Chaplin Katerina
Jose Sancho Sancho
Manuela Velasco Ada, Child
Maria Barranco Candela
Rossy de Palma Rosa,Marisa
Eloy Azorin Esteban
Lluís Homar Sr. Berenguer
Rosa María Sardà Rosa's Mother

Technical Credits
Pedro Almodóvar Director

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Viva Pedro: All About My Mother
1. Writing Muse [8:17]
2. Date Night at the Theater [7:52]
3. Following His Heart [8:13]
4. Unsettled Business [6:50]
5. Helping People [7:45]
6. Alarming News [6:55]
7. The Story of a Friend [5:33]
8. The Show Must Go On [7:38]
9. Girl Gossip [10:31]
10. Mother's Intuition [6:32]
11. Very Agreeable [16:51]
12. So Much Change [8:17]
Disc #2 -- Viva Pedro: Bad Education
1. Chapter 1 [3:01]
2. Chapter 2 [4:47]
3. Chapter 3 [3:55]
4. Chapter 4 [5:26]
5. Chapter 5 [3:10]
6. Chapter 6 [3:39]
7. Chapter 7 [4:43]
8. Chapter 8 [3:10]
9. Chapter 10 [4:53]
10. Chapter 11 [2:48]
11. Chapter 12 [4:41]
12. Chapter 13 [3:03]
13. Chapter 14 [4:14]
14. Chapter 15 [3:48]
15. Chapter 16 [2:20]
16. Chapter 17 [1:32]
17. Chapter 18 [4:02]
18. Chapter 19 [4:22]
19. Chapter 20 [5:10]
20. Chapter 21 [2:30]
21. Chapter 22 [3:25]
22. Chapter 23 [1:55]
23. Chapter 24 [3:47]
24. Chapter 25 [4:04]
25. Chapter 26 [3:27]
26. Chapter 27 [4:12]
27. Chapter 28 [3:47]
28. Chapter 29 [5:30]
Disc #3 -- Viva Pedro: The Flower of My Secret
1. Start [9:32]
2. Leo's World [8:40]
3. Angel, Mother and Crabface [12:04]
4. The Contract [9:12]
5. Rocks [10:51]
6. Paco [11:26]
7. The Flower of Her Secret [8:15]
8. The Ugly Truth [6:31]
9. Jacinta's Village [9:43]
10. Consequences of Dancing [8:46]
11. Antonio [4:06]
12. The Only Flesh [6:22]
Disc #4 -- Viva Pedro: Law of Desire
1. Party Plans [8:39]
2. Late Visitor [7:01]
3. Love Letter [9:09]
4. New Friends [6:17]
5. Taking Initiative [7:34]
6. Stage Drama [7:34]
7. Overacting [7:57]
8. Met His Match [8:51]
9. Laura Trouble [7:20]
10. Filling in the Blank [14:59]
11. Dangerous Call [9:27]
12. Doubting Love [7:10]
Disc #5 -- Viva Pedro: Live Flesh
1. Logo/Express Delivery [9:16]
2. Title/A Cop's Life [4:52]
3. Wrong Guy, Wrong Time [7:34]
4. A Drunken Bust [6:47]
5. Death Wish [3:53]
6. The Funeral [11:08]
7. The Novice Lover [10:56]
8. The Ways of Love [3:27]
9. Among Home Wreckers [5:41]
10. Things He Never Said [5:56]
11. A Clean Break [2:47]
12. The Honest Adulterer [7:20]
13. Last Chance for Clara [1:53]
14. At the Hand of a Friend [6:18]
15. The Only Way Out [5:33]
16. No More Fear/Credits [7:24]
Disc #6 -- Viva Pedro: Matador
1. Kill It Well [7:50]
2. Going for a Walk [9:20]
3. Familiar Faces [7:25]
4. Criminal Confession [8:10]
5. Personal Touch [11:40]
6. Cat and Mouse [9:28]
7. Special Delivery [9:17]
8. Physical Roots [7:35]
9. Secret Admirer [7:43]
10. Broken Love [6:14]
11. Sneaky Tactics [11:55]
12. Seeing Death [9:30]
Disc #7 -- Viva Pedro: Talk to Her
1. Start [3:33]
2. Benigno Martin, Nurse [4:04]
3. Marco Zuloago, Journalist [2:03]
4. Lydia Gonzalez, Bullfighter [3:09]
5. Lydia & Marco [5:34]
6. Alicia, Four Years in a Coma [5:07]
7. Gored [3:25]
8. Nino de Valencia [2:30]
9. "Cucurrucucu Paloma" [6:17]
10. Dr. Vega [1:24]
11. Marco Meets Benigno [1:46]
12. Dr. Roncero, Alicia's Father [2:34]
13. Katerina Bilova, Dance Instructor [3:54]
14. Four Years Earlier [4:43]
15. An Appointment With Dr. Roncero [6:28]
17. "Talk to Her" [5:13]
18. Shrinking Lover [8:16]
19. Benjamin & Angela's Wedding [3:47]
20. "We'd Gotten Back Together" [4:11]
22. "I Want to Marry Alicia" [1:43]
23. The Inquiry [8:25]
24. Visiting Day [2:06]
25. The Concierge [1:55]
26. Alicia, Alive & Well [3:04]
27. Mr. Sanz, the Attorney [5:24]
28. Benigno's Escape Clause [2:27]
29. Masurca Fogo I [3:22]
30. Masurca Fogo II [6:39]
Disc #8 -- Viva Pedro: Women on the Verge of Nervous Breakdown
1. Words of Romance [7:33]
2. Fainting Love [6:53]
3. Nerves on Edge [6:32]
4. Chasing Cabs [6:07]
5. Family Ties [6:08]
6. Chance Encounter [9:35]
7. Terrorist Trouble [9:30]
8. Secret Fugitives [8:10]
9. Ivan's Baggage [8:27]
10. Gazpacho for Everyone [6:51]
11. Crazy Woman [4:42]
12. Losing Her [8:03]

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Viva Pedro - The Almodóvar Collection 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Nyssa_B More than 1 year ago
Although all of Almodovar's films are spectacular (at least the several that I have seen), Bad Education remains my favorite of his works. Part of the appeal of this movie is its star, Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal (Y Tu Mama Tambien). He masterfully captures two very different characters in this story of obsession and revenge. Bernal plays a drag-queen in the story within the story as well as a struggling writer embarking on an affair with a supposed lost love (Fele Martinez). This movie can seem slow in parts, particularly to those who don't speak Spanish, but as the plot unfolds, it is worth the wait. It also should be viewed in the original NC-17 version, really the only way to see a movie like this.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago