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Wall Street


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"Greed is good," declares Gordon Gekko, the acquisitive, unscrupulous arbitrageur of Oliver Stone's hyperbolic, Reagan-era morality play. As portrayed by Michael Douglas -- who won a well-deserved Oscar for his marvelously unsubtle histrionics -- Gekko is an unabashedly manipulative player whose wealth and stature prove irresistibly alluring to eager young broker Bud Fox (Charlie Sheen). He willingly surrenders his conscience and values -- and, by implication, his soul -- to become the tycoon's protégé. Stone's other characters don't elicit much sympathy, either: trophy girlfriends Daryl Hannah and Sean Young, would-be players James Spader and John C. McGinley, outwitted businessman Terence Stamp -- none of them seem like particularly nice people. The film's one shining beacon of morality is Martin Sheen, almost beatific as Bud's straight-arrow, working-class father. Stone takes a dim view of the Street and its blithely amoral denizens, and reveals once again the anti-establishment mindset that characterizes many of his films. However one feels about the ideology that informs it, Wall Street can still be enjoyed as an overripe and vastly entertaining melodrama, the perfect showcase for Douglas's bravura performance.

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20Th Century Fox
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[Wide Screen]
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Closed Caption; Commentary by director/co-writer Oliver Stone; Introduction by Oliver Stone; Deleted scenes; Greed Is Good documentary; Money Never Sleeps: The Making of Wall Street documentary

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