Wallace & Gromit: Incredible Adventures of

Wallace & Gromit: Incredible Adventures of

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Cast: Nick Park, Peter Sallis


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Barnes & Noble - Amy Robinson
Beautiful clay animation, witty storytelling, and richly detailed, colorful images distinguish this beloved trilogy of tales from acclaimed British animator Nick Park. Low-key hero Wallace (voiced by Peter Sallis) is an amiable dreamer who creates elaborate timesaving machines, while his practical canine counterpart, Gromit, is always on hand to do the actual work. A shifty penguin uses a pair of pants to entangle our duo in a jewel heist in The Wrong Trousers. In A Close Shave, Gromit is framed for sheep rustling during a wool shortage. And a trip to the moon to sample lunar cheese is the basis for A Grand Day Out. Technological devices that are being misused or have run amuck constantly threaten the picturesque, easygoing alternate universe the pair inhabits, and this results in the hilarious adventures found in this collection of Academy Award-winning animated shorts.
New York Times - Stephen Holden
Rube Goldberg himself couldn't have improved on the elaborate contraptions that Wallace, an eccentric English inventor who is one-half of the claymation duo, Wallace and Gromit, has devised to make their home a gadget fanatic's dream house.
Time Magazine - Richard Corliss
Stop-motion animation, in which each character and prop made of clay or plastic must be adjusted 24 times for every second of film, is a technique that requires a masochistic devotion. [Nick] Park has that and more: a storyteller's genius for incident and personality.

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