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With a Song in My Heart

With a Song in My Heart

4.7 9
Director: Walter Lang

Cast: Susan Hayward, Rory Calhoun, David Wayne

With a Song in My Heart is the story of popular 1930s songstress Jane Froman, here portrayed by Susan Hayward. We first see Ms. Froman as a humble staff singer at a Cincinnati radio stations, but it doesn't take her long to rise to the uppermost rungs of network radio fame. Jane gratefully marries her agent (David Wayne), but soon both realize they're not truly


With a Song in My Heart is the story of popular 1930s songstress Jane Froman, here portrayed by Susan Hayward. We first see Ms. Froman as a humble staff singer at a Cincinnati radio stations, but it doesn't take her long to rise to the uppermost rungs of network radio fame. Jane gratefully marries her agent (David Wayne), but soon both realize they're not truly in love. While touring with the USO during World War II, Jane is in a plane crash, which severely injures her. She nonetheless valiantly makes a professional comeback, and begins a relationship with the pilot (Rory Calhoun) who rescued her. Jane Froman herself provided the vocals for With a Song in My Heart, with Susan Hayward doing a topnotch miming job. Watch for Robert Wagner in his starmaking cameo as a shell-shocked GI.

Editorial Reviews

All Movie Guide - Craig Butler
Unashamedly tearjerking, With a Song in My Heart is also a little heavy on corn, but its manipulations are hard to resist. True, there are occasions when the dialogue gets to be a little much, but there also are any number of entertaining, snappy lines to help make up for this. And if the screenplay comes across as formulaic, it's repeating a formula that works -- as long as the cast and director take it at face value and believe in it. That's definitely the case here, with director Walter Lang never revealing that the work in question is anything less than top notch. The film's biggest asset, of course, is Susan Hayward's galvanizing performance. Hayward's Froman is a loveable hellcat, full of life even at her most morose and despondent; there's a crackle to everything Hayward does, which helps the film over many bumps. Jane Froman's own renditions of the songs also count for a great deal, particularly the title song and the pull-out-the-stops sentimental "Americana" medley. Add in a razor-sharp Thelma Ritter and a finely detailed David Wayne, not to mention an attention-grabbing Robert Wagner, wrap it in some gorgeous gowns, and you end up with an artificial but immensely enjoyable production.

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Release Date:
Original Release:
20th Century Fox
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Special Features

Holding the high notes: the life of Jane Froman featurette; Capturing a song: Bringing John Froman to the screen featurette; John Burn: a husband remembers featurette; Restoration comparison; Poster gallery; Still gallery; Original theatrical trailers

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Susan Hayward Jane Froman
Rory Calhoun John Burns
David Wayne Don Ross
Thelma Ritter Clancy
Robert Wagner GI Paratrooper
Helen Westcott Jennifer March
Una Merkel Sister Marie
Richard Allan Dancer
Max Showalter Guild
Lyle Talbot Radio Director
Leif Erickson General
Stanley Logan Diplomat
Eddie Firestone USO Man
Frank Sully Texas
Beverly Thompson USO Girl
Bill Baldwin Announcer
Douglas Evans Colonel
Jane Froman Herself [singing]
Ted Offenbecker Muleface
Dick Ryan Officer
Emmett Vogan Doctor
Maude Wallace Sister Margaret
Robert Easton Kansas
Nestor Paiva Doctor

Technical Credits
Walter Lang Director
Louis Le Barbenchon Set Decoration/Design
Claude Barrois Editor
Georges Bouban Makeup
Billy Daniel Choreography
Earle Hagen Musical Direction/Supervision
Jacques Lanzmann Screenwriter
Ray Kellogg Special Effects
Charles LeMaire Costumes/Costume Designer
Thomas K. Little Set Decoration/Design
Alfred Newman Score Composer,Musical Direction/Supervision
Ben Nye Makeup
Jean Penzer Cinematographer
Nicole Saulnier Editor
Walter Scott Set Decoration/Design
Fred Sersen Special Effects
Leon Shamroy Cinematographer
Lamar Trotti Producer,Screenwriter
J. Watson Webb Editor
Lyle Wheeler Art Director
Joseph C. Wright Art Director

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- With a Song in My Heart
1. Main Titles/Courageous Entertainer [3:32]
2. Radio Audition [10:12]
3. Staff Artist [:59]
4. Get Happy [:31]
5. Blue Moon [5:31]
6. Say Yes [4:49]
7. On the Gay White Way [3:52]
8. The Right Kind [:45]
9. Impasse [2:40]
10. With a Song in My Heart [4:04]
11. Transatlantic Crossing [5:09]
12. The Crash [1:10]
13. Recuperation [6:30]
14. Not a Pretty Picture [3:47]
15. In Love [4:13]
16. Montparnasse [2:01]
17. Despair [5:43]
18. Showdown [2:47]
19. Embraceable You [1:47]
20. Tea For Two [2:08]
21. Clancy's Advice [5:31]
22. It's a Good Day [3:17]
23. They're Either too Young or too Old [3:53]
24. I'll Walk Alone [3:00]
25. She's Yours [2:19]
26. To a Great Soldier [2:43]
27. American Medley [1:12]
28. With a Song in My Heart (Reprise) [2:05]

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With a Song in My Heart 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
WITH A SONG IN MY HEART is a superb musical, with many standards from the American Popular Songbook represented. The film chronicles the life of Froman up until her return to performing in the States, after entertaining the troops valiantly overseas during World War II. I can't wait for the upcoming biography "Say It With Music," by Barbara Seuling, who was a friend of Froman and knew her from the 1950's through her death in 1980's. Seuling covers the Froman story the movie did not include, primarily her active nightclub career, her television show, and her work with various charities. For Froman completists, this is the book to look forward to.
Guest More than 1 year ago
What a treat that the 1950s movie about Jane Froman, A SONG IN MY HEART, is now available on DVD! It not only gives those who loved it years ago a chance to bask all over again in her marvelous voice and her uplifting story, but also creates an opportunity for new generations to be introduced to this talented and courageous singer. And that’s not all! There’s another treat also coming this fall in honor of Froman’s 100th birthday: Barbara Seuling’s new biography of her, SAY IT WITH MUSIC, which covers the years after 1945 when the movie ends, thereby completing Froman’s amazing life story. Seuling was both a fan and a friend of this great singer, and therefore is able to give her story a truly personal touch. With the happy combination of DVD and book, perhaps Jane Froman is finally on her way to the lasting recognition she deserves for her unique contribution to American popular music and her extraordinarily generous and courageous life.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This film is fantastic. It leaves no doubt whatsoever that Jane Froman was a great patriot and a great lady as well. But let's not forget the actress who gave us this wonderful portrait - - Susan Hayward - - who was Oscar-nominated for her role as Jane Froman in this film. In the hands of a less skilled actress, the film could easily have been a turkey, which wouldn't have done justice to Ms. Froman or to her remarkable story. It took two great ladies to make this one, Jane to live it and Susan to recreate it. A respectful nod must also be given to Thelma Ritter for a great performance as the nurse and friend who helped Ms. Froman through her multiple surgeries, and to a very young Robert Wagner in the touching role of a soldier who meets Ms. Froman twice - - once as an optimistic, happy, fit young soldier, then later as a wounded veteran suffering from shell-shock. This film rings all the bells and touches all the heartstrings, so make sure you've got Kleenex handy.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The fabulous voice of Jane Froman in the most exciting recordings and musical arrangements of all time now available for the first time on home video, combined with the superb acting of Susan Hayward. The story follows Jane's life from her early radio days, through her tragic plane accident in 1943. The movie then takes us through Jane's early surgeries and ends with her triumphant USO tours for the allied forces. The film was released in 1952 and depicts Jane's early life only through 1945. It will leave you crying and then jumping out of your seat cheering and wanting to know more. And there truly is so much more that happened between the the time that the movie ends in 1945 and the time of Jane's death in 1980. Those who fall in love with the movie will be thrilled to find out the "rest of the story" in Barbara Seuling's biography of Jane Froman entitled "Say It With Music" to be published through Boxing Day Books.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I grew up cutting my teeth on wonderful movies that were made in Hollywood and brought magic into my life. I remember well the wonderful story about Jane Froman and the terrible plane crash she was in but survived and continue to have a Song in Her Heart. Now to find out, that a DVD will be released on home video, that will allow me to learn the rest of Jane Froman's life of song, makes me so excited. Then along comes along an extra unexpected serendipity that gives me A Song in my heart, too--a book, penned by a successful children's author, Ms. Barbara Seuling. This biography will give me the remainder of the story until the time Of Ms. Froman's death, in 1980. With all of the violence in our world, it is like a breath of fresh air to once again enjoy Hollywood of the 'golden days' when movie stars were class acts. I look forward to the publication of Ms. Seuling's book and to the release of the DVD. Thanks to Boxing Day Books for being so wise to publish the book: "Say It With Music". I can't wait.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Jane Froman's story is one of patriotism and heroism. It is a shame that few young women today know about her, and they should see the movie, as well as read the new book coming out soon about Jane's life, by Barbara Seuling. I've read excerpts from this new book, and it includes alot of fascinating information about Jane. Perhaps the book should also be on the reading list of today's celebrities, so they can see that it is possible for popular entertainers to have character.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I loved Jane Froman's singing and her life story was inspirational, and this film does a pretty good job of telling half of it. It takes Jane up to about the age of 38, but she lived another 35 years after that! Since Hollywood never made another film about the second half of Jane's life, I was thrilled to find out that a new book is coming out in conjunction with Jane's 100th birthday called SAY IT WITH MUSIC. Barbara Seuling was an original Fromanette. Now a highly successful children's book author, she penned Jane's full biography. She knows what she's talking about from personal experience. She knew Jane very well. I can't wait until the movie is finally released in DVD -- what took so long? -- and the book comes out -- thank you, Ms. Seuling -- so I can watch the movie and read the book and get Jane's full story.
Guest More than 1 year ago
What a wonderful early Christmas gift!! My sister, Sheila J, and I have been waiting a long time for this one to come out on DVD. One of our all-time favorite movies. Susan Hayward not only looks like Jane Froman, but she does one of the most outstanding lip-synching jobs on film and her mannerisms are so spot on they even surprised Jane Froman. Thank you DVD gods.....now how about "Taras Bulba" and "The Tamarind Seed"?
Guest More than 1 year ago
When I was 12 years old, I saw With a Song in My Heart. This movie impacted me greatly. Jane Froman became my heroine. Here voice was thrilling. Her story of awe-inspiring. The day I saw the movie, I saw in the papers that Jane's husband had been hurt in a plane crash. The paper published Jane's home address and my friends and I began to visit Jane's home and hang out on her stoop. When her TV show premiered, we attended her shows. These early encounters were the beginning of a friendship that lasted until her death in 1980. Up until now, I've only had a copy of "With a Song in my Heart" videotaped from tv showings of the movie. This wonderful new DVD with added segments will help preserve all those memories for me. However, the movie only covers Jane Froman's life before 1948. Now there is a book by Barbara Seuling, "SAY IT WITH MUSIC, The Life and Legacy of Jane Froman." Barbara, too,was one of the fans who maintained a friendship with Jane until her death. This book not only tells Jane's story up to the end of the movie, but begins with her pioneer great-grandparents and continues with her amazing life through her death in 1980. I have read drafts of early chapters of the book and can't wait for publication to read the rest.