WKRP in Cincinnati - Season 1

WKRP in Cincinnati - Season 1

3.8 10
Director: Asaad Kelada, Gordon Jump, Jay Sandrich, Michael Zimberg

Cast: Asaad Kelada, Gordon Jump, Jay Sandrich, Michael Zimberg

WKRP In Cincinnati was a sitcom that managed to survive being moved through at least six different timeslots in four seasons, and lasted long enough to make it into syndication and to get revived a decade after its original run. It won its set of awards for content, and was, indeed, one of the more rewarding network sitcoms of its period, recalling aspects of


WKRP In Cincinnati was a sitcom that managed to survive being moved through at least six different timeslots in four seasons, and lasted long enough to make it into syndication and to get revived a decade after its original run. It won its set of awards for content, and was, indeed, one of the more rewarding network sitcoms of its period, recalling aspects of The Dick Van Dyke Show in some respects. This reviewer hadn't seen it often in syndication, mostly because many of the episodes were cut so severely that they weren't worth watching. This DVD package should be an answer to that problem where the first season is concerned, but, in fact, is only a partial solution. The running times of the shows have been restored, but not the source music -- that's an important caveat for those who are wedded to the original rock 'n' roll numbers depicted as being played on the air at the station; to this reviewer, it wasn't a particular problem, as the source music was only incidental to the program's appeal; other viewers feel differently, however, and there have been lots of complaints from fans about the producers' inability to re-license a lot of the music played at the series' WKRP. But there has been other music lost from the soundtrack, most notably a three-second quotation from Jerry Goldsmith's score for Patton, in the episode Master Arthur Carlson, that made for one of the funniest moments in the entire run of the series, in an episode that was, otherwise, one of its more serious shows. But if one can get past problems such as that, it is a pleasure to see the show reasonably intact once again -- and as an added bonus, the first half of the pilot episode comes with a commentary track by series creator Hugh Wilson and cast members Frank Bonner and Loni Anderson. They speak with great warmth and affection about the show and their fellow cast members -- especially the late Gordon Jump -- and recall elements of the production that weren't always obvious at the time. The other major bonus feature are a pair of short films, which include Tim Reid, Bonner, and Anderson as well as Wilson, which focus on different aspects of the series' production. "Do My Eyes Say Yes?" is devoted to Anderson's character Jennifer Marlowe; and "A Fish Story" has to do with Wilson's effort at giving the network the kind of zany, silly humor that they requested -- ironically enough, the resulting episode earned huge ratings, which was not the result that Wilson had in mind. These aren't much more than montages with a few wraparound quotations, but the shots excerpted are so funny that they're worth seeing and they do reveal some aspects of the performers', producer's, and writers' approach to the series. Otherwise, the program has been treated well, with chapter-breaks mostly positioned conveniently -- though why the producers couldn't consistently allow us to jump from the pre-credit teaser over the opening credits, instead of breaking in on the opening as happens on some episodes, is beyond this reviewer's understanding; it's as though someone wasn't paying attention to this basic element of disc programming. On the positive side, the sound is mastered at a decent volume and is clear and sharp, which helps a great deal in appreciating the episode Commercial Break, in which the station personnel record an upbeat jingle for a chain of funeral homes. The full-screen (1.33-to-1) image is consistent throughout and, indeed, superior to anything seen in the heavily cut syndicated version of the series. The three discs each open automatically to a simple, easy-to-use multi-layered menu in which the special features are separated from the episode lists.

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20th Century Fox
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Special Features

Audio commentary by creator and cast; Exclusive DVD featurettes that include all-new cast interviews: "Do My Eyes Say Yes?," "A 'Fish Story' Story"

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Gordon Jump Arthur 'Big Guy' Carlson
Barrie Youngfellow Linda Taylor
Brad Crandall Voice of Mr. Macho Announcer
Carol Bruce Mama Carlson
Edie McClurg Lucille Tarlek
Fred Stuthman Randall Ferryman
Hamilton Camp Del Murdoch
Howard Hesseman Johnny 'Dr. Johnny Fever' Caravella
Hoyt Axton T.J. Watson
Jeff Altman Murray Gressler
Lee Bergere WPIG Mascot
Mary Betten Mrs. Brown
Michael Fairman Shoe Store Owner
Michael Keenan Rev. Little Ed Pembrook
Ned Wertimer Pievy
Nicholas Worth Major Hunter
Rene Enriquez Jose Rodriguez
Richard Stahl Coe
Sparky Marcus Arthur Carlson Jr.
Sylvia Sidney Mama Carlson
Vincent Schiavelli 1st Don Pesola
Woodrow Parfrey Dr. Hyman Monroe
Berry Kroeger Mr. Eisenhower
Buzz Sapien Man in Elevator
David Chow 1st Japanese Executive
Garry Goodrow Bob Burnatt
Hugh Gillin Howard R. Sternworthy
Janet Meshad Waitress
Jerry Hardin Officer Plyler
Jim Begg Bartender
John Chappell Rev. Drinkwater
Michael Flanagan Chic Hudspeth
Nedra Volz Mrs. Burstyn
Peter Elbling Blood
Philip Charles MacKenzie Doug Winner
Tim Reid Gordon 'Venus Flytrap' Sims
Tracey Walter 2nd Don Pesola
Arthur Malet Father O'Reilly
Bill Saito 2nd Japanese Executive
Casey Brown Roxanne (aka Mrs. Olson)
Danny Openden The Baby
Delos V. Smith Buzzy Milker
Francis Sermler Student #1
Ken Hill Photographer #1
Loni Anderson Jennifer Marlowe
Michael Des Barres Sir Charles "Dog" Weatherbee
Mickey McMeel Roadie Ray
Sam Anderson Mason Nobel
William Dial Buckey Dornster
Fred Fisher Student #2
Gary Devaney Photographer #2
Hugh Wilson Policeman #1
Jeremiah Morris Rabbi Fishbein
Jim Henderson Sir Nigel Weatherbee
Kathryn Ish Mrs. Woodruff
Richard Sanders Les Nessman
Chuck Waters Waiter
Frank Bonner Herbert R. 'Herb' Tarlek Jr.,
Michael Helfond Student #3
Suzanne Kent Sister of Melody
Tom Chehak Policeman #2
Gary Sandy Andy Travis
Jan Smithers Bailey Quarters

Technical Credits
Asaad Kelada Director
Jay Sandrich Director
Michael Zimberg Director
Michael Zinberg Director
Rod Daniel Director
Will MacKenzie Director

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WKRP in Cincinnati - Season 1 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Are you the world's biggest WKRP in Cincinnati fan? Does the thought of including cool classic rock music on a TV show get your heart pumping at a fast rate? If that sounds like you, then this is one DVD box set you will not buy! Money hungry Fox got all our hopes up about three months ago, but according to heavy internet research, they have spit in our faces and will now be issuing us a set of episodes that are even worse than the shoddy 90's syndication package. Yes, you read right. Pink Floyd's "Dogs" is gone and that scene will be crushed like a rotten orange. They even hired some untalented actor to overdub Gordon Jump's lines. Let's face it, the artists don't need any more royalties they're filthy rich. In fact, it's quite possible that including many of the songs on the set could even help the music economy thrive. If you were just replacing songs that play for 10 seconds, that's alright...but boy oh boy, you've really us down now. I may never be buying anything for you again. I realize that licensing music is outrageously expensive nowadays, but to call this box set "The Complete First Season" is just nasty. It totally ruins this once amazing show in which the music was the highlight. FOX, you did WKRP fans a disservice! WKRP fans, if you want to see what this show really looked like, search for the DVD-R bootlegs. They at least include all the original music!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Wonderful to finally have WKRP available on DVD. It's nice to know that at least *MOST* of the original music will be restored and new songs will be added for additional surroundings, unlike the hack job that Nick-at-Nite aired. Hopefully, when this is released, it will introduce the 2000's generation to America's (and pretty much the whole world) favorite radio station. I'm gonna buy this when it comes out on April 24. Booger!
Guest More than 1 year ago
WKRP is being seen again!! on a small cable channel AIL I think is the channel. Started about 3 weeks ago, only on Monday night! but it the original first season, going in order here, with the original music and such. Even though I can recall the show, line for line, I still laugh as hard as I did when the show first came out. This cast and this show was outstanding. Holds its own even in this day of (junk) reality shows.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I loved WRKP when it was on the air and was disappointed when it was cancelled. I was leery about getting the dvds based on the comments that the original music had been changed and some of the original material removed. I purchased the dvds and have enjoyed every episode. I have not seen these episodes in 25 years so I don’t really remember the original music. I can see where they changed music because the rock is by and large generic rock that I can’t associate with any group but it is okay with me. While the music was great I enjoyed the dialogue most of all. Less Nessman still mispronounces words, Mr. Carlson still plays with the pens on his desk and believes turkeys can fly, Baily, Venus, Andy and Herb are like I remember them. And then there is Jennifer. Enough said. As I understand it only a few of the episodes have been changed. Even if more have been changed I still don’t mind. I would have rather had the original episodes, as they were when they originally aired. I want more WKRP not less. Yet, what is available is still great. If they decide to come out with season two I will buy it so I hope they do.
Guest More than 1 year ago
It's about time WKRP is available on DVD. Hopefully they will release the rest of KRP and not leave us high and dry like they did with just the first season of Barney Miller, Night Court and scores of other favorites. So every fan of KRP, our time has finally come. Yeah, some changes were made by changing some background music. Blame the greedy executives and artist for that. A simular incident happened when they changed the Married With Chirldren theme song after the release of the 3rd season.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Yes, the original music is missing, but the show still holds up well even with generic rock music in its place. I've waited years for this, and am enjoying every minute of it. My son is a DJ, and can really relate. You won't be disappointed. Now, let's get the remaining seasons out there!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Perhaps I get the humor more now than I did as a kid when this show was first broadcast, but these episodes have more laugh-out-loud moments than I remember. We have also really enjoyed listening to the comments included on some of the episodes. This is a nice addition to our library and highly recommended.
BOOGER More than 1 year ago
Long time coming. Good to see the old show again. Hope they release the other seasons. Wish they had used the original music.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago