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Wonder Woman w/Wonder Woman Gods & Mortals Graphic Novel
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Wonder Woman w/Wonder Woman Gods & Mortals Graphic Novel

4.1 15
Director: Lauren Montgomery

Cast: Keri Russell, Nathan Fillion, Alfred Molina


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A graceful Amazon princess of untold strength and beauty attempts to prevent the god of war from instigating a conflict that will last for centuries and destroy the human race as the animated adventure marking the return of DC Comics heroine Wonder Woman. On the mystical island of Themyscira lives a fierce race of warrior Amazons who have raised a powerful daughter


A graceful Amazon princess of untold strength and beauty attempts to prevent the god of war from instigating a conflict that will last for centuries and destroy the human race as the animated adventure marking the return of DC Comics heroine Wonder Woman. On the mystical island of Themyscira lives a fierce race of warrior Amazons who have raised a powerful daughter named Princess Diana. The Amazons live in secrecy from the outside world, but when Army fighter pilot Steve Travor crash-lands in their tropical paradise, the headstrong princess defies the law of the land by accompanying Trevor back to civilization. But her transition into the modern world won't be an easy one, because when Ares escapes from his Amazonian prison and begins plotting his revenge, Princess Diana is the only person who stands between the god of war, and the destruction of the human race - beginning with the Amazons. Now, as Princess Diana harnesses her unique powers to boldly fight back against Ares and save the planet from certain destruction, Wonder Woman is born and the battle for civilization begins.

Editorial Reviews

All Movie Guide - Craig Butler
Wonder Woman is a noble attempt to give the comic world's most famous super-heroine an animated feature deserving of her fame, and for the most part it succeeds in its mission. Granted, there are some flaws. The screenplay gets a bit chaotic in places, trying to perhaps squeeze a bit too much into its limited 75-minute running time. Exactly what Ares is up to and exactly how it is intended to play out is not presented as clearly as intended, nor is the explanation for his drastically increased powers convincing. The last minute arrival of the Amazons in the climactic fight is a bit forced, and it seems unlikely that Steve could fly all the way to Themyscira to intercept a missile and return to Washington DC in such a relatively short time as is presented here. It also should be noted that certain sequences, especially the opening battle, are very violent and may not be appropriate for younger viewers. These flaws are minor, however, and Wonder Woman is overall a very entertaining movie. There's wonderful chemistry between Diana and Steve, and Steve's womanizing behavior leads to some very amusing moments, especially when he's ensnared in the lasso of truth. Keri Russell and Nathan Fillion are tops as the voices of Diana and Steve, Alfred Molina is a delightfully evil Ares, and Oliver Platt a totally creepy Hades. The backgrounds are exceptional, the animation is very good for a project with this budget and director Lauren Montgomery knows how to deliver in the action sequences.

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Warner Home Video
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Special Features

Disc One:; Commentary by the film's creative team; Exclusive first look ath DC Universe's upcoming Green Lantern animated movie; Disc Two:; 2 in-depth documentaries:; Wonder Woman: A Subversive Dream; Wonder Woman: Daughter of Myth historical amazon lore and its evolution into the modern-day Wonder Woman character; Bruce Timm presents 2 bonus cartoons

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Wonder Woman 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
BellGugino-1 More than 1 year ago
i have always been a fan of WW as well as Batman. they are the only things about DC i have always Cared about (But Supergirl is getting there.) and with all the hype ol' Bats has been getting over the past couple of years i'm Glad Wonder Woman is Finally getting her time to prove why she one of the Greatest character in all of Comic Book Superhero world. the Movie was very good. the animation was good but WB has always done a great jobs with the DC. the story was well done and pretty much followed the genesis of the Wonder Woman epic with only a few minor details either ommited of changed around - did not really distract me from liking the movie anymore or less of it. there was a lot of violence then the JLA series usually had and it did not shy away from lettiing you know that an enemy or friend was killed even by WW. i don't mean they talked about it but you knew it happened and it could not be avoided. they had the right amount of humor in it that wasn't getting in the way of the story too much and it wasn't patronizing but if the moive was a little longer the humor touches might have worn out its welcome. i'm glad i bought the Blue-ray edition of this because i will want to watch it again. and i will look foward to any others animated movies about her that comes my way. the extras are great two. 4 episodes of the JLA animated series that centered around her. and two Documentaries about the Histroy of Wonder Woman and William Marston Moultan;the creator of Wonder Woman and the other Documentary about the Mythology that was the Inspiration for her creation. which is why i started reading her in the first place. she had the best Myth story for any superhero. plus there is also a nice little behind the scenes/making of movie segment. Overall, it was quite an experince i had with this. Very much enjoyed this - i reccommend this highly.
BRAX More than 1 year ago
With the exception of the terrible "Public Enemies" I generally feel DC's animated original films are fantastic. However none shines brighter than Wonder Woman. This film is simply brilliant. The cast, animation, the story are all in perfect form. A must own. Before, Wonder Woman was just another good character in the DC's line-up of heroes; however this movie has made me a fan of the amazon princess. Keeping my fingers crossed for a second one.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was a lot better than most other 'super-hero' animated features that have come out in the last few years.
monabee More than 1 year ago
Loved it. So much action from beginning to end. A great value. Did not have to pack the family and go to the theater.
RDBG More than 1 year ago
This is a good rendition of Wonder Woman.I have read her comics when I was younger so this dvd holds to tradition.It is a good story with a lot of excitement.The amazons kick butt and look attractive at the same time.There are funny lines from the characters in the movie.Also they voice actors were chosen well.This is a good movie to enjoy with your family.
CraigInMaumee More than 1 year ago
The Wonder Woman cartoon movie was fantastic. I loved it. It's now part of my treasured movie collection. It goes without saying, if you love reading comic books, this is a must watch movie. It's better than any animation movie based on a comic book character I've seen to date; and I include in that list Marvel Comics "Avengers: Ultimate" series and "Superman: Doomsday" movies. It beats them all. Entertainment Weekly said it better then I; "Wonder Woman has always been considered the third most-important DC Comics superhero, behind Superman and Batman, but when it comes to an original DVD film, she beats them both." I agree one hundred percent. What about you non comic book fans out there? Is this a movie worth seeing? Yes. Don't let the idea of a comic book character scare you into thinking this is something cheesy. Wonder Woman has an excellent story, wonderful acting, and stunning animation. The plot is well written and makes sense. You actually get a good explanation why someone would run around in a suit of red, white and blue. There are plot twists and scenes that make you think. But most of all, you have Steve Trevor played by Nathan Fillion, giving the film a hilarious slant to an action pact story. You may remember him from the starring role of the TV Show "Firefly" and the movie "Serenity". Don't mistake this for a comedy. It's a great action flick. I'm hoping DC Comics continues with this level of excellence. If you would like to see how far Wonder Woman has come, take a look at how she was portrayed in the 70's. Now that show was campy. Still, even the 1970's show had some entrainment value. Craig www.scifiohio.com www.monstrumblog.com
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If you were'nt a fan of Wonder Woman's adventures apart from the Justice League, you will be! Nathan Fillian is the perfect Steve for the times-strong, adventurous, with an undercurrent of caring and a great sense of humor. Keri Russell's Diana definately satisfies me as the vision I had imn my mind when first heard her origin, with the perfect 2009 edge with her. Andrea Romano's voice casting is, as usual, superb. The special effects, quite effective! and the opening scene is worth the price of this DVD itself! This is the best of the DC Animated Features, to date. Makes you wish that they would hurry up to bring out the next movie, when they turn their eye to Green Lantern.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Just bought "Wonder Woman w/ Wonder Woman Gods & Mortals Graphic Novel" for Blu Ray. It turns out this item DOES NOT COME WITH Wonder Woman Gods & Mortals Graphic Novel. The title literally misleads you on this one. Return.
Lufbra More than 1 year ago
If any of the Superheroes in the DC comic book is crying out for a good origin story than it is Wonder Woman. This movie certainly fits the bill. Using the brilliant Gail Simone as a writer and featuring the Olympian and feminist angle the viewer gets a fully realized character in the Amazon Princess. He also gets Wonder Woman at her best; smart, maternal, feminine, independent and bad-ass. There is nothing decorative about her despite the skimpy uni-tard. Add in a strong cast of support characters and some brilliant voice acting enhanced by sharp, detailed and impressive animation and this movie is a winner on all levels. The final battle in the nations capital is one for the ages and the use of the city landmarks is memorable. A movie of this quality that not only respects WW but also belongs in her lengthy cannon is not only long overdue it is also highly appreciated.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
tiomarco More than 1 year ago
The latest offering from DC Comics is a sheer joy. The lead character is true to form, with no major alterations to character/origin or history. Good job all around.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
E.Miller More than 1 year ago
I am a huge fan of Wonder Woman, always have been always will be, and though this animated movie was decent it's nothing to brag on. First off the creators took way too many liberties with the story, and when they turned Steve Trevor into a perv that really got me. Vicki Lewis does the voice of Persephone, an Amazon, and she is horrible. Her every line sounds like she is sounding out the words, they're choppy and drug out in such away I at first thought my dvd was dragging and then realised, nope it's this woman doing the voice. Oliver Plat was the worst voice over for Hades, his lines were to quick and too much like he was reading from the script. They turned Hades into a fat slob, who is stupid and ignorant. But I guess the biggest dissapointment to the entire thing was that they made Wonder Woman, unpretty, and made her such a bossy cow, wonder woman came to America to help and learn, she wasn't blinded by her mothers hatred, like in this film. the fight scene at the end was not only boring and way too fast paced, and I mean way too fast, but confussing and slightly boring. In case you haven't scene the movie or know the story of Wonder Woman it goes like this, according to this movie, Long ago the Amazons faught a war against Ares, the God of War, as the queen of the Amazons,Hippolyta, was about to kill him, Zeus forbid her, Hera, the queen of the gods, came to them and told Hippolyta she would bind Ares with magic bands to make him mortal, and he would forever be the prisoner of the amazons on their Island, which Hera gave them as away of being safe from the world of man and she also promises the queen a child. Time passes and the quen makes a baby from sand, puts her blood on it, and the gods strike it with lightening and make Princess Diana. So the movie jumps to the princess being all grown up, and a piolent from America, Major Steve Trevor, is shot down and lands on Themyscira, the Amazons island, where he is taken prisoner, interogated by the magic lasso, and then the queen desides to return him to America because he is of no threat to them. She holds a contest and forbids the princess from competing, but she does under disguise and wins and becomes Wonder Woman. While all this is going on and Amazon frees Ares and they set out to destroy the world, so now Wonder Woman must stop Ares as well. The rest of the movie is Wonder Woman adapting to the world of man under the blindness her mother has beat into her head. In the end she must face off against Ares who has had his uncle Hades, to remove his bands and has started to throw the world into chaos. The ending is predictable and yet leaves it open for a sequal, hopefully they can hold true to the story of Wonder Woman better in a sequal then they did in this.