Wonderfalls - The Complete Viewer Collection

Wonderfalls - The Complete Viewer Collection

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Cast: Caroline Dhavernas, William Sadler, Diana Scarwid, Katie Finneran


A young woman trying to sort out her life after college returns home to Niagara Falls and gets a job at a souvenir shop, where she discovers all sorts of inanimate objects are attempting to communicate with her in the offbeat comedy drama series Wonderfalls, which arrives on DVD in this special collector's set. Wonderfalls: The Complete Series features all 13See more details below

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A young woman trying to sort out her life after college returns home to Niagara Falls and gets a job at a souvenir shop, where she discovers all sorts of inanimate objects are attempting to communicate with her in the offbeat comedy drama series Wonderfalls, which arrives on DVD in this special collector's set. Wonderfalls: The Complete Series features all 13 episodes from the quirky cult favorite, including nine that never aired on American television. Also included in this package are audio commentaries on several episodes, a short documentary on the production of the show, a look at how the special effects were created, and a music video from XTC leader Andy Partridge.

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Christina Urban
For a series that Entertainment Weekly called "a revelation," the quirky drama Wonderfalls barely got started before Fox unceremoniously cancelled it. Although 13 episodes were produced -- all of which fans can finally get to see in this set -- only 4 actually aired, culminating with the final telecast on April Fool's Day, 2004. Young Canadian actress Caroline Dhavernas stars as Jaye Tyler, a slacker with an unused philosophy degree who lives in a trailer park and works at a Niagara Falls gift shop, Wonderfalls. She hates her job and her boss, Alec (Neil Grayston) -- whom she nicknames the Mouth Breather -- and has an uncomfortable relationship with her upwardly mobile family: father Darrin (William Sadler), a doctor; mother Karen (Diana Scarwid), an author; sister Sharon (the great Katie Finneran), an immigration attorney; and brother Aaron (Lee Pace), who is close to completing his doctorate in theology. Jaye seems relatively comfortable with all this until, one day at Wonderfalls, a little lion souvenir with a smooshed wax face speaks to her. From that point on, inanimate objects with faces begin to tell her to do things; and she soon realizes that ignoring the directives from sundry brass monkeys, cow-shaped coffee creamers, and the like can wreak havoc on those around her, including best friend Mahandra (Tracie Thoms) and burgeoning love interest Eric (Tyron Leitso). In a brilliant touch, Jaye's tchotchke "muses" impart their information cryptically, so she is never sure exactly what to do. When one advises her to "Get her words out" in the episode "Karma Chameleon," Jaye thinks she must help a girl who stutters, only to find out ultimately that the muse meant something else entirely. The souvenirs keep her busy: In "Wound-Up Penguin," she steers a wayward nun back to the convent; in "Crime Dog," she rescues the family housekeeper; and in "Lovesick Ass," she helps a smitten 12-year-old send his Russian mail-order bride home. Along with bonus features such as commentaries, a documentary, and a featurette, fans will be most happy knowing that the series comes to a definite conclusion with the final satisfying episode, "Caged Bird."

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20th Century Fox
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Special Features

Closed Caption; All 13 episodes, including 9 that never aired; Selected episode commentary; "Greetings From Wonderfalls" documentary; Visual effects featurette; Music video

Cast & Crew

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Scene Index

Side #1 -- Disc One
1. The Maid of the Mist
2. No One Here Is a Loser
3. A Word of Advice
4. Family Intervention
5. The New Bartender
6. See a Penny...
7. An Act of Kindness
8. Make Me a Match
9. Peanuts in the Salad
10. So You're a Lesbian Now...
11. Surrendering to Destiny
12. End Titles
1. Get Off Your Ass/Main Titles
2. A Multiple Fracture
3. Gretchen's Helper
4. Reunion With the Anti-Christ
5. Baby-Sitting Dad
6. The "A" List
7. Destroy Gretchen
8. Defy the Chicken
9. Fate's Bitch
10. Flattering, but Creepy
11. Thanks for Being You
12. My Good Luck Charm/End Titles
1. Four Words and a Digit/Main Titles
2. Get Her Words Out
3. Binky's Mentor
4. Her Own Personal Himmler
5. Like a Jaye Tyler Cover Band
6. Bianca Alert
7. Single White Female
8. The Gen-Y Non-Winner
9. Fired
10. Parked in My Zone
11. Getting the Words Out
12. A Work in Progress/End Titles
1. Big, Big Rat/Main Titles
2. Bring Her Back
3. The Man in Black
4. A Nun No More
5. What if It's Just Cheese?
6. Finding Faith
7. The Devil's Work
8. Break the Taillight
9. Forced Conversations
10. Getting God's Attention
11. Sadie's Father
12. Back to the Convent/End Titles
Side #2 -- Disc Two
1. Her Fourth Arrest/Main Titles
2. Have a Pancake
3. Bring Her Home
4. A Horrible Person
5. It's Only Canada
6. The Bus Station
7. The Old Folks at Home
8. Everything but Love
9. Busted at the Border
10. Wanted in Two Countries
11. Daddy's Girl
12. Breakfast With the Family/End Titles
1. Spying on Freaks/Main Titles
2. The Baby Saver
3. Fat Pat
4. Still Fat
5. Game Night
6. More Friends
7. The Wrong Idea
8. Cow Creamers Don't Talk
9. An Existential Crisis
10. Fat Pat Forever
11. Muffin Buffalo Benefits
12. I'm Not Nice/End Credits
1. Recap/Give It Back
2. Main Titles
3. Millie Marcus
4. Promoting Millie
5. A Big Fat Liar
6. Flannel Granny Justice
7. Protecting History
8. A Role Model for Lazy
9. Stuck in a Metaphor
10. It's Not Too Late
11. The New Millie
12. History Is Preserved/End Titles
1. Smitten and Eager/Main Titles
2. A Girl Needs a Boy
3. The Fountain of Love
4. The Grounded Groom
5. How to Be a Man
6. Peter's New Love
7. Fish Jell-O
8. A Peter Problem
9. Tchaikovsky & Heavy Petting
10. Psycho Boy Cabin
11. The Tortured Poet
12. Ready to Date/End Titles
Side #3 -- Disc Three
1. Recap/Take a Picture
2. Main Titles
3. Save the Lovebirds
4. Banned From the Birds
5. The Love Killer
6. Birdnappers
7. A Place to Mate
8. Out the Window
9. Magnetic Mahandra
10. Females in the Way
11. Love Is in the Air
12. Meet Heidi/End Titles
1. Mend What Is Broken/Main Titles
2. Very Nice and Very Wrong
3. Crazy, Right?
4. Heidi's Headache
5. A Few Missing Details
6. The Honeymoon Suite
7. It's My Snake
8. Karen's Date
9. Back at the Barrel
10. Eric's Choice
11. Get to the Church
12. The Witness/End Titles
1. Give Back the Monkey/Main Titles
2. The Fish Broke My Heart
3. Save Him From Her
4. An Honest Woman
5. Ask the Monkey
6. Homicidal Heidi
7. Damaged Goods
8. Dead Man From Jersey
9. That Olsen Girl
10. Lick the Light Switch
11. Back From the Edge
12. Everything's Weird Now/End Titles
1. The Chosen One/Main Titles
2. The Tribal Lawyer
3. Poking a Dead Grandmother
4. Show Him Who's Special
5. Signs of a Seer
6. Karma's Comin' 'Round
7. The Final Test
8. Making a Stand
9. Not So Much the Guy
10. Vision in the Mist
11. Pathetic With Purpose
12. A New Direction/End Titles
1. Let Him Go/Main Titles
2. Bend Over for Destiny
3. You're in Love
4. Hostage Situation
5. The Guy With the Pop Gun
6. Is This Closure?
7. Rumors of a Rendezvous
8. The Plan
9. Double Homicide Guy
10. The Hidden Door
11. Let's Go Home
12. A Reason to Come Back/End Titles

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