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WWE: Legends of Wrestling - Hulk Hogan and Bob Backlund

WWE: Legends of Wrestling - Hulk Hogan and Bob Backlund

Cast: Hulk Hogan, Bob Backlund, Jim Ross, Dusty Rhodes


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World Wrestling
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Hulk Hogan & The High Flyers vs. Bobby Heenan, Jesse Ventura & Ken Patera AWA, August 9, 1981; Handicap match: Hulk Hogan & Andre the Giant vs. Bobby Heenan, Bob Duncum, Nick Bockwinkel & Ken Patera AWA, November 7, 1982; Hulk Hogan vs. "King" Harley Race (w/ Bobby Heenan): Saturday Night's Main Event, March 12, 1988; WWE Championship Match Bob Backlund vs. Spiros Arion WWE, March 25, 1978; Steel Cage Match for the WWE Championship: Bob Backlund vs. Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka WWE, June 28, 1982; Bob Backlund vs. "Playboy" Buddy Rose WWE, August 30, 1982

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